October 10-13/17 Weekly Update

I’m a bit late on this post as I just got back from a sisters’ weekend at a wonderful gem called Hidden Springs near Winfield.  My sisters and I have never gone anywhere together, just the four of us, so we rented the upper half of a lovely guest house on a 160 acre farm. It was incredible peaceful and my sisters and I made some wonderful memories.  If you are looking for a peaceful retreat,I would highly recommend this place.

Our short week was full of excitement! Highlights …

  • Our stamina goal of 10 minutes was met and beat!  We read for 12 min and 28 seconds on Thursday! Amazing! New goal – 15 minutes.
  • We fully immersed ourselves in letter S this week. We rotated through four centers focusing this letter; the students did an great job at staying focused and I will be able to set up more center next week as result.




  • Keeping with our letter S theme, each child has made a scarecrow to decorate our hallway bulletin boards.  You will be able to see their amazing scarecrows this Tuesday or Thursday at student-led conferences.
  • Conferences will run for 3:30 to 6:30 pm.  I hope you all have used the online booking to select a time.  The hour long time-slot will have four centers that your child will rotate through with you.  The centers will be 15 minutes long and I will be a center so we will have some one-on-one time to talk about any concerns you may have.  I am looking forward to chatting with you and also watching your child show you some of the things we have been working.
  • And lastly, and this is big news —- we will have an educational assistant, Ms. Janice Taylor, joining our class this Monday! She will also be assisting in other classrooms for part of the day.  I am thrilled to have her join our 1B family!


October 2-6/17 Weekly Update

Happy October! We welcome a new month as the learning continues. Highlights …

  • We had our best Read to Self stamina time this week! 7 minutes and 14 seconds!  Our goal of 10 minutes of independent reading gets closer every day.
  • In our patterns unit in math, we are working on finding missing parts and errors in a pattern.  It is a tricky concept but we are using different activities to practice it.
  • On Orange Shirt Day we were very lucky to have a guest speaker (Hazel)  who talked to us about her experience at a residential school. She read us a story, showed us artifacts and and she helped us make a necklace using special beads.
  • We have been practicing some basic sight words – red, blue, yellow, a, did, home, more.  Please search for these words in the everyday environment with your child. The more places they see them, the better their recognition of them.
  • Marathon Tuesdays started last week. Every Tuesday morning, (pending weather), all students in the school will walk/run a short loop around the back of the field.  At the end of the year, we will have run the total distance of a marathon!
  • Please send back your swimming forms asap if you haven’t yet.
  • We hope you like the turkeys they made for Thanksgiving. As they printed, on the tail feathers, the things they were happy to have, we were reminded how much we have to be thankful for. I hope those turkeys have a special place on your Thanksgiving Day table for many years. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sept. 25-29/17 Weekly Update

Well, I got that stomach flu that the kids are getting sick with. Hopefully it’s short lived.  It just lasts a day or two, right? Right? So this is going to be short, but sweet.

-We achieved a record for Daily 5 stamina reading to self – 4 minutes and 18 seconds!  It’s coming slowly but like I tell the kids, when you first learn how to ride a bike you don’t just jump on and go.  You start out with a trike, then a bike with training wheels, then someone running with you – baby steps!

-We are discussing the season of fall and the changes we have noticed.  We even snuck outside during this gorgeous week of weather and sat near the trees so we could experience  the autumn changes first hand.

-Letter “L l” was the letter we reviewed last week.  Please help your child practice the sound,  point out items that start with at letter and find the letter “L l”in words in everyday print (ie. flyers, newspapers).

-We attempting to complete more complicated patterns in math. In addition to an A B  pattern, we are making A A B or AA BB patterns.

-Our Terry Fox Trot was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who send in money. Watching four of our favorite staff members get a pie in the face was amazing. (Just on a side note, my money jar had me coming in fifth place! Safe!)

-Our monthly assembly was held on Friday. Each class had students recognized for an outstanding start to the school year. Kenley and Rowen were recognized in our class.  Congrats!

-Two forms came home on Friday regarding swimming and parent teacher interviews. Unfortunately, one family did not receive their forms and and I don’t know who is it was so I will be sending home another set to everyone. That way my one missed family receives the forms. And the rest of you get two!

That’s all I can muster. Ugg. Being sick is yucky.


