“Dodge for the Hawk” Raises Heartbeats and Cash

The first annual “Dodge for the Hawk” Dodgeball-a-thon was a huge success at Tomahawk School.  The twelve hour event occurred April 13 and 14 at Tomahawk School.  Every student at Tomahawk participated in the event and helped raise funds for a new junior high playground.  “The kick-off game was so exciting seeing our communities finest as the local volunteer fire department took on the grade nines as well as the staff,” said Health Champion Alana Robb.   The event carried on into the evening hours parents and community members dressed up and participated in the challenge.  Seventeen teams and around 150 participants were involved in this exciting event which raised a total of $5000.  Great job, Tomahawk!


Wednesday Dance Days at Parkland Village

On Wednesdays, at Parkland Village School, Health Champion Jackie Fitzgerald begins the morning dancing with the entire school as part of her wellness team’s 2012 action plan to increase physical activity.  Jackie said that as much as the students like and look forward to Wednesdays, she’s been surprised by how many teachers have shared that they feel better starting out their days with this event as well.


MCHS Women’s Work Out Time

“I’ve been working out since I was 15 years old,” said MCHS Health Champion Kiesha Rendall to one of the students who attended the Tuesday Abs Challenge after-school fitness program.  Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past three years, Ms. Rendall has run a fitness program for women, staff, and their children that involves core work, cardio, and general fitness support.  The program is open to all students immediately after school and is attended by a wide-variety of young women who want to stay involved and active after school.  Kiesha has designed the program by drawing from a variety of fitness programs and activities such as yoga, pilates, and core sculpting classes.  She participates with the students and hosts the events outside of the weight room to bring in new faces.

Entwistle School Starts Free Fruit Program

Thanks to some hungry students and committed parents, Entwistle School now offers a free fruit basket at the entrance of their building for students to snack on and enjoy throughout the week.  Principal Les Worthington and parent Cari-Ann Nickel have worked together to foster easier access to fresh fruits for every student.  Mr. Worthington commented that the program has met with great success thus far and is being enjoyed by students and teachers as well as guests of Entwistle School.


Duffield Celebrates Its Tutti-Fruity Initiative

One of our two Healthy School, Healthy Future teachers, Leanne Schram-White was captured by the Stony Plain Reporter in late October for one of her many new nutrition initiatives that’s been sponsored by local businesses.  To read the entire story, visit: http://www.stonyplainreporter.com/2012/10/25/duffield-begins-tutti-fruity-tuesday-initiative