Feb. 12-16/18 Weekly Update

What a busy week! The nasty weather resulted in cancelled buses on Wednesday which affected our field trip to the Horizon Stage.  Fortunately there was plenty of fun to help fill the disappointment!

  • The 100 Day (Eve) of School was on Tuesday and it was a hoot!  We listened to stories about 100 days of school, did 100 exercises, ate 100 snacks, looked for 100 words around the classroom,  worked on a 100 day poster, made a picture of a 100 year old person, and even got to meet a 100 year old woman (my sister Jill’s “relative”).


  • The next day (Wednesday) was to be our field trip in the am and then our Valentine Day party in the afternoon.  Our morning was instead of full of Valentine Day activities, coloring, and stories about friendship and family.  In the  afternoon we exchanged Valentines, ate some yummy snacks and enjoyed a Bernstein Bears video about Valentines Day.

  • We continue to write in our Little Green Thumbs journal as our plants grow, grow, grow!
  • Our comparison of urban and rural communities continues, as we completed another page in our Social Alphabet Book- a night sky with skyscrapers and bright lights (urban).
  • Our spelling words this week will be :  down, how, may, said, very. The test is on Friday.
  • The letters we are reviewing are Yy and Xx.
  • I had also promised a picture of our marshmallow snowman!

Feb. 5-8/18 Weekly Update

A very short week provided an opportunity to focus on some key concepts this week.

  • In Daily 5, the students completed two rotations each morning.  They also got to choose where they went each rotation, making sure they visited all five activites by the end of Wednesday.  Most everyone enjoyed being able to have say in which activites they worked on. This will be a practice that I will use more often in the future.
  • In math, we examined a deck of playing card to help us understand that somethimes objects are arranaged in a special way to help us recognize numbers without having to count them. The students then designed their own suit for a deck of cards.  We also played games with 10 frames, dots and numerals.
  • In social, we are starting to examine rural and urban communites.
  • In Micro Village we had a Market Day! Blue group had a chance to shop and explore the Village. Next week Market Day will be on Friday for green group.
  • In art, we made our valentine holders, which is a cute bear with a heart pocket to hold our valentines. They are hanging up in our room until the big day on Wednesday.
  • Speaking of the big day, it will be a big week! Tuesday is our 100 days of school celebration, even though the 100th day is actually on Wednesday.  We need to celebrate a day early because our Wednesday is packed with activities already.  In the morning on Wednesday, the whole school is going to see Beauty and the Beast at Horizon Stage. In the afternoon we will have a Valentine Day party.  It will be very low key. We will exchange valentines (you are not obligated to send valentines!!!!  If you do, I only ask that you send one for each child in the class; class list went home last week), eat a cupcake (I will bring those) and play games.
  • Our spelling/sight words this week are:  man, him, me, push, time. The spelling test will be on Friday.
  • The letter we are reviewing is letter Yy.

Jan. 29 to Feb. 2/18 Weekly Update

Hello February!  Cold temperatures have greeted us as we say goodbye to January !  Let’s all hope for warmer than minus 20 temperatures and no indoor recess!!

  • In math, we are continuing to focus on numeracy. From counting with ten frames to reading the number words, we are reinforcing our basic skills. I will be sending home a test that your child completed throughout the week.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the test.  Please remember that it is only one tool used to assess your child’s learning.
  • Our Little Green Thumbs journals had a page added this week – our seeds have sprouted!! The students were amazed at how quickly the plants are now growing.
  • Mrs. Taylor continues to help with our basketball unit in gym class.  Our bounce passes are getting more accurate and our dribbling is improving each day.
  • Our mini-lesson in writing this week focused on how to remember to write the sentence we have in our heads. The students watched me model it, helped me use it in a guided writing activity and then practice it themselves. It is through practice that they will get better so please encourage your child to write stories for you and make “books”.
  • Groundhog Day was a ton of fun! We listened to a story about Groundhog Day, met a furry groundhog puppet called Gus and then made our own groundhog puppets. Our groundhog puppets could not make a trip outside on their own to check if they saw their shadow (too cold!) but Mrs. Miller, our helper in the afternoon, snuck outside and checked for us! No shadow so spring is on it’s way!!
  • As this week is a short week due to Teacher’s Convention, our spelling test will be on Wednesday.  The  words are: by, have, made, all, down
  • The letter we will review is letter w.

January 22-26, 2018 Weekly Update

  • With the help of Ms. Lynds grade 1-2 class. we planted seeds in peat pods.  We planted tomatoes, basil, beans, cucumbers and peppermint seeds. They are now under a grow light in the corner of our classroom.  We also documented the activity in our Little Green Thumbs journals.  This project works wonderfully with our plants and animals science unit. We are looking forward to seeing some green sprouts in a couple of weeks times.
  • Our communities puzzle are now complete and they turned out great! I think the students were amazed to see how many communities they belong to.
  • In Micro Village, the students continue to meet at their ventures and are preparing for the first market day. On this special day, one group of students (blue group this time) will be shopping in the village using the micro money they have earned for working at their ventures.  The first market Day will be on Wednesday, January 31.  Red and yellow groups will have their respective turns to shop on future market days.
  • We congratulate Evan, Emily, Logan and Anavae for receiving certificate at our student assembly this week for their Win-Win attitudes. Good job!
  • Mrs. Taylor had a chance to assist in Phys Ed this week with our basketball unit.  She has coached basketball in the past and was able to provide wonderful direction and fun activities for the students to practice their developing skills.
  • The letters we are reviewing this week will be J and Z.
  • Spelling words will be:  good, like, one, that, white. The spelling test is on Friday.
  • Please continue to practice the sight words list that I sent home with your child last week. Click on the website title below to give you several ways to practice these words that are fun and easy.

