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In science we have been learning about Flight.  This has been one of the most interesting units I have ever studied.  As a class we learned about this company called Common Craft that produces very simple videos to explain all sorts of things (my favourite example is this zombie one!).

Our project was to work with a group to create a Common Craft-style video that explains a flight concept.  First, we decided on a checklist of things that would make an effective video.  Here are some things we had to keep in mind:

The video should…

  • use very simple vocabulary – all science terms must be explained
  • be less than 2 minutes long
  • use clear and simple illustrations that are changed at reasonable pace
  • give enough detail to clearly explain the flight concept
When you watch my video you will see that my group did a really good job of creating a video that met this criteria.  We thought really hard about how we could explain it simply and even put in some clever jokes to entertain our audience.  I hope you enjoy it!

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