Sept 18-22/17 Weekly Update

  • Our Daily 5 stamina continues to improve.  We have been able to sit as a group and read continually for 3 minutes and 18 seconds!  The goal is 10 minutes so we are well on our way!  Ask your child what three things we try to do to increase our stamina.  They are getting better every week. (Sit in one spot, read the whole time and read quietly).
  • I have also introduced what to do when we are writing and we don’t know how to spell a word. We start by sounding out the letters, write down what letters we hear and then underline the word when we are done.
  • Patterns, patterns, everywhere! (Enough said!)
  • We have finally finished putting our alphabet letters in our Social Alphabet Book.  Throughout the year we will be exploring Our World: Home, School and Community and Our Past: My Family: My History and My Community and as we do, we will be adding pictures, words and activities to our Alphabet Book.
  • We are exploring natural and man-made colors in science and will continue this concept in the upcoming weeks.
  • Friday morning I had an in-school meeting so Mrs. Dexter,a substitute teacher, was in for me. She was happy to be there and said to give her a call again if I needed a sub!
  • The students had a chance to test out their i-Pads with 20 minutes of exploring with the app “Starfall”. It focuses on literacy.  The kids loved it!!
  • Our Terry Fox campaign is still going strong.  On Monday, Mrs. Tebay will announce which three teachers are in the lead for donations. You can send in money up until Thursday, the 28th, the day of the Terry Fox”Trot”, which will take place at 2:15 PM that afternoon.  Pies will also be flying!
  • A reminder that picture day will be Wednesday the 27th and/or Thursday the 28th.
  • Scholastic books orders are due on Friday, Sept 30,  at 3 PM.  Sorry, no late orders accepted.
  • Home reading books/games will be coming home this week.  Play the games, read the book and send them back when you are finished.  A new game/book will be sent home by one of our wonderful parent volunteers.

Sept. 11-15/17 -Week 2 Summary

Our first full week of grade one was a busy one! We continued to practice our classroom routines which will help our day run smoothly. It may seem odd, but the simple act of lining up at the door quietly takes surprisingly a lot of practice!  We are slowing building our stamina with Reading to Self using the Daily 5 program. It takes a great deal of concentration to sit quietly and read the whole time but we are slowly improving. On Friday I will be sending a letter explaining Daily 5 in more detail.  Please take the time to read it and then ask your child how they can read a book by using the pictures! In math,we continue to play with patterns and had fun working with partners on building patterns with plastic animals. Our social studies lessons will involve an alphabet book that the students will be working on through out the year. In order to get it ready, we have cut out letters and are now gluing them in our booklet. It is a great activity for fine motor, and reviewing the alphabet! Red, yellow and blue sights words were our focus this past week as we played numerous games to help us learn these three color words.  They are the start of our color unit in science.

We also had a Terry Fox assembly on Friday where the students watched a short video about Terry Fox and then Ms Funtasz (grade 2) explained our Terry Fox fundraiser this year.  The students are encouraged to bring in a “Twoonie for Terry”. They will be placing the money in a jar that has one of the staff’s pictures on it.  The three teachers that have the most money in their jars at the end of two weeks will be getting a pie in the face on the day of our Terry Fox run! The kids were super excited!

If I missed seeing you at Meet the Teacher night on Wednesday, here is a quick synopsis of what I mentioned:

  1. My Blog – I will be try to update it at the end of each week to keep you informed of what happened in Grade 1B
  2. Please accept my invite to the “Remind ” app.  I will be using it to send home quick reminders of upcoming activities at school
  3. Your child’s Friday Folder came home yesterday.  Please take out any sheets inside to review and send back anything that needed signing or filling out in the folder on Monday. If nothing did, just send the folder back empty.
  4. We will start agenda’s on Monday. Please write any short notes that I might need to know about in there.  I will be checking each morning.
  5. There was great interest in Hoot Loot!  Let me explain! The students each have a paper owl on a paper tree mounted on the white board. There are three branches below and a flower bed on the ground. Students get moved to a branch if they are not showing me good listening, for example, or not following directions ( and trust me, I have given them several attempts at this point to correct their behavior.) They can absolutely get back in the tree by displaying to me these behavior in a positive way. If at the end of the day, if they are in the tree, they will receive one “Hoot Loot” (one paper dollar). If they are on a branch, well, tomorrow is a brand new day to try again as everyone starts the next day in the tree. The students can either spend this money right away on stickers or erasers that I have as rewards or save their money for something bigger like a bag of popcorn! Hope that makes sense!  Ultimately, the students are working very hard to stay in the tree; staying in the tree results in lots of learning throughout the day!

Happy Saturday!








First Week

Our First Week -September 8, 2017

Our first week of grade one is in the books! It has been an exciting first week as we have said hello to a new school year.  This week has been busy as the students have been getting used to being at school for a whole  day, every day, learning new routines, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  We have been building a sense of classroom community through connection with one another through such activities as our paper bag activity, which  helped us to get to know one another, and a game in gym as we tried to pass a hula hoop to each other in a circle, which taught us to encourage one another. We have started Daily 5, which is a literacy structure that teaches independence and will give the children the skills they need to create a lifetime love of reading and writing.  I will send a letter home soon outlining the program in more detail.   We have started reviewing letter and number formation and will continue these skills into September. We will also be starting patterning in math, learning about colors in science and exploring our world in social. Please note that I will try to blog on a regular basis to keep you up to date on the happenings in Grade 1B!