Free Play Friday

Free Play Friday!

One of our favourite days is free play Friday! Students are able to choose their equipment and how they play during our time in the gym. The power of play is so obvious on these days. When children are given the time and space to play they strengthen so many important skills. Play is an important part of brain development, when kids play they develop foundational skills such as collaboration, communication and problem solving.


Some of the students choose to race and play on scooters. This gave them the opportunity to develop their ability to work together, communicate and think critically to solve problems as they tested how the scooters attached together. Once the scooters were attached together they took turns pushing each other. Students had to stay balanced and use their core strength to move their friends and be careful not to crash into others.

Free play with the big bouncy balls helps students explore and develop hand eye coordination while having fun.

A spontaneous race had students burning off some energy which helps them to better focus during their day. It was really wonderful to see students using their rest break to cheer on their friends who were still racing.

Free play is a powerful way to get kids engaged, learning and developing important life long skills!

Want to learn more? Check out this article from Scholastic

Outdoor Movement

Today we had the opportunity to take our phys ed class outside and it was fabulous! Did you know that playing outside increases the flow of blood to the brain and helps students to become better focused and alert for the day?

Earlier this year we had a special guest, Shawna, who came out to work on adapted phys ed and the benefits of outside activities. We took some of her ideas and set up and obstacle course outside.

Today kinders had the opportunity to practice and strengthen their core muscles, increase their balance, and socialize and communicate with theirs all while having fun outside!

“I like doing the gym outside because it was fun” Christopher

“I had so much fun. I had to do the crab walk and reach my toes. I had so much fun” Braelynn

“I liked playing with the balls and throwing them in the net. It was a lot of fun” Benjamin

Try to get in some outside time each day at home and see how it makes you feel!

PVS Green Towers

This week a handful of our kindergarten-grade 4 students were invited to help plant the green towers at the front of our school. Parkland Village is lucky to have two green towers this year!

After our amazing custodian, Tara Parrott, brought in a collection of seeds for us to use it was decided that one tower would hold our edibles and the other would grow flowers.

Today we got to work, students chose from our wonderful seed collection and started filling the tower.

Stayed tuned for updates on how we use our harvest and all of our growing adventures at PVS!

Inspiration From A Storm

Last week we had quite the storm with a lot of rain and high winds, both of which kept us inside for the day. The wind toppled tress, removed a roof and left quite the mess!

Image result for wednesday may 24 2017 wind spruce grove

The weather sparked a little excitement the next day for all the possibilities of invitations to create with natural materials. We started with a story to spark the imagination. The students were hanging on to every word of Stick Man when we paused during the best part of  the book to go on a walk. The loud groans of protest were mixed with giggles of anticipation, the kinders could not wait to hear Stick Man’s fate, they were hooked. We pondered the possibilities of what a stick could be, reflecting back on all the roles Stick Man had played in the the story and even viewed a few pictures of stick creatures that others had created.

Finally we set out on a walk to find our own sticks. We are so lucky to have  access to ponds and trails as part of our community and we regularly walk the trails to take advantage of our surroundings. Today it was easy to find sticks and inspiration for our own stick creatures on our walk. 

Each child collected a stick and decided what their stick creature would be. We had some aliens, stick girls, whales, and even birds. Materials such as paint, feathers and variety of loose parts were provided and we got to work. Students soon began to make some interesting discoveries. “Look! Blue and red are making purple” “How will I know which one is mine after they dry?”

This activity allowed us to get some physical exercise, practice making predictions and identifying rhyming words, find inspiration in nature, mix colours and print our names.

It was a wonderful way to spend the morning after a big storm.


Image result for baseball canada

On Monday Parkland Village School had a visit from Baseball Canada and every student had the opportunity to participate in Winterball.

It was so much fun and the equipment was left with our school so we can continue to play and develop our baseball skills!

First we met our teachers from Baseball Canada.

They had us practice running the bases and warm up our bodies.

Everyone had a chance to throw a baseball!

Ready                                            Set                                                   Throw!

We also played a game. You had to tap the ball and try to score by getting it through someone’s legs, all while making sure you weren’t scored on!

This was a great learning opportunity for our whole school. Kindergarten enjoyed developing our hand eye coordination, working together, and learning about the sport of baseball.

Thank you Baseball Canada!


Winter Fun

This month we are embracing the cold with a winter theme. Our focus is on what animals do in the winter and our five senses. So far we have built an igloo in the classroom and we are currently working with one of our amazing parent volunteers, Mr. deBoer to build quinzees outside.

Mr. deBoer says “many hands make light work” and look at of all these hard workers! It’s more fun to shovel snow when you get to bury a friend! Can you see who is buried in these pics?

Stay tuned to see what happens after the piles settle and we get to dig them out!

Kindergarten Calendar 2016-2017

Kindergarten Calendar 2016-2017

Year End Planning Adventures

On Friday we started planning for our year end activities which included a message for our local Parkland Village fire station and quick trip to the fire hall to deliver our message!

IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3953

“When children help take care of pets, they learn responsibility, empathy and many other life skills”

We have so many exciting things happening in our classroom right now. I am so blessed to be able to share my love for animals with my students. Marley, my family dog, has visited several times, we have a fish named fishy, we have a foster guinea pig George and we have hatched chickens.

Did you know that “when children help take care of the family pets, they learn responsibility, empathy and many other life skills”? (Human Animal Bond Research Initiative).

I am so proud of all of the hard work and patience that the kinders have shown towards welcoming and caring for these animals!

Sara George chickens 1



During microsociety the kindergarten room transforms into the Furever Pawrtners animal rescue.

Recently we had our partners from IWARS (Infinate Woofs Animal Rescue Society) come in to help us learn how to be the best animal rescue possible. They brought in Thunder a foster dog and answered several questions for our employees.

“Thunder was an amazing dog, he was a really good listener.” Hailey R

“Infinate Woofs was very focused on their job and they were very happy that we gave them the dog food. I learned that the most important thing an animal rescue does is take care of animals” Adrianna A

“Infinate Woofs are really good at taking animals and they would like people to adopt them. I like going on their website” Ayva

Check out their post about our visit on the IWARS facebook page.

IWARS food donation IWARS group IWARS presentation



Can you build a nest?

The past few weeks we have been hatching chickens in our classroom. We watched them hatch, watched them grow and explored building nests.

Our challenge: Can you build a nest? What would you put in your nest?

challenge bucket

Our challenge bucket had the question “Can you build a nest?” It had books and pictures for inspiration and the students added paper and playdough to make their birds and accessories.

skyden nest 1 skyden nest 2 skyden nest 3

“This is the duck and the same nest. See the babies egg that is trying to hatch. Notice the bags and bowls of food.” Skyden

ayva nest 1 ayva nest 2

“I thought about it in my head and I noticed that I could draw a bird and cut it out. Once we found lots of nests at my Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin and then I copied it” Ayva

falyn nest 1

“It looks like a nest because I used real sticks and cut out birds. I am very proud of making a different shape of a nest because I started it in a different way with a square instead of a triangle. I started with a triangle but it didn’t work so I used a square.”  Falyn



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