Under Construction

We had a great day in 3B!  After our planning, discussion and shopping we got started on our Caines Arcade projects.  I was so impressed with the problem solving and critical thinking skills shown by all this morning.  While walking through the room, I overheard phrases like

“I was inspired by ****”

“Hmm, how can I solve this problem?”

“Let’s work together!”

“Look at all that fun waiting to happen!”

When it came time to clean up, everyone pitched in to tidy, organize and pick up all the scraps.  They truly demonstrated how team work makes the dream work. We are so excited to see the final projects come to life next week!


This pile of cardboard is undergoing a magical transformation!

Feeling Lucky?

Just finishing off the final touches to our classroom in preparation for tonight’s Meet the Staff night!  I am looking forward to seeing many of you tonight.

For those of you who have not yet completed the online FOIP/CASL Tech Use forms, we will be happy to walk you through the process.  As added incentive, anyone who has their online consents completed tonight will be entered in a draw for 50% off your school photos this year!

Emergency Response Procedures

Today, we practiced our first Lock-Down drill and our students and staff did AMAZING! Throughout the school year, we will continue to practice Lock-Down Drills, Shelter-in-Place Drills as well as Fire Drills.

Parkland School Division’s first priority is the safety, security, and well being of our students and staff. While we hope that Prescott Learning Centre is never faced with an emergency situation, we are prepared to respond to an incident if one should occur.

What happens during a Lock-Down or Shelter-in-Place?

In the event of a lock-down or shelter-in-place, the school will be locked with NO arrivals or departures of anyone including staff, students or parents. You will not be allowed to pick-up your child until after an “all-clear” is given and established student release procedures are in order. This procedure will be strictly adhered to under all circumstances. Please do not go to the school until instructed to do so.

In The Event Of An Emergency:

Do not call the school or your child’s cell phone

We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential that the phone systems be available for emergency communications. If you call the school you will tie up lines and systems required for communicating with emergency responders and may inhibit our ability to send or receive critical information.

By calling your child’s cell phone, you could potentially put them in harms way, depending on the nature of the crisis. Please do not call, we will ensure that you get the information you need by contacting you.

Note: It is imperative that the information on your child’s Emergency Information Card is current.

The quickest way to receive emergency information

There are many ways for you to quickly and accurately receive emergency announcements and status reports without having to call your child’s school.

  • Visit this website for updated notifications, the latest news will be posted on the front page.
  • Call the Centre for Education at 780-963-4010.
  • Tune into a local radio or television station.

What if the school is evacuated?

It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lot clear for emergency vehicles.

If it’s necessary to evacuate the school, students will gather at a primary assembly location, pre-determined by each school, to ensure their safety. Students will remain at the assembly location until they are returned to the school or released to their parent/guardian.

Depending on the severity of the situation, students may be transported to a secondary assembly location away from the school.  You will be notified of this via the Division website and the media.

How do I reunite with or pick up my child during or after an emergency?

Should circumstances merit, the school may activate a student release procedure. This allows the school to do a controlled release of students to their parent/guardian. Should it be necessary to activate the student release procedure, instructions on where and when to pick up your child will be posted on the Division website. Students will remain at either the primary or secondary assembly location until they return to the school or are released to their parent/guardian.

Instructions on where, how and when you are able to pick up your child will be posted on the front page of this website.  Please also read the Procedures for Parent-Child Reunion.

Procedures for Parent-Child Reunion

Carefully read all information you receive from the school regarding emergency procedures as assembly locations are different at each school. Talk to your children and emphasize how important it is for them to follow instructions from their teachers and school officials during any emergency.

For more information contact:
The Centre for Education
Phone: 780-963-4010

September 27 Update

We had a great time at our inaugural Terry Fox Run today – be sure to ask your child all about it.  Toonies for Terry donations are welcome tomorrow as well. Students also got to meet Mr. Cote, our newest Grade 3 teacher today.

It’s a busy week with all our events (Terry Fox, Caines Arcade, Meet the Staff) and so our Science quiz will happen after Thanksgiving now.

Remember that the Prescott Meet the Staff begins at 6:30 tomorrow night.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone!


Prescott Learning Centre News

Parents … We are … “Co-creating our Learning Culture” at Prescott Learning Centre

We are beyond excited at Prescott Learning Centre to begin the journey of “co-creating our learning culture” … with our parent community! We have a few exciting events coming up that will provide you with opportunities to engage in your child’s learning in meaningful ways.

