Dec. 4-8/17 Weekly Update

It’s being to feel a lot like Christmas!  The halls are decorated with lights and trees, the Kindness Elf has been sharing messages to encourage kindness to one another – it’s so fun to be in a school during the holiday season!

  • In math we continue to practice counting by 2s, 5s, and now 10s to 100, plus counting by 1s to 100.We will be counting backwards this upcoming week, which should prove interesting!  Please practice these types of counting with your child.  It has proven a bit tricky for a few of them so repeated practice will go a long way in learning this counting.
  • We played number BINGO and it was  big hit! Many students are still learning to recognize numbers like 38 or 71.  Again, any repetition with reading large numbers that you can do at home will benefit your child enormously.
  • With our 5 senses unit, we have explored our sense of hearing, smell and sight. Sense of taste is up next!
  • We completed our social studies booklet on where we live in the world. This project took many classes to completed and the kids are thrilled with the result. They wanted to take it home right away but I insisted we put them up in the classroom for a while for display, as they are awesome!  I will take a picture on Monday and send it out on Remind.
  • We are working on many holiday themed activities, some of which I can’t tell you about ( hint, it’s a gift for you!) so don’t ask too many questions about what activities go on in December!
  • In our busyness, we did not get to practicing printing letter R so we will do that this week and also review letter M.
  • We learned a new trick to calm our bodies and minds called “Flower Breathing”.  Ask your child to demonstrate.  It’s just breathing like normal with a visual of hands opening and closing but it is the mindfulness of the breath that we are focusing on.
  • The students have each started writing a story about their pattern zebras (who, by the way, now have Santa hats on them!),  helping Santa with his sleigh. We will work on this story every day this week. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • Spelling words this week will be name, saw, want, black, green. The test will be on Friday.

Nov. 27- Dec. 1, 2017- Weekly Update

Happy December! Despite having a few students away due to illness, it was a busy and productive week.  Some highlights are:

  • We have nailed counting by 2s (ask your child to count by 2s to 20!!) and now are working on counting by 5s (it is a lot harder, we found out) and soon will be counting by 10s. Please help your child with counting by 5s and 10s to 100.
  • We played a game called Towers using block and numbers.  This is an easy game to replicate at home.  Print numbers on a small piece of paper, then have your child count out the same number of items (anything from small toys to paper clips) that is on the piece of paper they select. We used cubes that we could stack. They can go up to 100 if they want! A few boys had put together a huge amount of blocks in a row and we counted them.  125!!



  • In Micro Village, we had help from our grade 3-4 buddies to make resumes and cover letters as this month we will be applying for a job.
  • Our Daily 5 stations this week were Reading to Self, Word Word, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Work with Mrs. Brodeur. The students are getting a hang of this process as they spend 15 minutes at one station, rotating through the stations on a daily basis. In the future, we will be doing two stations per day, but right now we are working on completing our one station really well.
  • Spelling-sight words this week are or, the, who, Dad, little.  Test is on Friday. Once again, please practice these words with your child.
  • Please continue to review the page of sight words I sent home last week as well. Sight word recognition is an invaluable tool to have when they are starting to read.
  • The letter we are reviewing this week is letter R. Help your child say the sound and find Rs letters in everyday print.
  • Report cards will be sent home on Monday.  If you have any questions regarding them, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tebay or myself. The student work that was sent home in the Friday Folder is also a wonderful way to see the growth since the start of grade one. I am so proud of our class!
  • Thank you for donating to our Christmas Food Drive for families in need. Items still needed are canned meats, pasta, peanut butter/jam, coffee, baby food, crackers, canned fruit, juice and cereal. Thank you!

Nov. 20-24/17 Weekly Update

It was a full week of school and we were very busy with our learning. Our highlights:

