June 18 – 28, 2018 Final Update of the Year

I’ve decided to use this post as the final update to end the school year.  What a wonderful year it has been and I have feel truly blessed to be have been a part of your child’s grade one year.  Highlights this past week and things that are upcoming in our final week:

  • Our Three Little Pigs Reader’s Theatre went off marvelously.  Each group had an opportunity to present in front of one of our other classes and I have heard nothing but compliments from the teachers and students.
  • As part of a fun project, classes at Parkland Village School have been painting rocks and hiding them in the park.  If you find one, take a picture of it, post it on social media and use the hashtag #PVSrocks  Let’s see how many posts we can get!
  • Do you remember making those “fortune teller” paper thingie that you put your fingers inside and move back and forth?  I know that sounds vague but you will know it when you see it! One of our students, Josh, asked me if I knew how to make them.  Nostalgia took over and soon we were folding away! It was a great review of colors, numbers and inside we wrote compliments, rather than fortunes.
  • This Monday we are attending a Penny Carnival inside the school, hosted by the Leadership group.  Please send in a twoonie, if you can, as money raised will be going to The Stollery Children’s Hospital.
  • In the afternoon on Monday, our class will be designing and building their own zoo out of recycled materials. It will be a wonderful project to finish up our Building Things unit in science.
  • On Tuesday we will be moving our desks into the hall to keep the classroom floor clear for waxing and other such cleaning that will take place during the summer break. Expect a few more things to be coming home that day.
  • Wednesday afternoon is our farewell assembly.
  • Thursday is our Wild West Fun Day and the last day of school for the year! If you requested a paper copy of the report card, you can expect it come home that day, along all other supplies your child has at school.
  • I wanted to say again what a privilege it has been for me to be a part of your child’s grade one year. There was not a day that went by that I did not laugh at the funny things that students said or feel proud of the growth I saw happening before my eyes.  Thank you for your support and I wish you and your family a restful and fun summer holiday.

June 11-15/18 Weekly Update

Two weeks to go!  Our highlights:

  • Our Three Little Pigs Reader’s Theater will be ready to present this week.  We have been practicing with our puppets and many of us know all our lines. When we are finished, each students will have all the puppets they need to perform this play at home. Get ready for some “huffing and puffing”!
  • Mental math strategies have been so fun that we are finding ways to add and subtract things all over the place.  2D and 3D objects are our next things to find!
  • I hope you liked your child’s Father’s Day gift. They really did paint their own design and weave on their own too.  We practiced weaving with giant paper looms and they quickly got the hang of it. The fill-in-the-blank sentences about their dads (or grandpas) are always so much fun!  Who knew some of you were over 70 years old!! Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere!
  • Our field trip to Fort Edmonton Park was simply amazing!  There were many different activities for the students to experience and the weather was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. A special thank you to our parent volunteers, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Wensley, Mrs McBride, Mrs. Nichol, and Mrs. Foster.
  • You have probably noticed that your child’s school materials are starting to come home. These things are not to be returned. I will try to send home a bit each day so there is not a lot carry home on the last day of school.
  • If you are able to volunteer for our Wild West Fun Day on the last day of school, June 28, please let me know immediately. Ms Lynds requires a total of 14 volunteers for a successful day and at this point there are only 6.

June 4 – 8, 2018 Weekly Update

June is a crazy busy month but oh, so fun!  Lots on the go!

  • We are practicing our Three Little Pigs play to present either later this week or early next week to the other classes.
  • Mental math has been exercising our brain – counting up or down, doubles and doubles plus one are some of the strategies we have been practice.
  • We have been learning how to weave and the kids are naturals!  Lots of fun and part of a special surprise for our dad’s.
  • As we continue to experiment in our building things unit, we got a chance to play with “straws”, “sticks” and “bricks” to see which one made the best house for the three little pigs. There were no right answers; just problems to solve.
  • Thank you to the families that filled out the family background and traditions sheet.  We shared the information and the photos that were sent in.  The students were very interested to see what history their classmates shared with them and the importants events in their lives.  The papers and pictures are up on the bulletin board outside our classroom.
  • Our last Community Classroom Literacy Activity is to practice writing with chalk. Each child received a piece of sidewalk chalk. Have fun writing sights words or making up crosswords outside!
  • We have our Fort Edmonton Park field trip this Wednesday. Please be sure to send a bag lunch and dress your child for the weather, whatever that may be!

