Are We Driving Our Kids Unhealthy Habits?

The 2013 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on the Physical Activity of Canadian Children and Youth is now available online. Click here to read the short or long report.  

Our Health Promotions Coordinator, Matthew Mitschke, has shared with Parkland School Division that this year’s focus is on active transportation:

  • If children walked for all trips of less than one kilometre rather than being driven, they would take an average of 2,238 additional steps per day
  • Although 58% of parents walked to school when they were kids, only 28% of their (parents who walked) children walk to school today. Meaning even less than this are using active modes of transportation to school.
  • Active Transportation may
    • Improve fitness and heart health
    • Increase academic achievement
    • Provide social opportunities
    • Reduce stress
    • Improve air quality and reduce the risk of lung disease
    • Reduce the risk of traffic-related accidents around schools.

If you would like to know more about how schools and communities are

addressing this issue, please contact Matthew Mitschke at

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