The Journey Continues – Physical Literacy Development in a New School Year

Be Fit for Life

By Lindsay Wright, Be Fit for Life Provincial Fitness Unit

Guest Writer for PSD Wellness Initiative

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With all of the excitement of a new school year, it takes a while to fall back into a routine. As a Health

Champion, you are aware of the district’s support around the development of physical literacy, but you might be

wondering where to start! There is a lot of information and resources available to schools, so here are a few

reminders about resources that you might want to dust off this September.

Ever Active Schools Recipe Card Lesson Plans – These lesson plans are great for Physical Education

and provide well rounded lessons and units all in one.


Be Fit for Life’s Move & Play through Physical Literacy cards are great for extra time, in classroom

activities, warm up activities, and in Physical Education class.  These are also great as they were

designed with simple language so that the students can choose and lead activities as well.


The Yoga Techniques for the Classroom resource is great for in class, especially for active breaks.

The cards come with access to pre-set PowerPoint presentations for use in the classroom.


 To build on all the above resources, the My Skills Poster and Lesson Plans were created to support

teaching Fundamental Movement Skills. Support the students to learn what skills are called and be

aware of the types of skills they are participating in when being active.

my skills

Most importantly, be mindful of the concepts of physical literacy when choosing and playing games and

activities in Physical Education class, classroom daily physical activity opportunities, indoor recess, and even

school wide activity opportunities. Remember, there are a lot of resources out there that can complement all of

the great activities and lessons that you have already.  Most of these games and activities focus on purposeful

activities that provide opportunities for students to develop their motivation, confidence, physical competence,

knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.


Lindsay Wright is a trained facilitator with the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta and can be reached at

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