12 Sight Word Activities with a Lot of Hands on Learning

Jan. 15-19, 2018 Weekly Update

Another full week  and we are in the groove! With Micro Village now running three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), the students are excited to get started with their jobs. Learning just keeps getting more and more exciting at Parkland Village!

  •  Our Daily 5 rotations continue to give students to chance to visit me, plus work on literacy based activities. Please continue to review the sight word list I sent home with the Friday agenda message. I know the students wrote down “spelling words”, which is how they refer to them but I prefer to think of them as “sight words”. We want your child to read the words by sight.  Actually spelling them is also encouraged but knowing them by sight is a higher priority right now.
  • The children are enjoying playing with ten frames!  This is a rectangle that is segmented and is used for counting and numeracy.  There are many ten frame games available for free on the internet. I have included some links below.



  • We will be finished our special community puzzle this week and depending on how large they are, I will put them up either in the classroom or in the hall prior to be being send home.
  • We are painting with marshmallows!  The students are learning that paintbrushes are not the only thing you can paint with. Look forward seeing some pictures of their marshmallow masterpieces.
  • As I stated above, Micro Village is really starting to pick up speed. The students have meet with their venture facilitators and learning more about the other students in their ventures. In the next coming weeks, we will be starting to make the products what will be sold at market days.  Our first market day will be at the end of January.
  • Kenley’s mom is able to come in on Monday and Tuesday afternoons to review sight word rings with the kids. Thank you you so much, Mrs Freadrich, for volunteering your time.  If anyone else is able to assist on a different day, please let me know. The more exposure the students have with their words, the better.
  • This week we will focus our review on letters F and B.
  • Our spelling words (sight words!) are: is, of, she, what, big.  The spelling test will be on Friday.

January 8-12, 2018 Weekly Update

Happy New Year!!! I hope the holidays were restful and full of fun.  I actually turned off my phone for the majority of the holidays as a gift to myself.  It was delightful but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Our first week was full of lots of excitement and lots of sharing and unfortunately, lots of indoor recess!  Let’s hope the temperature stays above minus 20!

  • We have started talking about what a community is and what communities we belong to.  Using this information, we are using giant puzzle pieces to make a puzzle about ourselves and our communities.
  • This cold weather is helping us understand the four seasons!  We are reading stories, watching videos and doing activities all around the four seasons, focusing in on winter.
  • In math, we continue to explore numbers up to 100. Numbers 1-20 have been mastered by most students. For students who are beyond this, they are exploring numbers up to 100 and for some, over 100.
  • The students will be expected to read the number words one to twenty by the end of grade one.  We will be working on this for the whole year but practicing at home would be great beneficial.
  • Each student now has a word ring and they are focusing on the sight words they need to learn.  If they can read a word by sight (no sounding out or hesitation when reading,) the word comes off their ring. This week our grade 3/4 buddies helped us go through our word rings.
  • If any parent can volunteer an hour of their time from 2:15 pm to 3 pm to go through word rings with the students, please let me know via Remind text or email me at jbrodeur@psd70.ab.ca. You do not need to come every day (unless you want to!)  If I could get 5 different parents, one for each day, that would be fine too.
  • To help us spelling unfamiliar words, we learned a neat trick.  Use a word that rhymes with the word you want to spell.  For example, to spell the word”plan”,  since we know how to spell “can”, we can use the ending sound (an), then sound out the beginning of the word (pl), to spell the word “plan”.  Practice this technique with your child to help them develop confidence with spelling unfamiliar words.

This is a list of words that your child should be able to read.  Use it to practice the spelling technique above.

  • Spelling words this week are: most, run, up, as, friend.  Test this Friday.
  • Letters we will be reviewing are U and L.

December 18-22/17 Weekly Update

The last week before Christmas break was crazy fun!  Some highlights included:

  • Every day this week the whole school joined together to sing Christmas carols in the gymnasium.
  • We explored our 5 senses with five Christmas activities: touch – cotton balls on Santa’s beard, smell – cinnamon teddy bears,  hearing – Christmas carols in the classroom, sight – gingerbread man optical illusion, taste -a candy cane!
  •  The students wrapped their gifts for you which they made lovingly. I hope they will be a special part of your Christmas decoration traditions.
  • We practiced sequencing, and following directions with winter – themed activities.
  • Our Friday Christmas party was great fun! Santa made a visit to our school and each student had a chance to meet with him. It was so exciting for the children to spend one-on-one time with him.
  • We watched a movie in the afternoon, made crafts and enjoyed snacks provided by Evan, Dominique, Kenley, Jack, Emily and Izayah. Thank you!!
  • When we return to school on Monday, January 8th, we will be reviewing letter g and o. Our spelling words will be:  his, Mom, about, do, house.  The test will be on Friday, January 12.

