Greystone Hosts Our First Learning Day


We stepped outside of our comfort zone at Greystone as we opened the doors to our school and our classrooms for a day of learning together last Friday. Our students and staff “walked the talk” of making our learning public, transparent and meaningful as we invited educators from our School Division and beyond to co-create a day of shared learning. Fifty teachers, administrators, district superintendents moved in and out of our classrooms talking to our students and staff about how learning is being made purposeful, deep and intellectually engaging at Greystone. We shared our practices and asked for feedback around the following topics:

– Formative Assessment through feedback loops, co-creating criteria, sharing learning intentions
– Thinking Strategies including Questioning, Socratic Circles, See-Think-Wonder, Chalk Talk and Debate
– Inquiry Projects that embed the Alberta Education Competencies
– Team Teaching
– Innovation Week
– Teacher Collaboration and Planning Time
– Flexible Block Scheduling
– Looping
– Alternative Classroom Design & Flexible Groupings of Students
– Mindfulness
– Bring Your Own Device Initiative

The day included sharing and conversation from our guests, too, as they joined and/or facilitated informal “EdCamp Style” discussions in the afternoon.

The highlight of the day was definitely our students! Our guests shared feedback with us about how well our students were able to speak the language of their learning as they described the work they are doing and the purpose behind it.

Congratulations to our Greystone Family for creating a day of memorable learning for each other and our guests. Thanks to all of our guests for joining us. Here are a few tweets from the day:


  1. Cassidy says:

    Dear Carolyn, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and the ideas of things you did. It sounds like an interesting and fun way to approach learning. I thought that the guiding questions are a great way to start discussions and really open my minds up. I am inquisitive however about the chalk talk, do you follow a specific guideline or how does it work? I would love if my school did something like this and the photos you shared really brought your blog to life! Your blog was truly great.

    Sincerely Cassidy

    • Carolyn Cameron says:

      Hi Cassidy,
      Thanks for your feedback. The Chalk Talk thinking strategy is from the book “Making Thinking Visible” by Ron Ritchart. Our teachers are using this book to introduce many different thinking strategies to our students. Great read and very practical resource for classroom teachers.

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