Woodhaven Middle School Wins a Nutrition Innovation Award

Early on this fall, Health Champion Ali Jacobs shared the great nutrition planning and programs at Woodhaven Middle School with the Nutrition Innovation Awards panel.  The application celebrates the many changes that have taken place within the culture of Woodhaven over the past few years to build capacity with students, families, and community partners in the area of nutrition.

Some of these changes include:

  • A Student Wellness Action Team that helps support projects and activities related to health and wellness throughout the year
  • Reversed lunches where recess is taken before students eat or snack
  • School Nutrition Policies and Planning that follows the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth
  • Wellness posters in each classroom that are changed weekly/monthly to meet a nutritional or physical activity goal
  • School agreement with school council and teachers that candy and food-based rewards incentives will not be used but replaced with opportunities to work towards extra free time or other prizes.
  • Teachers committed to modeling healthy eating choices at Woodhaven
The Resiliency Project would like to congratulate the entire Woodhaven School Community and its health champions Ali Jacobs, Robert Coulas, and James Coghill
for their awesome growth in this area of nutrition.
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