Mr. Ferzli’s Bio

Grand Central PictureMy name is Gabriel Ferzli and I was born in Edmonton, AB, CAN. My parents immigrated to Canada from Lebanon in 1979 wanting to start a family in a stable country. They had four healthy, competitive boys that love to play a variety of sports. Being the youngest of four, I was able to develop my motor skills at an early age, which enhanced my athletic ability throughout school. As we all grew into adults, our love for sports never wavered which has provided us with a number of valuable life lessons. I have spent time traveling to Lebanon to visit and learn about my parent’s heritage while experiencing the dynamics of a country at war. I have grown up around a solid family nucleus and someday I hope to have my own family.

In 2005 I entered Concordia University College of Alberta with the hopes of pursuing my basketball goals. It was during my first year at Concordia that I discovered I wanted to have an impact beyond playing collegiate basketball. Shortly after, and once graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I entered in the after-degree education program at Concordia University College of Alberta. My first two years of teaching were in the wonderful communities of Tomahawk and Seba Beach School. From there I moved to Halifax, NS where I subbing with Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB) and a few private systems. Currently, I am in my 4th year of teaching and loving every minute of the Woodhaven Wolfpack. 

I love working and collaborating with children. Also, I love to see children learn and grow, while teaching them how they learn best. I am lucky to call this my job because it is so fun and I love doing it everyday! I look forward to meeting you throughout the school year. To learn more about Mr. Ferzli, click here.

Yours in Learning,

Mr. Ferzli



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