Eggciting News!

Yesterday we had an eggtastic surprise! Our wonderful secretary, Mrs. Williams brought in some week old chicks for our class to look after for the day. We made a short video of the experience to share with the school for the Friday Prescott News.  Please enjoy the photos from the day and our video below!


Peeking into Peru

We were very lucky to have Mr. Walker come visit us this week. Last year he was on an amazing trip to Peru, and he came and shared some of his adventures with us.  We learned:

Gurmun: some people said aliens helped the Incas build Machu Picchu

Owen: in the day it can get to 35 degrees C but at night it gets cold because they are in the Andes mountains

Colten: people make clothes out of llama fur

Chaycee: they make special clothes that are warm and layered and very bright colors

Talia: they dig lots of gold

Carter: they dye the wool using insects to make it red

Lauren: the people love to dance and love music

Haylen: they have a special type of drum to make the music. They also have a desert where they found a mummy

Payton: they take off the llama’s fur and then attach it to toys

Trey: they have a type of bird called condors that are huge!

Russell: alpaca fur is very soft and in ancient times only special people got to wear it

Dominic: they celebrate with lots of festivals

Kassy: they make clothing by twisting the llama and alpaca fur

Erika: when they are making clothes they use lots of really cool patterns

Ethan: they have lots of llamas there – more than anywhere else in the world

Chris: they are still discovering parts of Machu Picchu

Dayton: they also have salt mines

Peter: they mine for salt

Greidy: their corn is all different colours

Chandler: they have a huge rainforest called the Amazon rainforest

Caleb: the Amazon river starts in Peru

Wyatt: the Incas made a kind of stairs in Machu Picchu so they could farm on a mountain

Sierra: there’s over 300 types of potatoes grown in Peru

Georgia: there’s a special kind of dog that got named the ugliest dog in the world

Sasha: people can’t today can’t believe that the Inca’s built Machu Picchu


Thank you so much to the Walker family for sharing with us!


Checking Out Nature

As we wind down the school year and talk about our year in Grade 3, many students have mentioned that our nature walks have been a favourite memory.  I just wanted to pass along some opportunities that I know your children would enjoy.

Nature Alberta has scheduled a variety of free Family Nights around Edmonton focusing on different topics.  I know that the Urban Critters, Birds and Buttterfly events would be very interesting and connected to what we’ve done this year.

Also, please see the bottom poster for a very special event on July 14 for girls only.  WISEST programs are always phenomenal, and I would highly recommend this!

Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

As part of our Animal Life Cycles unit, the Grade 3 classes will be heading over to Jubilee Park for the day on Thursday, June 14. We will be leaving at approximately 10 am to walk over and then returning before the end of the day.
Students will have opportunities for an up close examination of different living creatures in a pond study as well as playing a variety of outdoor games. We will also be providing a hotdog and watermelon snack for each child.

  • Students will need
    Rubber boots
    Long pants
    Sunscreen and/or bug spray
    A non microwavable lunch
    Water bottle

Please let me know if you have questions.

Write-On Stationary – Order Your Child’s School Supplies Online!

This is a fundraiser and 10% of every order will be given to PLCFF to use towards play equipment and other school needs.
Go to, click on ‘Parents: Order here’.
Enter the school name in the drop down box and the grade the student is entering next year.
Complete order form. Payment can be made online using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Interac Online.
Contact for additional information or assistance.
If you need to pay with cash, see below:
The following lists can be printed off for those who need to pay with cash or cheque. They will need to be returned to the school with full payment by June 20, 2018.

Grade 3 Global Luncheon

We have all enjoyed learning about different cultures around the globe this year in Social Studies.  As we wind up our year, we would like to celebrate with a global luncheon. Students have loved sharing their family stories and heritage as we have learned about the countries of India, Tunisia, Ukraine and Peru. Since food is such important element of culture and heritage we thought it appropriate to celebrate the end of Grade 3 with a celebration of our own family traditions and heritage.

On Tuesday, June 26 at 11:00 am the Grade 3 classes will enjoy a potluck style luncheon.  We would greatly appreciate contributions that reflect each family’s culture and/or traditions. This could be an appetizer, main course, salad or dessert. We recognize that it is not possible to create dishes to feed 90 students, and a typical family size is fine.  The expectation is more of a tasting and sampling of many different foods than a full serving of everything on the table.

We recognize that some students have dietary requirements/allergies.  As a peanut aware facility, please do not send dishes containing any type of nut. Of course, all students are welcome to bring their own lunches to enjoy at the table to alleviate any concerns.

The important theme of this day is the stories that connect us.  Please add your story to this document as these will be shared with the students.  On one of the slides please add the following; your family name, the name of the dish you are sending in, its country of origin, a list of ingredients, any special family information, stories or traditions that pertain to this food item, and if possible a picture.  

Slide link Inserted here

(If you are able to print your slide to include with your dish, please do).

This will be a celebratory occasion, and we are hoping to create a matching atmosphere. We are encouraging students to dress up and bring their best manners to the table.  The Prescott Cafe will be set up with tablecloths and candles (battery) to add to the atmosphere. If you have a special tablecloth (labelled) you are willing to share with us, please send it in on Monday, June 25.

Food can be dropped off any time during Tuesday morning before 11:00 am, and brought to the kitchen. Please make sure that your dishes are labelled with the family name and any necessary serving utensils included.

We will provide paper plates and cutlery.  

If you are able to help out with setting up, serving, and clean up, please email your child’s teacher.  


Alphabet Countdown!

Hard to believe that it is June already! To add some special memories to our year in Grade 3, we brainstormed some ideas to use for an alphabet countdown to the end of the year.  Check out our Twitter feed (@mrsholdensclass and also on the right side of our blog) to see pictures of the fun.

Thursday is G for Garage sale.  Students are invited to bring in one gently used item/toy that they will be giving to another student. No money will be involved! Those who bring an item will be selecting a new to them toy to bring home that day.  We will also double up with the letter H for Hat day.

Friday will be J for Jokes, so students are asked to bring some of their favourite funny jokes to share with the class.

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