Brookwood School Prepares to Reduce Screen Time



Check out the great work that Brookwood School is doing to encourage students, staff, and families to consider reducing their screen time this month.  From the desk of Health Champion Diane LeFebvre…

Turn Off the Tube – Get on the Move!!!! 


Good morning, our next school wide Health and Wellness Theme is Turn Off the Tube – get on the Move. This is a theme focused on helping student and their families reduce the amount of screen time they have each day and get students on the move.

The “Turn Off the Tube” Wellness theme will roll out as follows:

  • Daily announcements for the next month related to the theme
  • A newsletter will be sent home to parents with some ideas on how to reduce screen time.
  • The Health and Wellness Bulletin Board in the front foyer has some ideas for families on alternative activities to screen time to get students on the move
  • As a Wellness Team we are declaring during this next month that Tuesdays become Low Tech Tuesdays whereby non-instructional time be low tech. What we would ask is that on Tuesdays there be no movies during eating time for the students, as well, that DPA time be active time outside or inside without the use of technology such as go-noodle, etc… just for Low Tech Tuesdays.
  • Our student challenge for the month is that for each Tuesday of the theme those students pledge for Tuesdays that they are going to do something active and that they will log those minutes. Pledge sheets for Tuesdays will be coming to you.
  • The pledge sheets will go home on Mondays in the student agendas and will read:



INSTEAD OF                                               I PLEDGE TO TURN OFF THE TUBE AND TO GET ON THE MOVE FOR ­­­                    MINUTES.  BEFORE I GO TO BED TONITE!  I WILL                                                                            for                                            MINUTES. 


                                      COMPLETED                MINUTES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.




Parents will return the pledge form signed with the number of minutes of physical activity. Student can include their soccer or baseball practices, etc….

  • We are going to challenge our students to reach 80 000 minutes of physical activity over the month of this theme. This total is based on each student doing 30 minutes of activity. We know some will do more and some less, so we think this total is achievable.
  • We are going to ask you to total your students’ number of minutes from their weekly pledges and email them to Jennifer Forsyth who will total the minutes for the school. We will have a school thermometer to show the running total.
  • A classroom thermometer has been prepared for each class so you can keep track of your class minutes. You may want to set a classroom goal. If you like.
  • If the students reach their total of 80 000 minutes, they will earn an extra 15 min recess.
  • Our staff challenge is that each Tuesday, staff log their minutes of physical activity as well. The total we are challenging staff to beat is 6000 minutes of physical activity. This is based on 30 minutes of activity as well. We know some staff will do more and some less, so we feel this is achievable. We will show staff total on a whole staff thermometer as well.
  • Our first Low Tech Tuesday will be April 29th. We will get pledge sheets to you for your students’ agendas this week in preparation for next Tuesday.

Sounds like a great month, Brookwood!  Way to go.