Forest Green Playing Games and Eating Greens!

Forest Green School ran a mixed relay team in the Edmonton Journal Games on    February 20th at the Butterdome on the University of Alberta campus. The team was able to qualify first in their heat that night and we are very proud of their efforts not only at the race, but in each early morning practice as well!

In addition, Forest Green School is working with a local non-profit group called The Healing Seed  in order to assist students in making healthier choices at snack and lunch times. Each classroom has been provided with a bowl in which fruit is placed on Monday morning. Throughout the week, children choose items from the bowl to supplement their meals. According to health champion, Dana Irvine, so far, the program has been a resounding success! He looks forward to future collaboration with The Healing Seed and thanks them for helping Forest Green reach their health and wellness action plan goals.