May 28-June 1, 2018 Weekly Update

June is finally here!  We greeted June 1st on Friday and the kids started the countdown. 18 days left!

  • We are using the story of The Three Little Pigs to learning about fairy tales, plays and building things.  So much fun to see how one amazing story can guide our learning. We will be practicing this upcoming week to put on a reader’s theatre play for next week.
  • Structures using marshmallows and toothpicks
  • Our field trip to the Children’s Festival was amazing! Despite the damp weather, the students had a great time. We saw a story teller named Grandma Willow and decorated our own sticks, watched a black light show featuring the story of Rainbow Fish, and saw a musical called Junie B Jones. When I asked the students which show they liked best, they could not decided!  Thank you Parent Council for all your efforts to fund raise for us to attend!
  • Thank you to all the parents who returned the form about your family history and sent in a family photo. If you have not done so, please fill out the form that was sent home last week and send in small family photo asap.  Thank you!
  • There will be no sight words/spelling words through the month of June.
  • Home reading is no longer going home.
  • If you have a missing library book, please have a good look around and return it as soon as possible.  Thank you.
  • Class pictures will be either Tuesday or Wednesday this week.
  • Our Community Connections Literacy Activity is skipping rhymes.   Check the link above as well for the rhymes your child can use.  Have fun!!

May 22-25, 2018 Weekly Update

From one short week into another, I hope you enjoyed the May long weekend. Our weekly highlights:

  • We concluded our experiment with our three plants to find out what plants, (and animals we concluded), need to survive. With one plant that went in the dark but got water, one that went in the light but did not get water and one that had both both light and water, we discovered some interesting results. Ask your child what the happened and what they think plants need to live.
  • Vivienne and Josh were the receipents of the the 8th Habit certificate at our student assembly held Wednesday morning. The 8th habit is Find Your Voice and Help Others Find Theirs. Congratulations!
  • The Jump Rope for Heart Celebration on Wednesday afternoon was fantastic!  Each grade had a chance to showcase their skipping skills.
  • “Building Things” is our final topic in science and it has started off with discovery!  The students had a chance to share what they know about bulding things, and what they would like to learn . Then they looked through books to peek their interest. I predict lots of blocks, lego, and popscicle sticks in our future!
  • MicroVillage is finished for another year.  End of the year celebrations were held on Friday afternoon as each venture choose an activity to host.  The Government and Police Force, which I am the faciliator of, hosted a Dance Party, completed with balloon, streamers, a “disco ball” and popcorn. Everyone enjoyed the fun!
  • Our spelling/sight words this week are: six, seven, eight, nine, ten. The test will be on Friday.
  • Our Literacy Community Connections Activity is to practice sight (dolch) words.  Use housefold items to write  out the sights words.  Some examples are shaving cream, rice or sugar.  Lay it out a baking sheet, then use your finger to write the words.
  • This Wednesday is our field trip to the Children’s Festival in St. Albert.  All students MUST be at school that day by 8:15 AM so we can be on the busses by 8:30 AM. We will be going to the festival RAIN or SHINE so please dress your child accordingly, with a HAT.  Also send a bag lunch and water bottle.
  • Please fill out the sheet in your child’s Friday Folder that asks for information about your family and send in a 4 by 6 (ish) photo of your family as well.  If you could send these items in no later than this Friday, June 1, that would be fantastic.


