Family Literacy Day Promotes Health at Tomahawk School

Family Literacy Day was celebrated on January 27th, 2013at Tomahawk School through a wide-range of activities including peer reading, reading challenges, and even guest readers from the community including the RCMP and PSD Division Board Member Ron Heinrichs.  Led by librarian Marieann Jouan and junior high teacher Lindsay Bieda, students were given time to share in a love of reading with one another.  

According to Burt Perrin, consultant with Health Canada, literacy is linked to health…

“Literacy is more than the ability to decode words. Indeed, as the summary to the Second Report
of the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS): Literacy Skills for the Knowledge Society(1)
indicates: “Literacy means more than knowing how to read, write or calculate. It involves
understanding and being able to use the information required to function effectively.”

This has some important implications:
· Literacy is a moving target. As the Second IALS Report indicates: “While most people
can read, the real question is whether their reading and writing skills meet the challenge
of living and working in today’s . . . society.” As the demands of society change, so do
the necessary literacy skills required to function.
· Literacy involves comprehension and understanding — not only of the written word, but
also of the spoken word. Literacy, for example, is a key factor in the ability to understand
and to be able to act upon verbal directions from health professionals, e.g. doctors,
pharmacists, physiotherapists and others.
· Literacy skills enhance flexibility. They enable people to deal with change and with
unfamiliar contexts.
As research indicates, these factors are all closely related to health.”

The PSD Resiliency Project appreciates the many ways that our schools celebrated Family Literacy Day in order to help students and families understand how reading and writing are self-protection protection that offset health challenges connected to illiteracy. 


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