NPR Special Series for Families–On the Run…

National Public Radio has created a special series devoted to the health and wellness of families called, “On the Run: How Families Struggle to Eat Well and Exercise.” 

Included in this series are a number of stories that outline the struggles today’s families face when trying to balance and juggle parenting, jobs, and healthy choices.  Please check them out and then feel free to share any of the following stories with families or to have a conversation with your wellness team, classrooms, or school council.

Family Dinner: Treasured Tradition or Bygone Ideal

In Many Families, Exercise Is By Appointment Only

Rose-Colored Glasses and the Obesity Epidemic

Selling Your Kids on Veggies

How Did Our Brains Evolve to Equate Food with Love?

Sacrificing Sleep and Teens

Do You Really Know What Your Kids Are Eating?

Gauging Childhood Obesity: A Unique Poll

“”Once we do everything, there is absolutely no time to go outside and take a walk or get any exercise. It’s simply come in, eat, sit down, do homework, go to bed.”

– Paige Pavlik, Parent