Flight Video

In science we have been learning about Flight.  This has been one of the most interesting units I have ever studied.  As a class we learned about this company called Common Craft that produces very simple videos to explain all sorts of things (my favourite example is this zombie one!).

Here is the video my group made.  Our topic was Pitch, Roll and Yaw.

Report from a Spartan Spy

Ancient Athens was an interesting place. I have learned that they practiced a form of democracy even though it was so long ago!  In this journal I pretended that I was a Spartan spy sent to Athens to investigate the Athenian democracy. My mission was to report back to my government so that they could decide if the Athenian democracy should be adopted in Sparta. Read to find out what I thought.

Do you think that the Athenian democracy was fair? I had a hard time deciding.



Natalys Ancient Athens Project by

*Special thanks to Nataly in 6A for her amazing project*

Graphic Novel Project

In class we have been studying sky science.  It is one of the most interesting science topics to me because there is so much to learn.  Even scientists are stumped by some of the mysteries of space!

In our book clubs this month we have been reading a genre called info-fiction.  It is a great genre because is takes real facts and uses them in a made-up story.  Miss Nielsen asked us to write an info-fiction graphic novel on a space event.  I chose to tell the story of the first man to voyage into space: Uri Gagarin.  I tried to imagine how he would have been feeling on his journey.  I think it takes a lot of bravery to be launched into the unknown!


Uri's Journey by Justin h by erinnielsen

*special thanks to Justin H of 6A for his amazing graphic novel*