Prepare for National Non-Smoking Week January 18-24

WhatsyourReasonNational Non-Smoking Week 2015

In celebration of National Non-Smoking Week – January 18-24, 2015 – Alberta Health Services’ Tobacco Reduction Program (TRP) is providing several resources to raise awareness and promote action amongst staff, the public, community stakeholders and local media.

Continuing to build on the theme “Majority Do,” which was designed and developed by the TRP in 2012, the focus of the week will be on smoke-free homes and vehicles. The majority of Albertans do choose smoke-free environments , but for those that don’t there are some very real health risks and consequences, particularly for children and pets.

By focusing on environmental tobacco smoke, the TRP is working to support the goals of the Alberta Tobacco Reduction Strategy, and improve the health of all Albertans. This approach also supports the ban on smoking in vehicles when minors are present, which came into effect in November under the provincial Tobacco Reduction Amendment Act.

The TRP is pleased to provide some resource materials to support your efforts:

Staff Field Kit (attached)
• This kit will include guidelines for media engagement during events (in accordance with the AHS Communications Policy), key messaging and examples of the social media promotion that will be taking place throughout the week as well.
* If you are planning an activity or taking part in an event around NNSW, please contact AHS Communications with the details, as these events will be captured in Public Service Announcements sent out in the Zones prior to NNSW.

Smoke-Free Home and Smoke-Free Spaces Decals (image attached)
• These decals can be placed on vehicle and home windows to declare and celebrate them as smoke-free spaces.
• Leveraging the existing AlbertaQuits social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), the TRP will use the decals in a series of images with different families and individuals that will showcase reasons for having a smoke-free home or vehicle, and also encourage others to take action. Public who wish to share their smoke-free status with others will be able to do so through engagement with the social media accounts.

Smoke-Free Home and Smoke-Free Spaces Posters
• Using the same images as the decals, these posters provide an opportunity to promote and educate about the importance of smoke-free spaces.
• The same images and messaging will also be used in a number of social media posts, providing health information on second-hand smoke exposure and encouraging people to become, or remain, smoke-free.
• These posters will be send out as PDF’s early in January


Let’s Talk About Second-Hand and Third-Hand Smoke – Information Sheet (attached)
• This information sheet can be used as a reference for providing information and presentations during National Non-Smoking Week. It provides information on the types of environmental tobacco smoke and the health effects of exposure.

AlbertaQuits Services Magnet
• This handy magnet can be given out to patients/clients as a reminder of the excellent cessation support resources available to them: online, phone, text or groups. This item will be added to the on-line catalog in early January.

These resources can be used for health fairs/displays, Well Child clinics, car seat inspection clinics, counselling sessions, etc. They are available to order through the on-line catalogue at: