Following My Heart

There is no set path.  Just follow your heart! – unknown

I have just returned from some much needed time for myself this past two weeks.  After running on empty for the week leading up to the Christmas holidays, I knew that a retreat to my “casa del paraiso” (house of paradise) in Puerto Vallarta would give me the opportunity to recharge my battery.  To be honest, my path this year has led me to some places I wasn’t sure I would be able to find my way back from – in fact, as I was getting ready to leave for my holiday, I was wondering if the path I was on was still the right path for me – maybe I needed to take a new direction to a place that didn’t demand so much of me emotionally.

Two weeks spent running on the beach, laughing with friends and family, reading, writing and exploring the wonderful flavours offered in the many restaurants I visited have left me feeling completely rested and relaxed.  However, it wasn’t until I spent an evening at Puerto Vallarta’s local community centre, that I fell in love, once again, with my chosen path.  A group of Americans, living in Puerto Vallarta, put together a weekly movie time and I was invited to join them in viewing a wonderful film celebrating the gift of education.  The film reminded me of the reason why I choose to come back, every day and every year, to my work as an educator and how incredibly important this work is to all of us.  This touching film helped me to be grateful that I am able to play a part in making the gift of education available to the students and staff of my school community. I was inspired by this film and by the 84 year old Kenyan student who, through determination, courage and perseverence, was able to continue his own learning, in spite of some heartbreaking circumstances.  He serves as an excellent role model to all of us as he defends his right to be a learner, regardless of his age.  He shares his belief about education when he says: I will keep learning until there is soil in my ears.

Directed by Justin Chadwick. With Naomie Harris, Tony Kgoroge, Sam Feuer, Oliver Litondo. The true story of an 84 year-old Kenyan villager and ex Mau Mau freedom fighter who fights for his right to go to school for the first time to get the education he could never afford.
The opportunity to live in a world where public education is available to all of us and where we, as adults educators, are continuously encouraged to keep learning and growing along with our students, is something we should never take for granted.
My heart is leading me back to Greystone – where I am grateful to continue learning with my amazing school community.  I am looking forward to see where the learning takes us in 2012!
~ Carolyn Cameron

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