Winter Walk Day at High Park

To celebrate Winter Walk Day, High Park School’s Health Champion, Elizabeth Paterson-Baron, organized an all-school walk which included 460 students, 25 staff members, and about 10 parents. The school leadership team made posters and placed them around the school in addition to making daily announcements leading up to the event highlighting the importance of daily physical activity. The event was publicized in the school newsletter and web site.
Each student participant received an orange mitten from SHAPE Alberta to unite the walkers with students and schools from around the province who walked for 15 minutes or more on February 6th, 2013. At High Park School, their health and wellness action plan includes all school participation in physical activity three times per week. The Winter Walk Day was one of their awesome events! Way to go, team.

3 thoughts on “Winter Walk Day at High Park

  1. I loved how we are recapturing simple outdoor activities. This is a must repeat event.

  2. It was indeed a very successful Winter Walk Day at High Park! The weather was lovely and the excitment high as we took to the great outdoors to get some exercise and enjoy each other’s company. What a great way to stay healthy!!

  3. What a great even it was! The weather was great, the kids loved going for the walk and everyone felt so refreshed afterward! Thank you, Elizabeth for making this happen!!

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