  • Nicolas, Dominique and Hayden received a certificate at our Student Assembly On Thursday for the Keeping the End in Mind strategy, (have a plan), connected with the Seven Habits of Happy Kids. Congratulations!
  • We have officially started our Daily 5 Rotations.  Up to this point, we have been practicing and honing our skills at Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work Word and Work on Writing.  Our I-pads we been under repair for the past month but on Friday, we finally got them back and and practiced Listen to Reading using the Tumblebooks app.  Starting Monday, in small groups, the students will complete one “rotation” per day, having at the end of the week completed all five rotations.  During these rotations, I will be pulling small group of students and working on reading and/or writing strategies. We have worked very hard to get to this stage of Daily 5. I am very excited to see the students continue their growth in these areas.
  • We were able to focus on Letter but not letter H so we will focus on it ( letter H) letter this week.
  • Spelling words this week will be then, with, am, each, I . The test on Friday.
  • In math, we are practicing counting by 2s (followed by by 5s and 10s coming up!). Please count by 2s with your child to reinforce this skill, up to 20.
  • In science, we are learning about our 5 senses (ask your child what they are!).  We will be doing some exciting hands-on activities. This unit will continue through November and December.
  • Our school is participating in a Christmas Food Drive for families in need. If you are able to, please send non-perishable food items to school.  The class with the most donations will win a prize. Items most in need are canned meats, pasta, peanut butter/jam, coffee, baby food, crackers, canned fruit, juice and cereal. Thank you!
  • If you did not see our zebra picture on the Remind app, here it is again.  The kids love them and the other students in the school have had kind things to say about them too.

I am looking forward to an exciting week leading us into December.  December! Crazy!!

Nov. 15-17/17 Weekly Update

Half way through November – amazing! Our three day week had some wonderful highlights:

  • To  finish our color unit, the students looked through special glasses that allowed them to see rainbows in the light. I think they would have worn them all day if they could have!
  • We had our class election for our Member of Parliament for Micro Village.  Congratulations to Cassie who will be our representative in the government.
  • With our patterns unit completed, we will start a new math unit on numbers and number sense on Monday. This unit will take us well into the new year.
  • In our Writer’s Workshop, some have finished, and the rest will be done soon, their first story on a topic of their choice.   It is their first attempt at story writing and it is wonderful to see the students so excited to share their ideas.
  • In gym, we are practicing how to throw a ball using an easy 5 word tip – “Tick, tock, step and toss”.  Ask your child to demonstrate this technique.
  • Our pattern zebras are finished! The students learned painting techniques and got to show off their patterning skills – a win, win for sure! Watch for a picture on Remind this week!
  • This week’s spelling words will be – in, but, has, love, out, the. Test on Friday.
  • Our letter focus will be on Ee (and Hh if I can squeeze it in there)!!

Nov. 6-9/17 Weekly Update

With a shorter week, we were working extra hard to get things completed before fall break. Our highlights:

  • We reviewed our set 1 letters (s, t, i p n, a) this week with games, videos and songs. Then we blended these sounds together to read words like “sit” and “pan” . For many students this was an exciting moment as they realized they were reading words for the first time!  Other students were leaders as they helped their peers put these sounds together.
  • Boo, the copycat monkey, (a pretend character), helped the students understand equal and not equal using buttons.
  • We practiced our spelling words by finding students who helped make our word.

  • In art we are working on a patterning project that involves painting! The final project will be posted outside of the classroom.  Look forward to seeing some amazing zebras!
  • On Wednesday I introduced Writer’s Workshop, which involves mini lessons about writing, time to write and then sharing time with our writing.  We will use this three step process throughout the year to develop our writing skills.
  • Our Remembrance Day ceremony on Thursday in the gym was incredibly special.  The students heard from an active soldier about how proud he is to wear the Canadian flag on his uniform every day. Plus our students were very respectful as they listened; I was so proud of our class.
  • In regards to this week coming up, we will not have new spelling words but will review the color words yellow, blue, red, green , orange and purple.  The test will be on Friday, November 17.
  • Letters to practice this week will be C and K and their sound/k/.

October 30 – November 3/17 Weekly Update

We have seen a whirlwind of activities this past week! Here are some highlights:

