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Student Voice Makes a Difference in our Community

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.

 – Margaret Mead
Our small group of committed people from Greystone Centennial Middle School showed they had the power to make change in the world. They did this by getting involved in a local issue around pedestrian safety right here in our own community. Students from Learning Community 6 learned about democracy and how important it is to research an issue in order to go about finding ways to be heard and make a difference.The following is a letter that students sent to our mayor.
 Dear Mayor Stuart Houston,
As part of the grade 6 social studies curriculum our students have been learning about ways to take part in the democratic process. In order to make it an authentic and meaningful learning experience, the students are actively involved in an inquiry project centred around the safety of the community and the possible installation of traffic lights at the corner of Greystone Drive and Grove Drive. The students are understanding a variety of ways that individuals, groups and associations can participate in the decision making process.
Our students have:
– attended a city council meeting to gather information and understand issues in our community
– undergone a letter writing campaign to address the traffic light issue
– designed a formal petition to be signed by community members
– designed flyers to be distributed amongst our school and surrounding community
– created a Facebook page in an attempt to raise awareness of the issue
– created letters to be sent to the editor of the Spruce Grove Examiner
– conducted surveys to get feedback on public opinion
Thank you for your support in helping the students of Greystone in understanding their roles in the decision making process and implementing our social studies curriculum in a meaningful way.
Learning Community 6 Students & Staff at Greystone Centennial Middle School
The mayor just called last week to share the good news – our students’ voices were heard loud and clear. The City will be proceeding with the installation of new traffic signals at Grove Drive and Greystone Drive. Furthermore, the mayor sent our students letters thanking them for their participation in the democratic process and for making their views known to Council. Thank you Mayor Houston for listening to our community’s young citizens.
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