Duffield’s 12 Days of Fitness

Yup, you heard it here first, folks! Duffield students and staff celebrated “The 12 Days of Fitness” ran from Dec 1-19 to ensure that everyone remained fit and healthy for the holidays! This challenge began with each Duffield student receiving a “12 Days of Fitness” punch card and the opportunity to engage in a different fitness activities each day during lunch recess. Duffield staff became very involved with the challenge too. They were so involved that the staff began morning announcements singing our theme song called, “The 12 Days of Fitness, my SWAT (Student Wellness Action Team) team gave to me….” with a different teacher adding the new activity of the day.

Once the students finished the activity of the day, the playground supervisor “punched” the student’s punch card, and at the end of the 12 days, students who had completed a punch card were eligible to enter their card into a draw to win a prize.

12 Days of Christmas at Duffield
1 lap around the yard
2 spider climbers
3 chin ups
4 roll overs
5 burpees
6 chicken dances
7 crab walks
8 sit ups
9 mule kicks
10 jumping jacks
11 snow angels
12 push ups

Way to go all of you healthy Duffield Elves!

RCMP Deliver Candy Canes to Parkland Village and Many Others…

Many students of Parkland School Division had the chance to hang out with their local RCMP members this holiday season.  RCMP Constable Colette Zazulak and other team members braved the cold to hand out candy canes and Christmas cheer to our students and community members.  Families and students were reminded to stay in touch and stay safe over the Christmas holiday that begins today and runs through January 2nd, 2013.  Thank you to all of our awesome community partners who support our school.


MCHS Women’s Work Out Time

“I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old,” said MCHS Health Champion Kiesha Rendall to one of the students who attended the Tuesday Abs Challenge after-school fitness program.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past three years, Ms. Rendall has run a fitness program for women, staff, and their children that involves core work, cardio, and general fitness support.  The program is open to all students immediately after school and is attended by a wide-variety of young women who want to stay involved and active after school.  Kiesha has designed the program by drawing from a variety of fitness programs and activities such as yoga, pilates, and core sculpting classes.  She participates with the students and hosts the events outside of the weight room to bring in new faces.

MCHS Division-wide Invitation to Come Out and Ice Skate!

Memorial Comp’s FNMI Leadership Group is hosting a division-wide skating day with outdoor activities, cookies, and hot chocolate for students in Grades K-9 on December 20th from 11AM-2:30PM at Dog Rump Creek in Stony Plain.  Please open the Google Document to RSVP for this free event that promotes community building and physical activity!


Community Garden Tied to Entire Curriculum

Keephills School has grown quite the reputation for its awesome GROW project.  Led by parent and Stony Plain Horticulture Society member, Karen Berglund, and supported by Principal Aileen Wagner, the community garden is a project that involves children, youth, parents, and community members.  The project has been supported for over 5 years because of the help of TransAlta and Parkland County.  The students learn how to cultivate, care for, and prepare the various garden items located right outside of their classrooms.  The GROW program is integrated to all grade levels and subjects throughout the K-9 school.

Entwistle School Starts Free Fruit Program

Thanks to some hungry students and committed parents, Entwistle School now offers a free fruit basket at the entrance of their building for students to snack on and enjoy throughout the week.  Principal Les Worthington and parent Cari-Ann Nickel have worked together to foster easier access to fresh fruits for every student.  Mr. Worthington commented that the program has met with great success thus far and is being enjoyed by students and teachers as well as guests of Entwistle School.


Duffield Celebrates Its Tutti-Fruity Initiative

One of our two Healthy School, Healthy Future teachers, Leanne Schram-White was captured by the Stony Plain Reporter in late October for one of her many new nutrition initiatives that’s been sponsored by local businesses.  To read the entire story, visit: http://www.stonyplainreporter.com/2012/10/25/duffield-begins-tutti-fruity-tuesday-initiative