Brain Food at Spruce Grove Composite High School

Submitted by Health Champions Linda Boschman and Mary Stewart 
It’s Exam Time…

How do teachers at Spruce Grove Composite High help our Social and English 30 students obtain a head start on writing a great diploma exam at SGCHS?  

Each student is provided with an exam preparation workshop, stress reduction strategies, and helpful nutrition tips.  On exam day, students are given a granola bar and a juice box to stimulate brain activity and nurture great results.  This is just one of the many ways that our teachers support learning through health strategies.  

One thought on “Brain Food at Spruce Grove Composite High School

  1. There are so many things we can do to increase our personal level of brain-power, and most of them are easy to do. What we put into our bodies has a great impact on how our brain works. I also used to make sure that I went for a brisk walk or jog before an exam because physical activity increases the level of oxygen in the brain and, ultimately, the brain’s ability to remember and think more clearly. The support and guidance given by teachers in helping students get and stay healthy will have a direct and positive impact on their ability to be successful academically. Great work, Spruce Grove Composite High School staff! Be proud of a job well done!

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