Healthy Fundraising Idea from Seba Beach

Health Champion and teacher Stephanie Wong has put her Grade 9 students to work in order to finance their end of the year trip to Jasper National Park.  Through the committed action of the Grade 9 students, around 60 healthy smoothy drinks await students twice each week when they get to their desks. “The students blend up the ingredients and then label the lid with the students’ names,” says Stephanie.  Grade 9 students who come early get to blend up and put together the drinks for all students who order the breakfast treat through their hot lunch forms.  The Grade 9 students who come in late are in charge of dishes and clean-up.  Students report that the smoothies are especially exciting to the kids in elementary school who look forward to receiving a visit from junior high students in the morning.  All in all, the nutrition project brings in a good chunk of change and starts the school day off with a healthy breakfast filled with three of the four food groups.

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