4 Strikes and You’re Out

Today we played a new math game with our buddies. I could tell it was a real winner by all the smiles on their faces! Since it is an easy one to play at home, give it a try.

Four Strikes and You’re Out Game Directions
Number of players: 2 or more
Materials: Several pieces of paper and a pencil.
Objective: Solve the mystery number sentence (equation) before getting four strikes.
How to Play:
1) One player is the code maker; the other player(s) is the code breaker.
2) The code maker writes a mathematical equation onto a little strip of paper and keeps the equation hidden. (ex: 35 + 10 = 45)
3) The code maker then makes an appropriate number of dashes on the game paper to show the spaces for the addition number sentence. This part is like hangman.
On the bottom of the paper, write the digits 0-9. (ex: __ __ + __ __ = __ __)
4) The code breaker starts to guess numbers for the equation. Each time she guesses, the code maker crosses the guessed number off the digit list on the bottom.
If the guess is wrong, the code maker marks an “x” to stand for a strike on the paper. If the guess is part of the equation, the code maker writes the digit in the appropriate place on the equation. (ex: The code breaker guesses 4. There is one four in the equation, so the code maker writes the 4 in the correct spot for the equation.

__ __ + __ __ = 4 __ )
5) If the code breaker can solve the equation by guessing the correct numbers before accruing four strikes, she wins that round of the game. If the code breaker gets four strikes before guessing the mystery numbers, he/she did not win that round. Play several rounds of the game, switching roles as code maker and code breaker.

Note: This is a great portable math game that reinforces addition, as well as strategic thinking. You can play this game on road trips, at a restaurant, or anywhere you can use a piece of paper and a pencil. Players should try to use strategy to figure out what to “guess” as much as possible. The game can be played with two-digit or three-digit numbers.

Week Ahead: December 10-14

The last week was so busy I missed my weekly post! Check out what’s happening this week, and a few notes from the past week below.


  • Play Parkland activities switch to skating and gymnastics at the Aerials. Your child needs to bring skates, helmet (no bike helmets please), mitts/gloves and snow pants for skating. We would greatly appreciate help with tying skates at 12:00 pm so that we are ready to hit the ice at 12:15.
  • Following skating, we will walk across to the Aerials gym for gymnastics activities. Please have your child dressed in suitable clothing for the gym as we will not have time to change. This is always a highlight for students!
  • Remember to pack a big lunch as students use a lot of energy these days!


  • Candygram sales will be available at lunch hour/recess ($1 each) all week. This is a major project for our Grade 3’s. Students spend the year thinking about quality of life in Canada and around the world.  To support this theme of global citizenship and allow us to participate in projects that improve our community, the Grade 3 classes are organizing a candygram project for Prescott Learning Centre. The money collected will be going to a charitable organization(s) to be determined by the students.
  • Library
  • Sign club for interested students
  • Study guide for Thursday’s Peru quiz sent home


  • We will finish up our Peru unit with a quiz Thursday morning.
  • We will be doing an art project for the afternoon and would really appreciate some helping hands! Please email me at kholden@psd70.ab.ca if you are able to help out.

Friday – Flashlight Friday

We were definitely feeling the holiday spirit last week!  Check out some of these photos.  Thanks to Mr. Anderson for sharing his concert photos with us.

Decorating the room

A winter walk

Sharing the holiday spirit with our school community

Saying goodbye to the wonderful Miss Langdale with a surprise party! Keeping it quiet was a challenge, but we pulled it off!


Just a few notes:

  • Thank you for supporting our students with our Christmas concert performances. Both nights were superb, and your children worked so hard to put the show together. Listening to the songs was a wonderful way to start the Christmas season!
  • Friday is Pajama Day – students are welcome to wear their pajamas to school and bring a fuzzy friend. We will enjoy a very comfy Flashlight Friday!
  • We will also be having our Library class Friday as rehearsal schedules prevented it earlier this week. I know Mrs. Briscoe appreciates having all those books returned.
  • We are asking Prescott families to bring in new, unwrapped toys, gifts and gift cards to support the Kinsmen Christmas Hamper campaign. Items can be dropped off at the Collaboration Centre at any time.
  • Play Parkland on Monday will switch to skating activities. Students will need skates and a helmet. We will greatly appreciate help with tying skates! Any parents, grandparents, adult siblings, friends, etc. are welcome to meet us in the dressing for noon as we get ready to hit the ice.
  • We enjoyed a western drama presentation from our talented Prescott students this afternoon, as well as some talented tunes from their ukeles!


Christmas Hampers

Image result for christmas givingPrescott Pumas are proud to be supporting the Kinsmen Christmas Hamper campaign again this year. This is the 45th year of this important campaign which helps struggling families during the holiday season.

We are asking Prescott families to bring in new, unwrapped toys, gifts and gift cards. Items can be dropped off at the Collaboration Centre at any time or brought to school during one of our Christmas concerts.

Last year, our Prescott family supported the Kinsmen and Kinettes in helping 615 local families. Let’s step up once again and be compassionate leaders in our community.

Thank you!

Week Ahead – Nov. 26 – 30

Monday – Play Parkland 12:15 – 2:15 We will begin with activities on the South Field and end in the pool.  Students will need comfortable clothing, swim suits and a towel. Please send larger lunches with lots of snacks, as the kids are always hungry when we return to school.

Tuesday – Library (our time may change because of concert practices, we will reschedule if necessary).

Sign club at lunch for interested students

Thursday – Ms. Alvarez will be in for me in the morning.

Friday – report cards will be available through PowerSchool

Movember Moustaches face painting by the Prescott Art Club at morning recess in second floor foyer. $2.00 each, all money donated to the Edmonton Firefighter Movember Team.



