Enjoy the Moment: Keephills School

(Taken from PSD’s 184 Days of Learning)

As part of our healthy schools initiative and our commitment to embrace the environment which we attend school in, the Keephills grade 4-6 Learning Group ventured out into the deep, snowy expanse of wilderness donning our recently acquired snowshoes.

When the note for permission to leave school grounds for this expedition went home, there were mixed reactions amongst the students. With short notice, as we know how the conditions can change at any moment, it did not take long for everyone to return to school with their permission slips signed and warmest winter gear in hand.

The students were not the only ones pumped and ready to take on this challenging trek. When it came time to look for supervisors, there was plenty of interest. So off they went, all of the grades 4-6 students, one teacher, one parent, one custodian, one community librarian and one volunteer who led the expedition.

I am not sure in kilometres how far they actually went, but according to one of the boys it was 9000+ steps, through the bush, down a very steep hill, around a field beside the North Saskatchewan River, and a race back up the formidable snowy hill, back through pine and spruce to the Keephills hamlet – exhausted and just in time for lunch.

After hearing the students enthusiastic response to this event and great feedback from the adults, the staff put off a couple hours of meeting time and ventured out on our PD morning to the hilly creek banks for our own adventure.

As busy as we all are in the field of education, sometimes we just have to take advantage of the moment and go with what the conditions suggest. You will be rewarded for it in the end. I know that we were!

I am the principal and Kindergarten teacher at Keephills School. I have been with Parkland School Division for 14 years. My commitment is to life-long learning and promoting the value of a healthy lifestyle to all.