Brookwood Justice League Encourages Social Change

Thanks to the leadership of teacher Donna Ainsle-O’Conner and others at Brookwood School, students are learning early on what it means to be a global citizen. ┬áThe Justice League is a group that is open to all students at Brookwood School and currently has over 90 members in Grades 1-4. ┬áMrs. Ainsle-O’Conner states in this video that the club has been set up to give students hands-on learning experiences that show them how they can change the world.


From the local food bank to Free the Children’s We Are Silent fundraisers, students are being given the opportunity to learn about issues of injustice taking place around the world. Vice Principal Diane LeFebvre stated that this group is impacting the entire school community through its activities and teaching children about empathy, compassion, and civic engagement. Through this club, Brookwood School is truly a place “where the world opens up” as Parkland School Division proudly states.

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