Christmas Concerts

As our concerts are only a few weeks away, I thought I would pass on the important information and dates.

1. Mrs. Marchand has said that no costumes are needed this year. Students are welcome to wear their “Christmas Best”.

2. We will be collecting toys and gifts for the Kinsmen Christmas Hamper Program. Donations can be brought earlier, to class, or to the Christmas concert.

3. Due to our large numbers and seating constraints. Our grade 1-4 group will be divided into 2 groups and will do concerts on different days. Students are divided into 2 groups based on the first letter of your last name. A-L and M-Z


Last names beginning with A-L
December 4
1:30pm (Dress Rehearsal-Open for family to attend)
6:30pm (Performance)

Last names beginning with M-Z
December 5
1:30pm (Dress Rehearsal – Open for family to attend)
6:30pm (Performance)

The Week Ahead Nov. 19-23

After Fall Break and a Snow Day, we are ready to get back into our routine!

Monday – Play Parkland 12:15 – 2:15 We will begin with activities on the South Field and end in the pool.  Students will need comfortable clothing, swim suits and a towel. Please send larger lunches with lots of snacks, as the kids are always hungry when we return to school.

*In December our Play Parkland activities will switch from the pool to skating. Please remember that your child will need to be ready with skates and an approved ice helmet. The Trileisure staff have said that bicycle helmets are not acceptable.*

Tuesday – library

Wednesday – Mrs. Ryan will be in for me.

Friday – Flashlight Friday

Highlights from the last two weeks:

Play Parkland November 5

Peruvian Cultural Presentation November 8

See blog post here

Friday, November 9 Prescott Remembrance Day Ceremony

Our grade 3 students made us proud with their poem presentation during the ceremony.

Friday, November 16 Videoconference with journalist Paul Salopek in India

We learned some interesting facts about India, which we will be studying further later this year.  We were surprised that the Ganges River changes colours, there are tigers in India and to find out how many people live in Calcutta.

Purple Corn Pudding and the Top 27 Facts About Peru

On November 8 we were very fortunate to have the Peru cultural group come to Prescott and present to us.  It was colorful and entertaining, as you can see in the movie below! We learned

  • a new dance (Aubrey)
  • there are sharks in Peru (John)
  • there are birds like macaws (Neveah and Asher)
  • in every province there is a new type of traditional clothing (Bruce)
  • they use trees to communicate with drums in the rainforest and there are lots of animals in Peru (Keaven)
  • there is almost any type of animal in Peru (Elena)
  • Halloween is a new tradition there (Skyden and Jordan)
  • they have animals we never knew existed (Marek)
  • their pottery is different than ours (Christian)
  • they have pom pom trees there (Breanne)
  • they celebrate the same holidays as us (Jane)
  • there are flamingos in Peru (Michelle)
  • that other places in the world celebrate the same traditions as us (Wyatt)
  • there are turtles in Peru (Tagen)
  • There are different types of people there (Rikus)
  • The Amazon river is the longest river in the world (Haram)
  • They don’t celebrate Remembrance Day (Lincoln)
  • They celebrate the Day of the Dead (Malaika)
  • There is an Inka trail (Conner)
  • there are alligators in Peru (Maddy)
  • They have purple corn they use to make a drink and a pudding (Larry)

I have seen many classroom presentations, but this was definitely a special one. The presenters were interesting and really engaged the students in all their stories and artefacts. By the time they showed us how to dance with them, it had turned into a very joyful celebration, as you can see in the photos and movie below.

Week Ahead – November 5 – 9

Monday – Play Parkland. We will be leaving the school at about 11:30 for the Tri Leisure Centre, and heading straight into the pool followed by activities on the South Field. Students will be eating a very large snack before we go and then will have time to eat when we return.  Please pack extra snacks as we have found students to often be hungry after their activities. Students will need a swimming suit, towel and comfortable clothing for the field activities.

Student Learning Conferences 4:30-7:30 pm –  We have been busy preparing for this opportunity to share with you. We have accomplished a great deal in these first 2 months of school! You should have received a message with instructions for booking your time. Please let me know if you need any assistance. You will also be taking home your child’s #CardboardChallenge project.

Tuesday – Student Learning Conferences 3:30-6:30 pm

Wednesday – I will be attending a professional development session in Edmonton. Mrs. Ryan will be subbing for me.

Thursday – Presentation by the Raices del Peru group. Students will get to try on some traditional Peruvian clothing, hear a variety of instruments and find out more about the three regions of Peru.

Friday – Remembrance Day Ceremony at 10:30 am. Our Grade 3 students will be presenting a poem. Please check that your child is wearing appropriate clothing (no hats or hoodies).

A few highlights from last week:

Monday – our first Play Parkland Day! We had fun in the pool, learned great ways to regulate our bodies with yoga poses and got exercise while playing some new games.

Tuesday – our class was thrilled to get to be big buddies as we helped some Grade 1 and 2 friends build Baby Bear chairs for our Prescott #CardboardChallenge

Wednesday – Happy Halloween! It was a busy day from start to finish. We built bone bridges, enjoyed a spooky story (A Creepy Pair of Underwear), measured and estimated with our pumpkins and finally enjoyed a few special treats and activities.

Thursday – Thank you to Leslie Quilter, Brianna Hamm, Melissa Shymko and Bernadette Neethling for their assistance during our Bridge Building. Students built arch, girder, suspension and truss model bridges. It was a great hands on activity to learn about the important elements of each type of bridge as well as working together as a group.

Friday – Our Prescott #Cardboard Challenge! I was very impressed with how skilled we have become at using slots, tabs, flanges and L braces to join materials while building with cardboard. Everyone had so much fun, as you can see in these pictures!