Dec. 11-15/17 Weekly Update

Our last week before the holidays is upon us!  The festivities are plentiful. First, a recap of our week’s highlights:

  • We completed our zebra stories in which Santa needed to ask the zebra to help fly his sleigh.  We had some hilarious conversations as to why that might have happened!  These stories will go home on Friday.
  • We continued to work on Christmas themed projects- again, please don’t ask!!
  • The students visited the job fair in the gym for Micro Village and handed in their resume and cover letters to ventures they were interested in working with.  Interviews took place and they now await job offers!
  • In math, we are continuing to explore number sense. This past week we were trying to figuring out missing numbers in a line.  We will continue to work on this concept and review counting backwards as well.
  • There will be no new spelling words to learn this week.  We will review past words instead.
  • Letter D will be our focus this week.
  • This upcoming week is full of Christmas fun!  Each morning we will be meeting in the gym to sing Christmas carols. Student assembly is on Thursday at 9:40 AM. Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 PM is Family Fun Night. Please join us if you can.
  • Friday is Pajama Day and Christmas Celebration Day. If you are able to send a snack for our class to share for Friday afternoon, please let me know.
  • Christmas Break is from December 25 to January 7.  School resumes January 8.

Dec. 4-8/17 Weekly Update

It’s being to feel a lot like Christmas!  The halls are decorated with lights and trees, the Kindness Elf has been sharing messages to encourage kindness to one another – it’s so fun to be in a school during the holiday season!

  • In math we continue to practice counting by 2s, 5s, and now 10s to 100, plus counting by 1s to 100.We will be counting backwards this upcoming week, which should prove interesting!  Please practice these types of counting with your child.  It has proven a bit tricky for a few of them so repeated practice will go a long way in learning this counting.
  • We played number BINGO and it was  big hit! Many students are still learning to recognize numbers like 38 or 71.  Again, any repetition with reading large numbers that you can do at home will benefit your child enormously.
  • With our 5 senses unit, we have explored our sense of hearing, smell and sight. Sense of taste is up next!
  • We completed our social studies booklet on where we live in the world. This project took many classes to completed and the kids are thrilled with the result. They wanted to take it home right away but I insisted we put them up in the classroom for a while for display, as they are awesome!  I will take a picture on Monday and send it out on Remind.
  • We are working on many holiday themed activities, some of which I can’t tell you about ( hint, it’s a gift for you!) so don’t ask too many questions about what activities go on in December!
  • In our busyness, we did not get to practicing printing letter R so we will do that this week and also review letter M.
  • We learned a new trick to calm our bodies and minds called “Flower Breathing”.  Ask your child to demonstrate.  It’s just breathing like normal with a visual of hands opening and closing but it is the mindfulness of the breath that we are focusing on.
  • The students have each started writing a story about their pattern zebras (who, by the way, now have Santa hats on them!),  helping Santa with his sleigh. We will work on this story every day this week. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
  • Spelling words this week will be name, saw, want, black, green. The test will be on Friday.

Nov. 27- Dec. 1, 2017- Weekly Update

Happy December! Despite having a few students away due to illness, it was a busy and productive week.  Some highlights are:

  • We have nailed counting by 2s (ask your child to count by 2s to 20!!) and now are working on counting by 5s (it is a lot harder, we found out) and soon will be counting by 10s. Please help your child with counting by 5s and 10s to 100.
  • We played a game called Towers using block and numbers.  This is an easy game to replicate at home.  Print numbers on a small piece of paper, then have your child count out the same number of items (anything from small toys to paper clips) that is on the piece of paper they select. We used cubes that we could stack. They can go up to 100 if they want! A few boys had put together a huge amount of blocks in a row and we counted them.  125!!



  • In Micro Village, we had help from our grade 3-4 buddies to make resumes and cover letters as this month we will be applying for a job.
  • Our Daily 5 stations this week were Reading to Self, Word Word, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Work with Mrs. Brodeur. The students are getting a hang of this process as they spend 15 minutes at one station, rotating through the stations on a daily basis. In the future, we will be doing two stations per day, but right now we are working on completing our one station really well.
  • Spelling-sight words this week are or, the, who, Dad, little.  Test is on Friday. Once again, please practice these words with your child.
  • Please continue to review the page of sight words I sent home last week as well. Sight word recognition is an invaluable tool to have when they are starting to read.
  • The letter we are reviewing this week is letter R. Help your child say the sound and find Rs letters in everyday print.
  • Report cards will be sent home on Monday.  If you have any questions regarding them, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Tebay or myself. The student work that was sent home in the Friday Folder is also a wonderful way to see the growth since the start of grade one. I am so proud of our class!
  • Thank you for donating to our Christmas Food Drive for families in need. Items still needed are canned meats, pasta, peanut butter/jam, coffee, baby food, crackers, canned fruit, juice and cereal. Thank you!