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  1. LA/Social Jan 15

    January 15, 2018 by kglegloff

    Language Arts:

    • Students continued their practice with reading body paragraphs and creating their own topic sentences for the paragraphs (pg. 20-21 in booklet)
    • There will be a quiz/assessment on this on Wednesday. For this, students will be given a topic and they will have to list everything they know about the topic, group similar ideas into three main ideas, and write topic sentences for each main idea.

    Social Studies:

    • Students continued working on their Black Death Video Project today. This is due Friday.

  2. M/S January 12

    January 12, 2018 by jschaber


    The Scale Factor projects are progressing very nicely. Please make sure that the corrugated cardboard or foam board supplies are coming in so students can get their projects completed. Some have been using scotch or masking tape to connect their projects together which is working okay; others have been bringing in glue guns. We have a several small glue guns that can be used but students would need to provide the small glue sticks (packages are available at Dollarama for $1.25). The tentative due date is still Friday January 19th.


    The groups were assigned for the Group Body Systems project, today and it was explained in more detail. It will be posted to Google Classroom early next week.


  3. M/S January 11

    January 11, 2018 by jschaber


    Many students have had their blueprints approved and are in building mode. Please make sure that your student has either foam board or corrugated cardboard to be able to build his or her projects with. Utility knives need to be labelled and dropped off with Mrs. Schaber first thing in the morning or scissors can be used with some materials. Tentative due date is next Friday, January 19th.


    Assess Your Learning was marked today. The Body System’s group project was introduced.

  4. Thursday, Jan 11

    January 11, 2018 by madenet

    LA – Expository Writing, overlapping vs. distinct main ideas. Students practised writing their own topic sentences, using sentence starters provided SS – listened to a Black Death music video, discussed the Black Death and its effect on the feudal hierarchy of Europe, introduced the Black Death News Project

  5. M/S January 10

    January 10, 2018 by jschaber


    We continued with the Scale Factor project. Supplies are starting to trickle in as students get ready to build there models.  Corrugated cardboard and foam board will work the best for the outside and furniture building. We have discussed that cardstock could possibly be used for a few other applications. Some students are using scissors to cut their structures others are using X-acto knives. We have asked that these X-acto knives be labelled with a name, brought directly to the classroom and then left in the classroom for the day. If they need to go home for the evening, the student can pick them up at the end of the day. Otherwise, they will remain in a drawer in the classroom for safety reasons.


    Students finished the Check and Reflect on page 124 and then it was reviewed. The Assess Your Learning on page 125 is due to be handed in for MARKS at the beginning of class Thursday.

  6. LA/Social Jan 10

    January 10, 2018 by kglegloff

    Language Arts:

    • Continued learning about overlapping vs. distinct main ideas. Students practiced writing their own topic sentences, using sentence starters provided (pg. 11 and 12 in booklet)

    Social Studies:

    • Learned about the Black Death through a short video and class discussion
    • Ch 1 Sec 1 Questions, which were assigned yesterday, are due tomorrow

  7. M/S January 9th

    January 9, 2018 by jschaber


    Scale Factor Projects are coming along. Please remember to purchase the foam board (Dollarama is cheapest and was most abundant, also limited availability at Staples, Walmart and Michaels but more money) and a xacto knife. Supplies should be coming to school for the end of this week as we would like the “construction” phase to be starting soon.

    Note: We have noted that some students are coming with actual blueprints from their family homes and it is quite obvious that many parents and students are measuring and having awesome Math discussions about this “architectural” project at home. This is fantastic!


    Marked check and reflect (page 119), unfortunately many students did not have their homework completed for today. Then we had a discussion around specialized cells in multicellular organisms, pages 120-124 were read and the check and reflect on page 124 was started. More time will be given to complete this assignment, tomorrow.



  8. M/S Monday Jan 8th

    January 8, 2018 by rpeet

    Math – Students are working on their scale factor project.  Please make sure you have your foam board and an exacto knife for class soon.  The cheapest place to buy these materials is at Dollarama.  Have you measured the dimensions of your room yet?  You will need them for class tomorrow.

    Science – Please complete the check and reflect on P. 119 for tomorrow.

  9. Monday, Jan 8

    January 8, 2018 by madenet

    Happy New Year – Welcome to 2018

    LA – began Section #2 of Expository Writing – Broad Yet Distinct Topic Sentences completed pages 1 – 7 in our orange booklets
    SS – began study of the Renaissance with viewing of a video titled “History of the Renaissance” and vocabulary for Chapter 1 (due tomorrow in Quizlet). Ask your child what the term renaissance means (a French term meaning re-birth)!!

    Odds’N Ends
    – Japan Unit Exams were returned to students today or prior to the break if they were here, please ask your child how they did
    – Maze Runner Movie Review written assignments was assessed and returned to students in Google Classroom just prior to our break

  10. M/S December 21

    December 21, 2017 by jschaber


    1. Students started/continued with their rough sketches of their rooms, tiny homes, houses – whichever they have decided to start to design. If they need measurements to further their project for tomorrow, they are to get them in meters or centimeters (nearest tenth), tonight.
    2. They will be continuing with this project tomorrow – converting their REAL measurements to fit onto 8×11 paper using scale factor to be like a basic blueprint or floor plan. Then they will be planning their “decorations” or interior design.
    3. After the Christmas break, students should be ready to start the building of their structures in the first week back – with cardboard or foam board. I will be finding prices and places to buy in Spruce Grove, over the break.


    1. Students did an independent learning session about multicellular and unicellular organisms today. They completed a chart, comparing the 2 and then the check and reflect. This is due at the beginning of class, tomorrow.


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