Forest Green’s Garden Club Serves Up Smoothies

From the desk of Forest Green Health Champion Lesley Cameron…

Forest Green Grow Tower Forest Green Smoothies Green Smoothy

We are very fortunate to have two garden towers in our school.  We are growing all kinds of delicious green vegetables and herbs, including broccoli, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, basil, peppers, and tomatoes.  Our Garden Club meets weekly to take care of the towers, including checking pH levels, adding water, and trimming the roots.  Students at Forest Green were very fortunate to sample a green smoothie with harvested vegetables from the garden towers, along with some delicious fruits!  It was great for students to learn about smoothies and how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily life.  Big thanks to Miss Aronyk, Mrs. Sarauer, and our amazing Garden Club leaders for their leadership in this initiative!  The green smoothies were DELICIOUS!

Hats off to the Forest Green Garden Club Smoothy-Making Team!