Kilograms of Kindness

Our class is very excited that December is finally here.  I am very lucky to work with a group of students who are considerate and kind.  We have decided to make kindness our focus for December.

Your children have been very creative in thinking up different ways to demonstrate kindness. One way they’ve selected is by giving to our community.  The Kinsmen Hamper Challenge at Prescott is one way to give back. We are collecting food and donations for the hampers.  All contributions are due by Thursday please.

As part of the Grade 3 math curriculum, students are to demonstrate an understanding of measuring mass (g, kg) by:

  • selecting and justifying referents for the units g and kg
  • modelling and describing the relationship between the units g and kg
  • estimating mass, using referents
  • measuring and recording mass.

We are hoping to use our donations for a real life connection of math in our world.  If someone has an electronic kitchen scale we could borrow for this week, it would be greatly appreciated. Please help by sending contributions with your child as soon as possible.

Improving Math Achievement

I know that during conferences I had conversations with several families about how to improve children’s math skills. Over and over again we talked about the importance of making real life math connections and problem solving.  I read this very valuable article last night and wanted to share.  The app mentioned, Bedtime Math, is one I highly recommend!

How Adding Math to a Child’s Home Routine Can Advance Achievement

Kinsmen Hampers

Once again we are proud to be supporting this local and well needed charity campaign.  We can begin collecting now and we continue to collect until the end of next week.

What to send/donate:

  • *non-perishable food itmes
  • *gift cards
  • *small gifts for children, teens and/or adults

Thank you for any all items that you are able to send.

Week of November 27

Monday – Play Parkland.  We will be skating from 12:15 – 1:00 pm, and would greatly appreciate any and all help tieing skates from 11:55 on. We end with activities on the North Field. Students will need skates, helmets, snow pants, gloves/mittens and loose clothing for running in. Please note that Monday is a very busy day as we get ready for the Christmas concert. Although in the past we have accomodated students who forget their equipment, we will not have time available to make phone calls tomorrow. 

Tuesday – Christmas Concert at 9:30 (no tickets required) and 6:30 (tickets required). Please have your child at the school at 6:00 pm on Tuesday night so that we can get arranged and ready for the performance.  Students should be dropped off in the classroom.  If family members want to visit or be shown the classroom please wait until after the concert.  We have nearly 90 students to organize and will need the time before the concert so that we are able to do this.

Wednesday – Library and Komodo Dragon Virtual Field Trip

Thursday – Weather permitting, we will join the Early Ed students as they celebrate “Going on a Bear Hunt”. We hope to build snow habitats, so students will need snow pants, mitts, hats and jackets.

Words Their Way Activities


*Make the words using playdough or lego blocks.

*Make 2 sets of the words and make a memory game.  Turn them upside down, take turns turning two over and reading the words, or spelling the words.  If the 2 cards match player takes them as a point.

*Practice writing words from memory and then testing random words


Important Christmas Concert Information

Students have been very buzzily practicing for our performance in this year’s “A Bugz Christmas” on Tuesday night.  Mrs. Ashby has gone over this information with them, but just in case the communication lines get crossed, here are the important details.

Please have your child at the school at 6:00 pm on Tuesday night so that we can get arranged and ready for the performance.


Everyone will be wearing pipe-cleaner antennae that will be provided. The singers are asked to wear black bottoms and a solid colored top. Tops can be a different color than bottoms, but no graphics or lettering please.

  • Beetles:  wear jeans and a black shirt.
  • Bumblebees:  wear all black (stripes will be provided), and the queen bee will also wear a crown (she is bringing her own)
  • Butterfly:  wear all black, and wings will be provided
  • Crickets:  wear a green shirt and black pants
  • Dragonflies:  wear a rainbow or multi-coloured shirt and black pants and will be provided with a long colourful scarf to tuck in the back of their pants as their tails
  • Fleas:  wear all black
  • Grasshoppers:  wear all green or at least a green shirt and black pants
  • Ladybugs:  wear all red or at least a red shirt and black pants
  • Mosquitoes:  wear all black
  • Soldier Beetles:  wear camouflage or brown
  • Termites:  wear all grey or at least a grey shirt that is TOO BIG for them, because I will be give them pillows to put under their shirts for when they have “eaten” the tree
  • Wood Ticks:  wear all grey or at least a grey shirt and black pants
  • Yellow Jackets:  wear a yellow shirt and black pants


Are You Up For The Challenge?

I know that our class loved our Caines Arcade event here at Prescott.  We were all excited to discover that The Telus World of Science is hosting a Cardboard Challenge this Saturday (thank you Mrs. Wevers!).  I am not able to attend because of a previous committment, but would love to see some pictures from this event if anyone is able to go.  There are some very creative makers who will be attending, and I know the creations will definitely be inspiring.

For more information, check out this link.


Due to fire regulations and gym capacity, every family with children in grades 1-3 will receive 3 tickets for the 1-3 evening concert, and every family with children in grades 4-6 will receive 3 tickets for the 4-6 evening concert. If you have children performing both evenings, you will receive 3 tickets for each performance. Tickets will be sent home with the younges child in each child. Students who are performing do not need tickets, as they will be in their classrooms. Your tickets will have the concert grade level and dates on them.

The dress rehearsal performances are on November 27th@1:15pm (grade 4-6) and November 28th @9:30am (grade 1-3). A ticket is not required and extra family are welcome to attend, if there are not enough tickets for the evening performance. Tickets are also not required for the Kindergarten Concerts. Dates and times can be reached through the link below.

*If you do not need all 3 tickets, we kindly ask that you return the extras to the school with your child so that we can give them to people who may need extras by Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

*If you need extra tickets, please email the school office, with your name and the number of extra tickets needed, and we will put your name on a waiting list. We will contact families who need extra tickets by Friday, November 24thif we have extra.

We will be hosting 7 Concerts, 2 for grade 1-3 students, 2 for our grade 4-6 students and 3 for our little Kindergartens.

Click here for concert dates and times.

Google Drive Parent Session!

We are inviting you to come and learn how to access your child’s ONLINE Desk stored in Google Drive.

We will be offering 2 sessions next week, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

When: Thursday, November 23rd, 6:00 – 7:00pm & Friday, November 24th 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Where: Prescott Learning Centre

Who: Parents who want to learn…please bring your child;)

What: Come and learn how to access your child’s Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs and any other questions you may have

Please fill in the following Google Form if you are able to attend.

Parent Information Session Sign Up

We really hope to see you!