Get Ready Spokane…Here Comes Meridian Heights!


This is the eighth year that Ecole Meridian Heights students have trained for the 12km Bloomsday road race in Spokane, Washington. Teacher and coach, Chris Hallowes said, “Annually, the physical training begins the first week back after Christmas break and distances begin at two kilometers.”


There are 43 junior high students involved this year.  They are each running once a week during their options time and then selecting one of the two runs offered after school.


Coach Hallowes continues, “It is always a pleasure working with such keen kids. In fact, over the spring break holiday 36 of the 43 runners are meeting on Tuesday to run an 8km so that their training doesn’t lapse.”


The Bloomsday road race is a unique program within the school because it allows a diverse group of athletes to experience success and promotes the attainment of one’s goals at a personal level. Bloomsday training has become a tradition within the Meridian Heights school community with many siblings wanting to be a part of something that they’ve watched their older brothers and sisters do. The team departs for the Washington, USA on May 3rd and Parkland School Division wishes Mr. Hallowes and the entire team luck in reaching their individual goals!

One thought on “Get Ready Spokane…Here Comes Meridian Heights!

  1. Parkland School Division is very proud of the staff and students of Meridian Heights for their commitment and dedication in preparing to run the Bloomsday Race for the eighth year. This also demonstrates a great way to stay fit and is a positive way to develop a healthy lifestyle that will carry on into the students’ lives as adults. This group of students and their teachers are positive role models for the rest of the school community and the Division. Continue the great work!

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