May 14-17, 2018 Weekly Update

A short week into a long weekend and the weather is amazing – life is good!  Our highlights:

  • The Spring Concert and Silent Auction on Wednesday was a huge success. Our kids did an amazing job and I was so proud of their confidence and strong presence with our “Skateboard Rider” moves!  We rocked it!
  • Our focus in math has moved from estimating to number stories and sentences.  It was an interesting conversation with the students when they realized that math could have stories too!
  • We harvested the green beans from our classroom garden and enjoyed a sampling.  It was a wonderful project and perhaps will encourage some future gardening in your house!
  • We introduced a new app on our Ipads called Epic.  It is an app that contains books of different genres and the students are excited to add it to their Daily 5 activities. As teachers we get free access to it but it is available to try for free for 30 days.  You can check it out at https://www.getepic.com/
  • The great weather contributed to a wonderful hunt in nature to look for signs of seasonal changes.
  • Our MicroVillage Year End Celebration will take place on Friday.  The students can look forward to travelling to different ventures to partake in activites of all sorts.
  • Jump Rope for Heart forms are due this Tuesday, May 22.  Our Jump Rope for Heart Activity will take place this Wednesday.
  • Spelling/sight words this week are: one, two, three, four, five.  The test will be on Friday.
  • Our Community Connections Literacy Activity is called Letter Stack.  I will send home the information on Tuesday but you can also find the actitvity under the menu Community Connections Literacy Activities just above.

May 7-11, 2018 Weekly Update

It has been a wonderful week of learning. Here are our highlights:

  • We are having a great time estimating everything we can get our hands on!  From our cooking and baking items (51 items, by the way – THANK YOU!), to cheerio necklaces, we continue to make our best guesses on “how many” we can see.
  • Our writing skills keep growing as we are writing about plants, trees, mothers, and many other topics that interest us.  Plus we each continue to focus on what we need to do improve our writing, whether it be finger spaces between words, or adding more details in our sentences.
  • Our experimental plants are proving to be a bit of a heartwrenching experience.  After week one, some of our plants have yellow leaves and are not looking that healthy.  The students have such tender hearts;  responses to seeing the yellow leaves have been filled with sadness.
  • Inferencing asks, “What conclusions can you draw about what is happening now?”   It uses facts, observations, and logic or reasoning to come to an assumption or conclusion.  It is not stating the obvious (stating the obvious: that girl is wearing a fancy dress and carrying a bouquet of flowers. inference: that girl is a flower girl in a wedding).  We have been focusing on this concept in class and it would be very beneficial if you could work on it at home as well. One simple way to do that is before you read your child a story , ask the your child what they can learn from the pictures.
  • The Lions Club presented the grade ones with a flag, coloring book and certificate for Canada Day. Have fun on July 1st and wave those flags proudly.
  • Our Jump Rope for Heart kicking off was very inspiring!  Our school leadership group demonstrated some basic skipping skills and then showed us some cool tricks too.  The pledge forms for Jump Rope for Heart are due back on Tuesday, May 22.
  • The Pedestrian Parade was so much fun!  We enjoyed our bag lunch in Brookwood Park before we had a chance to explore and play with a variety of actitvites to encourage mental health.  Then everyone particpated in a walk around the park, all for mental health.  A big thank you to Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Wensley for joining us that afternoon. 
  • Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers near and far! We hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day gift.
  • The Spring Concert is this Wednesday, May 16 at 5:30 PM.  Please make sure to dress your child in a plain t-shirt and a ball cap for our costume. If you do not have a plain t-shirt, simply turn a t-shirt inside out and the graphics on the front will now be inside the shirt, leaving a plain t-shirt on the outside.
  • Spelling/sight words this week: with, they, orange, purple, green. The test will be on Thursday.
  • There is no school on Friday, May 18 or Monday, May 21. Happy long weekend!
  • The Community Literacy Challange this week is to make an acrostic poem for Mother’s Day.  Please send me a picture to jbrodeur@psd70.ab.ca.

April 30 – May 4, 2018 Weekly Update

Marvelous May is finally here!  Hooray!! Our Welcome Spring bulletin board is a thing of beauty. (We do have two bulletin boards with these flowers and butterflies but I just took a picture of one of them.)

  • Our Daily 5 is amazing!  Our students are independently choosing their rotations and loving it!!

