New Beginnings

As the last few days of summer count down, I have had many opportunities to think about the wonderful group of children I had the privilege to work with last year.  While setting up my new classroom at Prescott Learning Centre, I have found many memories in all my cardboard boxes, and they’ve all brought a smile to my face.  2015-16 will remain a highlight of my teaching career as I was so fortunate to work with such a kind and caring group of students. They loved to tackle new challenges and problems, and had a real zest and enthusiasm for life.  I know that our future is in good hands, and wish them all the best as they start their Middle School journey!

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All the best in 2016-17!!

June Dates to Remember

June is always a busy month, and we are now heading down the homestretch! Just a few dates and important information to remember:

Friday, June 17th 2:00 pm is our Literary Cafe.
A highlight every year where we get to experience the vibe and celebrate our writing! Students enjoy the speaking and the special treat of eating in the library setting. Snack donations are welcomed and appreciated – please remember that easy to eat items like squares, cookies and timbits make less of a mess in our beautiful library. All snacks need to be here by noon on Friday please.

Wednesday, June 22 Fort Edmonton Field Trip
After seeing all our fantastic Social presentations, we are very excited to see Alberta’s history firsthand! We will be going rain or shine. Information and permission form can be found here. Fort Ed permission

Thursday, June 23 Public Library Trip
Spruce Grove has an amazing library, and we are looking forward to our visit. Hopefully it will be the first of many over the summer! Information and permission form here. library field trip

Friday, June 24 (Rainout date Monday, June 27) 
Our Grade 4’s can’t wait to check out all Spruce Grove’s parks have to offer! After touring some close parks, we will all walk/bike/scoot down to Jubilee Park for our year end celebration. Information and permission form here Grade4FarewellPermission

Tuesday, June 28 Pet Parade/Carnival Day/Assembly
Our annual Pet Parade & Carnival! More details will be coming home soon. If you are able to assist with Carnival activities, please send a note in your child’s agenda. In the afternoon, there will be a short assembly in the gym during which Grade 4 class representatives will share a few memories.

Literary Cafe

It’s almost time for another special Millgrove tradition – the Literary Café! Every year, our wonderful Mrs. Smith organizes this event to celebrate the great authors at Millgrove. She graciously gives up her library to create the appropriate atmosphere, complete with food, music, beverages and candlelight (battery powered). Students select a piece of their best writing to share at the mike with the class, and we all enjoy.

This year, 4H is scheduled for Thursday, June 16. Any donations of snack foods or drinks for the audience to munch on are much appreciated. Please, no dips or messy foods like chips as that creates too much of a problem in the library space. Squares, donuts and cookies work best. If you are able to contribute, please send a note in your child’s agenda. Thank you for your support of this highlight of Grade Four!

Woodhaven Trackmeet is tomorrow!

Students are quite excited to have their first competitive trackmeet at Woodhaven School tomorrow.  Please ensure that your child has a water bottle, hat, sunscreen and running shoes with them tomorrow.  Students should pack a healthy lunch as they will be using lots of energy!  A concession will be available.  If students are bringing money with them, please put it in a labelled ziplock (greatly improving chances of finding lost money!). Picnic blankets are also welcome to provide a home base for the day.

Your child is bringing home a copy of their individual schedule.  Parents are welcome to come cheer us on!  Please remember that times are approximate, but students have been asked to be at their event at that time.  Better to be early than late! Student name tags will have the schedule as well, so that they are always able to identify where they need to be.  In between events, they are welcome to socialize and cheer on their friends and classmates.

We have also discussed that track events take priority over field events.  If a student is double booked, they are to check in at the field event and then run their race before heading back to finish the field event.


Tomorrow is Millgrove Track Day!

Students are very eager to participate in our Millgrove Track Day tomorrow.  In addition to practising the regular track events in a competitive format, there will be a number of events centered around jumping, running and throwing.

Please be sure that your children is prepared with

  • a hat
  • sunscreen
  • runners
  • appropriate clothing
  • water bottle (labelled)

Students are welcome to bring their regular lunch.  A concession will be available as well with granola bars, Gatorade, muffins, hotdogs, hamburgers, freezies and chips. All proceeds will be used for purchasing outdoor equipment and storage.


