Words Their Way Spelling Sorts

Last week we began our grade three spelling program. Spelling tends to follow a pattern of stages where children start off working on very simple skills and gradually acquire more complex word knowledge. After giving the students an initial spelling test, I was able to analyze the letters and words they recorded for patterns to determine which skills each child needs to focus on. Not all students are working on the same skills or concepts so to support the learning of all students, there will be several different groups of children working on different word sorts each week.

This program will possibly feel different for you as parents.  The words are not random words picked but are chosen because they all have a skill or concept in common that your child needs to work on.  Therefore, it is essential that you help your child to focus on the skill or concept rather than just memorizing a list of words.  I have taught for many years and in all of those years have many times seen students memorize words for a test, have them correct on a test but then will misspell the word in their actual writing.

All students have been put into one of three groups based on the spelling skills they demonstrated on a standardized assessment.  They are now being given sets of 20 words that will focus on the targeted skill or concept.  In class we are using those words by sorting the word cards, writing them in our book, playing word games and testing ourselves on the words.  Students are encouraged to use the words in similar ways at home.  Not so that they can take a test on Friday (as there will not be a test on Friday) but so that they can become a stronger speller, reader and writer.

I will do my best to post each week’s lists on the blog so that your child will have access to the words at home.  Please have your child work with these words 2-5 times a week.  Your child will be able to tell you which group of words are theirs.  The words can be printed off or if that is not possible then just written onto small slips of paper.

Each week the lists will be accompanied with some tasks that your student can try at home.  The tasks will often be repeated from week to week but will I throw in new ideas when I am able.

Again please let me know if you have questions.

This Week at School October 13

Fridays are a time to reflect back on our week.  Please enjoy this compilation of student thoughts:

It was a stunning week! We really like the book we are reading called “The Wild Robot”.

DPA with Mrs. Peet on Tuesday was a blast! Art was a wonderful time with Mrs. Wevers. We are not done yet but it is really beautiful so far.

We learned 3 things about paper on Wednesday.  It is strong one way, triangle shapes are the strongest and never give up! We got the paper to hold up a pencil box and even totes and boxes. We played a spectacular game of Wall Ball, we tied 14 to 14. It was a good game.

On Thursday we learned how to stay safe if there is a fire. We thought about Number Nicknames and equations.

Today we tried Vegemite from Australia on a cracker because it was in the book Possum Magic.  Some of us didn’t like it very much. Others liked it so much they wanted another! We had a videoconference but the person couldn’t make it.

Students enjoyed seeing some of the amazing things that can be built with paper, such as in this video below.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone has had a restful and relaxing long weekend.  Every morning we begin our day with a short Morning Meeting where students greet each other and reflect on what they are thankful for.  I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of these moments, as students give thanks for the most important things of all – family, friends, school and living in Canada.  Of course, there are always those comments that really make me stop and think about priorities – things like finding a millipede, a sparkly rock, the smell of a new marker, having the creek behind us to walk along, a story to read, and the chance to participate in Play Parkland. Please enjoy a few moments from our past week that our Grade 3’s are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Important Information

It was another busy week for our Grade 3 students! A few notes about next week and information from last week – please be sure to read to the end of the post.

A reminder that we are scheduled for our second Play Parkland session on Monday.  We will be starting in the pool, so students will need their bathing suits and towels.  Once we dry off, we will head over to the Aerials to practice our gymnastics moves, so please ensure your child also has gym clothes that allow for easy movement.

Tuesday will also be picture day at Prescott.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up!  Remember too that Friday is a designated Professional Development Day, and there will be no school.

In Social Studies we have been busy learning about Canada, its provinces and territories.  On Tuesday we will have a quiz where students will be asked to:

1.  Label a map of Canada with the provinces, 3 oceans and Ottawa

2. Label the continents on a world map

Students will not have to spell the words on their own.  The names will be provided for them to use.

As we have been preparing for this, our class made a Paper Slide video with some of their connections.  It’s a great way to review the provinces and territories!

Friday was a great way to wrap up our week as we took time as a class to think about some important ideas.  We reflected on what we’ve learned from Terry Fox, and about what really matters as we learned about the meaning of Orange Shirt Day.  I was so impressed with the meaningful connections students made to both events.  They made a tremendous effort while running to do their very best in honour of Terry Fox, friends and family members who’ve been touched by cancer.  Among the big ideas they listed to answer the question What Matters? as we discussed Orange Shirt Day were:

  • the greatness inside you
  • making a mark
  • family
  • keeping the Earth clean
  • water
  • hugs
  • school
  • words
  • kindness
  • your heart

Please enjoy some of these photos from the day!

Information Update

Just a few reminders from the office:

1. Prescott Clothing sales close on Oct 1st

2. Twoonies for Terry Fox Run ends Friday, Sept 29th
3.  Our first Prescott Pit Stop day will be Friday.

Prescott Pit Stop!

Snacky Snacks to raise money for our clubs!

Mondays Grades 7-9

Tuesdays Grades 4-6

Fridays Grades 1-3


Double lollie 0.25

Rice Krispie Treat 0.75

Fruit by the Foot 0.75

Hot Rod pepperoni stick $1

Famous Amos Cookies $1

Veggie Straws bag $1

Goldfish bag $1

Sunchips bag $1

Hickory Sticks bag $1

G2 Drink $2

TWAS (This Week At School) September 18 – 22

On Friday we had a chance to do a little writing to review the many events from the week.  Our thoughts have been combined in the writing below:

This week at school was a blast!  Skating was ultra awesome because we got to play games. For some of us, it was the first time skating in three years! We learned some great dodge ball games in the huge court.  Tuesday was extraordinary because we love watching snow fall for the first time. It snowed a lot. We were so excited! On Wednesday we had a spectacular game of Wall Ball with Ryan.  We had the best cake for Mrs. Buday’s birthday! It was chocolate, and trust me, we like chocolate!  Friday was terrific to wear our pajamas and have Flashlight Friday.  It was a great week because everytime I go to school it makes me happy.  Grade 3 is exciting, and we want to stay in it forever.

Important Reminders

The month of September is a busy one, as we all settle into the routines of a new school year.  In order to maintain clear communication between our class and home, it is very much appreciated if you can take a few moments to be sure that you have completed the following tasks:

Please be sure to subscribe to our class blog.  This is the centre of our communication, and I will regularly publish news items, as well as photos and descriptions of our classroom learning and activities.  Simply scroll down on the right side of the blog and enter your email address where it says Create Subscription.

Complete the FOIP/CASL/Tech Use forms found in Power School.  These forms must be completed each year.  Without the FOIP form, I am unable to post pictures of your child on our class blog, and they are not able to post images of their work on their individual blogs.  These are used as a digital portfolio, and this permission is very important.  Without the CASL form completed, I am unable to send you any emails.  Finally, the Technology Use form allows your child to use any devices at school.  Even students who bring their own devices are unable to access their student accounts without this permission.

Please sign up for our class Remind account. This allows you to get regular agenda type messages to your phone.  It’s very helpful for me to send reminders out for field trips, etc. Just follow the steps found here. invite-1f9asr9 This is set up as a one way communication tool.

This summer I was very fortunate to have been selected to participate in the Discovery Education Summer Institute.  They are very excited to share some of the work we are doing this year on their website and blog.  In order for your child to be included, the Discovery Education release must be signed by a parent/guardian.  These have been sent home, but a digital version is also available here.DE Photo Release (5)-1rn1x4j

Thank you so much for your support – all of these forms are necessary for the important work in learning we do each day!