PSD Prepares to Host The Headstrong Summit

Between April 28-May 1, Parkland School Division will host The MHCC Headstrong Summit with around 400 PSD students from across the district to increase student understanding of mental health and wellness.  Sponsored in part by the RBC Foundation, ATA Local 10, and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, this summit will introduce students to people who have experienced and recovered from mental illness in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and addictions.  Our students will have the opportunity to connect with multiple community partners who can support students and families at all stages of their health journey.  We are grateful to the planning committee and Ottawa delegation of student leaders who have prepared our division for this exciting learning opportunity.

MHCC    Thank you to Alberta Parenting for the Future, Alberta Health Services Health Promotion Coordinator, Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program, Freson Bros., Parkland School Division Learning Services Team, Spruce Grove Save On Foods and the Stony Plain Youth Centre.


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Addictions and Mental Health Resources

Today’s Divisional Health Champion meeting covered the diverse ways that we can include positive mental health into the culture and climate of our school environments. Thank you to Alberta Health Services’ Leslie Webb, Matthew Mitschke, and Judy Newman for sharing some of great Alberta Health Services resources that are available to teachers and schools.

Click here for additional resources and teaching and learning supports.


Welcome to the Resiliency Project

As Parkland School Division projects and plans for increased enrolments in the Town of Stony Plain and City of Spruce Grove within the next five years,  the Division is also working closely with municipal and provincial leaders to ensure that schools are prepared for today’s health challenges facing communities. In addition to Healthy Schools Healthy Futures staff members at both High Park and Duffield, the division is also proud of the work of its Mental Health Capacity Building Project, Evolve, at Parkland Village School.  These projects are set up to enhance the way that schools, with the support of their communities, foster healthier, more resilient youth.

Because health promotion and resources should be equitable, Parkland School Division has created a new youth resiliency coordinator position to facilitate a division-wide comprehensive school health plan with each of its schools.

The plan will not be a cookie-cutter model, but rather respond to the unique physical, social, and mental health needs of each school.  This position will nurture stronger relationships with local service providers and government cross-ministry stakeholders advocating for children in schools. PSD’s commitment to holistic student health includes tangible outcomes using strategies outlined in its Three Year Education Plan.

The Division’s ultimate goal is “Student Success and Well Being” and will be achieved by engaging our students, engaging our staff, and engaging our community through the following strategies:

  • Implementation of a division-wide initiative focused on enhancing the resiliency and health of all students;
  • Establishing and nurturing strong community and government partnerships to support student health;
  • Maintaining a commitment to the development of the whole child at all levels of their education.
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