Save on Foods and Freson Bros. Support Our Schools

Breakfast Program Fund Raiser Launch

Breakfast Program Fund Raiser Launch

Thank you to our awesome grocery store partners–Spruce Grove Save-On-Foods and Stony Plain Freson Bros. who have each helped us launch a September fund raiser to support the initiation or continuation of school breakfast programs in any of our 22 school communities.  Many of our schools have expressed that breakfast programs are incredibly important to the health of their students for a wide-variety of reasons.  These schools have begun to educate students how healthy nutrition supports their social, physical, and academic growth.  We are fortunate to have partnerships within our communities that will help us increase the reach of our unique breakfast programs throughout Parkland School Division #70!

Entwistle School Healthy Breakfast

Entwistle School Healthy Breakfast

Welcome Back 2014-2015 Health Champions

Why develop the resiliency of youth as a school division? Why lead this work within our communities?

Because…healthier students are better learners and are more likely to experience lifelong success.

Parkland School Division’s Ultimate Goal is to foster student success and well-being.

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year. The PSD Youth Resiliency Initiative works in partnership with Alberta Education, Alberta Health, and PSD Learning Services to empower each unique school community to address the complex health issues that face individual learners through the use of a Comprehensive School Health approach (recognized by the World Health Organization).

Through PSD’s partnership with the Alberta Health School’s Wellness Fund, we’ll be increasing the capacity of individual schools to deliver programming and activities that foster success in learning and success in life.

All PSD school communities will be supported by division and provincial supports this year. All PSD school communities will be asked to participate in the implementation of a wellness action plan that focuses on one or more of the three priority areas of comprehensive school health: physical activity/literacy, nutrition, and positive mental health.

Comprehensive School Health is not additional work; it is a way of looking at existing practices using a shared definition of wellness. This approach is only effective in schools where vigilant, dedicated staff model, advise, and support and guide the work of their wellness team. We’re looking forward to an awesome year and regular communication with you.

Here is a calendar of events for this year’s Youth Resiliency Initiative to consider with your site-based administrative team:

ALL Schools Health Champion Dates; 8-12PM @ CFE
September 24
November 18
March 10
May 26

Additional (Release Time Paid) Division-Planning Health Champion Dates;8-3PM @ CFE for Self-Selected Health Champions
September 26
November 21
March 13
May 29

Sign your school up for the Ever Active Healthy Active School Symposium for Student Leaders @ CFE 9-3PM
October 7

Conference: Shaping the Future 2015 @ Delta Lodge Kananaskis
January 22-24

HPEC and PHE Canada National Conference @ Banff
April 30-May 2