  • In science, we are experimenting to find out what plants need to survive.  We have three plants in our experiment – one that stays in the dark and gets water, one that is in the light and gets no water and one that is in the light and does get water.  So now we wait and watch!
  • A picture says a thousand words – here’s what our math classes look like!
  • Our Spring Concert & Silent Auction will take place on Wednesday, May 16 at 5:30 PM.  Our class is performing the song Skateboard Rider. Below is a link to the words.  If your child isn’t already singing it non stop, let’s get them practicing!  For the concert, please have your child wear a plain t-shirt and a ball cap – it’s our costume!
  • Thank you for all of the donations to our “Cooking and Baking” themed basket for the Parent Council Silent Auction.  FYI – the final day for donations in May 9.
  • Our spelling/sight words this week are:  say, was, these, yellow, have. The test will be on Friday.
  • Our Community Connections Literacy Activity is Boggle!  Find as many words in the square provided as you can. This activity went home in the Friday Folder but it is here as well. Please send a picture of your child doing this optional activity to jbrodeur@psd70.ab.ca.


April 23-27, 2018 Weekly Update

Our last full week of April was greeted with amazing weather.  Hello spring!

  • The amazing weather made our fire drill practice that much more enjoyable!  The students did a great job exiting the school safely on Tuesday. Later that day we wrote in our journals about things to do in a fire drill.  We will practice again several more times before the year is through (plus we get to enjoy some nice weather again when we are outside!)
  • Our student assembly featured the 7th Habit which was “Sharpen the Saw”. Sophie, Aliyah and Riann (plus Sam from last month) received their awards. We were also able to enjoy a dance performance from a group of students who have been practice together who just love to dance. They nailed it!
  • That afternoon, as well, we had a band perform for us, featuring instrumental and choral music.  The musicians were amazing – what a great afternoon we had.
  • We continue to do lots of partner work in math to support our development of the concept “more and less”.
  • I set up a balancing obstacle course in gym this week! We rolled. tossed and zigzagged our way around, all the while practicing our balancing skills.
  • Our tissue paper butterflies are finished and they have joined our tissue paper flowers on the bulletin board outside our room. It’s our welcome to spring! I will take a picture and add it later this week.
  • Thank you to anyone who has been able to donate to our baking/cooking basket for the school council fundraiser. If you can send something to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Our spelling/sight words this week are: to, over, there, would, no. Spelling test will be Friday.
  • Our Community Connections Literacy Activity this week is to make your own word search using weather-related words. You will find a copy of it in the link above but a copy had also been sent in the Friday Folder. Please remember to send a picture of your child working on the activity to jbrodeur@psd70.ab.ca. The students love to see their pictures up on our community connections bulletin board.

April 16-20, 2018 Weekly Update

April showers bring May flowers, or at least no snow!  The playground is slowly drying up – expect wet clothes for a while if your child decides to venture into the puddles!

  • Mrs. Taylor’s last day was on Wednesday. She will be moving to Northern California to join her husband who is already situated there.  We are happy to have Mrs. Adams joining us until the end of the year.
  • Our Piecing Plants Together flip book is finished.  The students did an amazing job drawing and describing the parts of a plant.
  • In social studies we have started examining how our community looked in the past and in the present. We will be doing a variety of activities as we explore this topic.
  •  We continue to play with comparing numbers in math. Encourage your child  to count items in your house and use the words “more” and “less” to compare them.
  • Our skipping skills are improving as we practice our “turn then jump” technique.  I have purchased a few skipping ropes for our classroom so once the tarmac is dry out back, the students have the option to sign out a skipping rope and skip, skip, skip!
  • Together we came up with a criteria to improve our writing skills.
  • 1. Capital letters start a sentence.
  • 2. Periods end a sentence.
  • 3. There is a finger space between my words.
  • 4.  I try to sound out or spell words on my own.
  • Encourage your child to write something for you. Then go over their writing with them. Point out which of the four criteria they are doing and which ones they can add to their writing next time to continue growing as a writer.
  • Our spelling/sight words this week are: went, not, school, we, put.  The test will be on Friday.