Support for Fort MacMurray

This morning as we gathered for our Monday morning meeting, several students expressed concern over the forest fires that are challenging so many in our province.  We were very proud to hear that Brookelynn and her family held a lemonade sale over the weekend and raised $312!  Several other students shared stories of their personal connections to the fires, and of their fundraising efforts.  It is wonderful to see so many examples of kindness, empathy and compassion in our community.  This week, Millgrove will be accepting donations for the Red Cross, and we greatly appreciate any and all contributions.

Happy Earth Day!

Our class was very excited to be invited to the Grade 1 room to share what we knew about Waste and Our World for Earth Day. We are looking forward to bringing a garbageless lunch tomorrow, and saving energy tomorrow by going without lights and powered devices for an hour!

Here is the message we shared with the Grade 1’s.

Why is it important to celebrate Earth Day?
It shows that we care. The Earth is very important. Just imagine if the Earth was a big pile of waste, wouldn’t that be hard to live in? Earth Day is a day that we get to celebrate the Earth and recycling and reusing.

There are some choices you can make that help the Earth.
Turn off electricity – turn off lights if you aren’t using them or just use one light, not all of them
If you like playing video games, try not playing them because it saves power (and then Mom and Dad don’t have to pay for them).
If you love TV, try to stay off it to save power. Play outside or play a board game instead
Don’t throw garbage in the water because it can kill fish
It is important to not litter because if you do it might hurt the animals, like when little animals get their heads stuck in those things that pop cans come in.
Please don’t litter because we don’t want our Earth to be a giant dumpster
Always buy in bulk because packages can increase the amount of things in the landfill (and the Earth would turn into WallE’s World).
Everyone can help the Earth stay healthy by not using your car. Try walking or riding your bike to school!
Turn off the tap
Reuse bags
The pollution is killing bees, so we should plant more flowers to encourage them.

Did you know that carbon dioxide gets stuck in our atmosphere and makes more heat, which will melt all the polar icecaps and leave us with global warming?
Lots of waste in our world will decompose. For example apple cores, banana peels and more. Decompose means that it will basically turn into dirt to grow more plants.

Remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!

IMG_5979 (1)

Tower Garden Salad

It was an exciting day because we got our first harvest from our Tower Garden!  Check out our responses to our Tower Garden Salad below:

 Tower Garden Salad on PhotoPeach

We are the luckiest class in the world to have a Tower Garden!

Today we got to pick lettuce.  I did it with my hands by grabbing the lettuce and then I put it in the bin.  We made a salad that smelled like freshly cut grass. As soon as i put the first bite of salad in my mouth it tasted fresh and crunchy, which made the salad  just a little bit better.

The lettuce was soft and crunchy with a smooth texture. I felt like I was eating straight from the ground. It tasted way better than lettuce from the store because it wasn’t all packaged up and shipped to a store, Instead it was grown here and made into a salad and it was homemade. The tower garden salad tasted delectable.  I would have eaten that a million times before I ate packaged lettuce. Hopefully next time the cucumber and tomato are going to be from the Tower Garden because that would taste even better.

The Tower Garden is very good because it provides fresh and clean food unlike buying food from a store.  We think the Tower Garden is cool because you can see and find all the plants easily.  And the water sounds cool!  The best part is that we get to plant vegetables in our school .I think that it is cool!  We love that when you come in the morning you can smell all the vegetables.  It is amazing seeing all the food grow, and also seeing the stage’s of the plant life cycle.

It is a surprise of what vegetable we grow since we sometimes don’t know how some of the vegetables will taste like, like the dill and spicy greens.

The most difficult part was putting the tower garden together, about 5 times until we made it properly.  It was worth it! When I’m older I think I will have one. Maybe I can give my mom one too!



Kindergarten Needs Our Help!

Thursday, April 14th is the Millgrove Kindergarten Open House from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Mrs. Madge will have her hands full (and then some!) and has asked if students from 4H would be willing to help out that night.  Students will be acting as tour guides, and taking new students and their families around the school to introduce them to Millgrove.

Students will need to be dropped off at Millgrove at 6:00 pm to set up, then will help out until the Open House finishes at 7:30.  They will have to be picked up at 7:30 pm to head back home.

We appreciate the assistance, and know that the good manners, and polite respect of our Grade 4 students will bring a great deal of pride to Millgrove!

If your child is able to help out, please send a note in their agenda so that we know you are aware of the drop off and pick up times.  Thank you!