  • We had our very best Reading to Self stamina time- 17 minutes and 15 seconds!  With this incredible time possible, we are now practicing a different activity we will use in Daily 5 called Reading to Someone. During this activity, students read to someone sitting “knee to knee, elbow to elbow” and check for understanding as their partner shares their story. The students have enjoyed this opportunity to share their reading skills with a friend.
  • This week we will learning about Working with Words (another Daily 5 activity) which will give students the chance to play with letter sounds and practice our spelling words. On that note, two things – we will be reviewing the letter sounds S,  A, P,  I,  T , and N.  Please watch the letter songs videos using the tab above.  The spelling words to practice this week are on, some, and, where, find. The students will spell these words independently on this Thursday. Please practice these sounds and words regularly with your child this week.
  • Halloween was a super fun day!  We had a costume parade in the gym with all the classes in the afternoon , followed by  activities, food and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown movie to end our festivities. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the parents who brought delicious food and volunteered their time to help the kids get dressed, run centers and pass out food. These wonderful activities cannot happen without you! I am sorry I did not get any pictures – I honestly was just too busy to slow down and find my phone!
  • We will be wrapping up our patterns unit by exploring the concept of Equal and Not Equal.
  • In our Social Studies unit, we talked about the our planet, our country and our province and where we live in Alberta. This week we will be making a booklet using these locations as we exploring where our community is on a map.
  • In our Creating Color Unit in Science, we searched for items that were “transparent” (can see through) and “opaque”(can’t see through).  Ask your child to find things in your home that follow into those categories.  They may even find something “translucent”( allows light through but can’t really see details)!
  • Our Remembrance Day Assembly is this Thursday in the gym at 10:45 AM.  All are welcome.
  • This is no School this Friday, November 10 to Tuesday, November 14th, for Fall Break. School will resume on Wednesday, November 15.

October 23-27/17 Weekly Update

I was rather under the weather this week, almost completely losing my voice on Thursday.  At least now all I have is a cold and cough. I am looking forward to a healthy week full of fun and learning.  Highlights from last week and some future activities are:

  • Micro University started. Students are learning the in and outs of Micro Village.  We will continue this learning throughout this week.
  • Swimming lessons!! The kids were very excited to be able to go the pool everyday. It was both fun and educational.  A special thank you to Mr. Wright, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Nichol and Mrs. Freadrich for coming to the pool and assisting in the change rooms.  I will be sending home the instructor’s evaluations on Monday.
  • Our Read to Self  stamina improved to 14 minutes and 9 seconds!  Amazing skills are being developed during this time.
  • On Friday, we practiced writing last week’s spelling words (two, can, her, many, play) without assistance. It was fantastic to see the students putting letters to the sounds we have been practicing. These words are now up on our word wall, which is a useful tool for writing.
  • This week’s spelling words are  go, back, jump, yes, they.  Please help your child practice spelling these words at home as they will be writing them without assistance on Friday.
  • The alphabet letters that we will focus on this week are Nn and Pp. Once again, help your child identify these letters and sounds using everyday print.
  • I have added a new page to the blog called “Letter Songs”.  Theses song are videos that are available on YouTube and the class loves to sing and dance to them.  Please watch these videos regularly with your child; it is a fun tool to assist with letter and sound recognition.
  • Our Halloween party will take place after lunch on Tuesday.  The students will be putting on their costumes  at that time. Any makeup that needs to be done, please apply it at home before they come to school.  We will have a costume parade in the gym with all the classes around 1 PM, them will go back to our room for activities and snacks.  If you can assist at our party in the afternoon, please let me know asap. Thanks!


October 16-20/17 Weekly Update

This week was an interesting one as I had PD sessions on both Monday and Friday. The substitute teachers both had productive days with the kids but it still shifts our normal routine a bit (especially for me!). Here are the highlights:

