Stony Plain Central’s Staff Challenge

This year, Health Champion Charity Erickson and her wellness team decided to help increase the health and wellness of their staff members by setting up a monthly Staff Challenge, which focuses on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mental health.  Each month, the main school entrance bulletin board has been designed to showcase the challenge as well as monitor the progress of just under 50 staff members who support and lead students in these areas.  The positive peer pressure has been contagious!

Way to go, Stony Plain Central!

As spring begins, Entwistle reflects on its WILD winter moments…

Health Champion June St. Goddard shared that many exciting things happened at Entwistle School over the cold winter months. In January and February Kindergarten to Grade 5 went skating a number of time at the Evansburg arena.   Entwistle had around 12 different parents volunteer and help to tie skates. Each skater was provided with a bottled water and a granola snack.  Parents and the community members really enjoyed the event.  More importantly, students were very grateful for the opportunity to get out and enjoy the rink as some had never skated before.  As a result of this activity, one grandparent of a Grade four student decided to start up a skating program again for next season because of the expressed interest of the kids and parents. “We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome,” says Ms. Goddard.




In addition to skating, Lacrosse was an important part of Entwistle’s winter season.  Nearly 32 students practiced for the Edmonton Rush’s game against Minnesota in February.  Over 100 game tickets were purchased by family and community members.  Thanks to teacher and performing arts club director Tara Burvill who organized this exciting performance, the students were able to show off their talents and share their school pride with the entire Edmonton Rush audience.  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!!!!


“Dodge for the Hawk” Raises Heartbeats and Cash

The first annual “Dodge for the Hawk” Dodgeball-a-thon was a huge success at Tomahawk School.  The twelve hour event occurred April 13 and 14 at Tomahawk School.  Every student at Tomahawk participated in the event and helped raise funds for a new junior high playground.  “The kick-off game was so exciting seeing our communities finest as the local volunteer fire department took on the grade nines as well as the staff,” said Health Champion Alana Robb.   The event carried on into the evening hours parents and community members dressed up and participated in the challenge.  Seventeen teams and around 150 participants were involved in this exciting event which raised a total of $5000.  Great job, Tomahawk!


Get Outdoors Weekend with Healthy U Alberta

The Government of Alberta is committed to the mental, physical and environmental benefits of outdoor recreation and encourages Albertans to get outdoors through the designation of the Alberta Get Outdoors Weekend. What are you waiting for? GO and Get Outdoors through April 13 and 14 and all year round! CLICK HERE for information on events happening across Alberta on GO weekend!