Welcome to 2013-2014!

Dear PSD Health Champions and Community Partners,

I want to officially welcome you to year two of our Youth Resiliency Project–a district-wide movement using a comprehensive school health approach.  I look forward to meeting with you all for our first Health Champion meeting on Monday, October 7th at the Centre for Education.  Please bring your own device to work with that day as we’ll be working with George Couros in the afternoon to learn how and why we should share the great work we’re doing this year.  In addition, we’ll have the chance to work with great provincial leaders that day from APPLE Schools, Healthy Schools, Healthy Future, and Ever Active Schools.

Thank you all for your patience in the month of September.  I’m enjoying being the mother of three little girls now.  Zoe Marie is a great little baby who seems to be adjusting well to her older sisters.  I’m sure you’ll all get to meet her sometime this year.  Have a great week and please encourage your community partners and wellness teams to subscribe to this blog site so that we can share the great work that we’re doing in the areas of health and wellness across our entire division!

Have a great day!


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