  • Mrs Taylor, our classroom Educational Assistant, joined us on Monday and she is wonderful! She will be with us every morning now.
  • We set all-time record in our reading to self stamina practice on Tuesday! An amazing 13 minutes and 30 seconds! As we continue to improve with how long we can read for, we will be learning what other activities in Daily 5 we can do in addition to reading to our self.  I will be instructing the students in activities such as Word Work, Listening to Reading, Read to Others and Work on Writing as time goes by.  I will have more details on these activities as we practice them.
  • We used a new app on the i-Pads.  It is a math app called IXL. The students practiced their patterning skills, and since they are getting proficient with pattering concepts, they received many “stars” and are quickly mastering the levels. Now we have looked at three apps – Raz Kids, Starfall and IXL.  These educational apps are available through IOS devices and are a fun way to their enhance their learning. You have access to Raz Kids and IXL through our school account. More information on this is available through the October school newsletter which you can find online if you don’t have  paper copy.   Just in case you were wondering, we would use the iPads for 20-30 minutes at a setting, once a week if they are lucky! ( And 10 minutes that is getting on and off the device and working through the glitches!)
  • We had our first Tinkerlab this week with Mrs. Wolff. The students had an opportunity during our library time to create and explore with a variety on materials. We will be alternating between  book exchange and Tinkerlab during our library block each week.
  • Letter A was a bit hit this week! We focused on this letter and it’s sounds (short a and long a) through a variety of hands on activities plus LOTS of singing.  Please works with your child on recognize this letter in everyday print and encourage the letter a sounds whenever you can. Constant repetition is what their brains need to retain this information. This upcoming week we will be focusing in on letters T and I. Feel free to jump on this train early and practice, practice, practice!
  • I will be starting a small spelling program this week. I will send home a list of 4-5 sight words that the students will be practicing in class.  Please practice printing them at home and on Friday we will have a “spelling test”.  There are no marks involved- this is a another opportunity to improve their letter and sound recognition.  The students that are ready will be using this words in their journey of reading. The words will be ” two, can, her, many, play”.
  • Secondary colors were a big hit this week.  By using only red, yellow and blue crayons, we were able to make purple, orange and green.  More color fun will continue!
  • Student-led conferences were a wonderful way for your child to show your their learning and a chance for you and I to connect.  If you were unable to attend, I will touch base with you during this week sometime.
  • Swimming starts this week – please be sure to send your child’s swimsuit and a towel in a bag WITH THEIR NAME ON IT. Plus an extra snack in their lunch kits would be a great idea as they are usually quite hungry after the swim. Our swim time is for approximately an hour in the afternoon, every day this week.  If you are able assist in the change room with supervision, please meet us at the Tri Leisure Center at 12:10 PM.

October 10-13/17 Weekly Update

I’m a bit late on this post as I just got back from a sisters’ weekend at a wonderful gem called Hidden Springs near Winfield.  My sisters and I have never gone anywhere together, just the four of us, so we rented the upper half of a lovely guest house on a 160 acre farm. It was incredibly peaceful and my sisters and I made some wonderful memories.  If you are looking for a peaceful retreat,I would highly recommend this place.

Our short week was full of excitement! Highlights …

  • Our stamina goal of 10 minutes was met and beat!  We read for 12 min and 28 seconds on Thursday! Amazing! New goal – 15 minutes.
  • We fully immersed ourselves in letter S this week. We rotated through four centers focusing this letter; the students did an great job at staying focused and I will be able to set up more center next week as result.




  • Keeping with our letter S theme, each child has made a scarecrow to decorate our hallway bulletin boards.  You will be able to see their amazing scarecrows this Tuesday or Thursday at student-led conferences.
  • Conferences will run for 3:30 to 6:30 pm.  I hope you all have used the online booking to select a time.  The hour long time-slot will have four centers that your child will rotate through with you.  The centers will be 15 minutes long and I will be a center so we will have some one-on-one time to talk about any concerns you may have.  I am looking forward to chatting with you and also watching your child show you some of the things we have been working.
  • And lastly, and this is big news —- we will have an educational assistant, Ms. Janice Taylor, joining our class this Monday! She will also be assisting in other classrooms for part of the day.  I am thrilled to have her join our 1B family!


October 2-6/17 Weekly Update

Happy October! We welcome a new month as the learning continues. Highlights …

  • We had our best Read to Self stamina time this week! 7 minutes and 14 seconds!  Our goal of 10 minutes of independent reading gets closer every day.
  • In our patterns unit in math, we are working on finding missing parts and errors in a pattern.  It is a tricky concept but we are using different activities to practice it.
  • On Orange Shirt Day we were very lucky to have a guest speaker (Hazel)  who talked to us about her experience at a residential school. She read us a story, showed us artifacts and and she helped us make a necklace using special beads.
  • We have been practicing some basic sight words – red, blue, yellow, a, did, home, more.  Please search for these words in the everyday environment with your child. The more places they see them, the better their recognition of them.
  • Marathon Tuesdays started last week. Every Tuesday morning, (pending weather), all students in the school will walk/run a short loop around the back of the field.  At the end of the year, we will have run the total distance of a marathon!
  • Please send back your swimming forms asap if you haven’t yet.
  • We hope you like the turkeys they made for Thanksgiving. As they printed, on the tail feathers, the things they were happy to have, we were reminded how much we have to be thankful for. I hope those turkeys have a special place on your Thanksgiving Day table for many years. Happy Thanksgiving!