  • “Meet the Staff” – Wednesday, September 28th, 6:30 – 7:30pm

This will be an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher and see your child’s learning spaces. In addition, it will be fun for you to check out your child’s building project for “Caine’s Arcade” that is a “work in progress”. Be prepared to ask questions, engage in dialogue and see creativity in action …

  • Collaboration Centre at Prescott Learning Centre

Books … and So Much More …

We are inviting parents and students to join us as we “co-create” our Collaboration Centre. We invite you to “gift” board games, activities and books to enhance your child’s time spent in the Collaboration Centre.

  • Book Fair – Tuesday, September 26 – Thursday, September 28

The Book Fair will be open during “Meet the Staff” Night. … stop by and check it out. We Invite you to … “Buy a Book and Gift a Book” to the Collaboration Centre. Your child will be able to write their name on a template to be placed inside the book as a “thank you” for their gift. They will be forever remembered as the first students of Prescott Learning Centre!

As well, we are beginning to build our collection of board games to increase the choices for your child during lunch recess. If you would like to gift a board game, please bring it to the Collaboration Centre on “Meet the Staff” Night …we will be happy to get them ready for our students to enjoy!

  • Our First Ever School Council Meeting – Monday, October 24th, 6:30 – 7:30pm

We are inviting all parents and guardians to come out and enjoy a coffee with your leadership team on this evening!

  • Exciting Photo Opportunity for Our School!

Parkland School Division has arranged for us to have an aerial picture taken of Prescott Learning Centre with the staff and students standing out front. This is a very exciting opportunity for our Prescott Learning Community!

** Please note, only students whose parents have filled in their FOIP forms through the Power School parent portal will be included in this picture. Please contact our office 780-571-8079 if you need any help or stop by during our “Meet the Staff” Night. Our office staff are happy to walk you through the process.

September 25 Update

Last week was an eventful one, as I hope you have already heard!  The week to come promises to be busy as well.  Some items to note:

Monday, September 26 We will begin planning our Caines Arcade games using the Design Thinking process (See the blog post for more information)

Tuesday, September 27 Terry Fox Run at Prescott (Toonies for Terry are welcomed!)

Book Fair begins

Wednesday, September 28 Magnificent Monarchs Geoshow (Livestream event)

Materials quiz (study sheet to be posted Monday)

Begin construction on Caines Arcade games

6:30-7:30 Meet the Staff evening at Prescott

Thursday, September 29 Continue Caines Arcade construction

Friday, September 30 Finish Arcade games

Our Learning Last Week


It was a thrill for our class to see firsthand the power of social media!  After posting their reflections of their Dot Day experiences, we were over the moon to see that author Peter Reynolds commented on our post!  We were also surprised when visitors to our room told us they’d already seen the video and recognized our reading corner!  As Avery said, it is wonderful that we are “inspiring the world one day at a time.”

It was wonderful to see students bring in their personal devices to use in the classroom.  Please check that the following are installed as we will be using them on a daily basis:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Google Docs
  3. Google Slides
  4. Prodigy
  5. Google Earth
  6. Google Classroom

Students logged on to their student accounts and we created a Grade 4 folder in their Google Drive to contain their work for this year.


Students took time to observe the new construction of the building next to the school and were quite interested with what they found.  We were able to tie these observations into our discussions of materials and their properties using websites (Building Big and Characteristics of Materials). The class then began developing questions using the information to create a Kahoot that we will play with the other Grade 3s.  This is a great way to review the information students will be quizzed on Wednesday. (study sheet will be posted Monday)

We are all excited about our Caines Arcade projects and eager to get started planning.  While reading Rosie Revere, Engineer, we looked at the process that building and constructing can take.  We know that we will often make mistakes along the way, but these are often our first steps in learning!


Students have been busy last week taking assessments in addition, subtraction and whole number representation. They have also been growing their math vocabulary during our weekly Quick Draw activities.

We will also be signing up for Prodigy Math. This program is controlled by me because I am able to create specific assignments on for each individual student based on their current level of understanding, areas of growth and areas to challenge them all in direct correlation with the Alberta Program of Studies. I am monitoring their progress along with areas of need as they “play” and compete through the math equations provided. I highly recommend they play at home whenever possible so that they can get as much review as they can.


We have continued our discussions of what makes a ‘just right’ book, and students have been giving mini book talks to share their great choices.  We love visiting our library and choosing books to take home.  All students are encouraged to develop a reading habit, and read each night.

The class was eager to write in their T.W.A.S books on Friday.  Every Friday, or the last day of school for the week, we will write in the T.W.A.S. book. As a class, we will brainstorm some of the highlights of our week. Then, your child will choose what to write and if there is time, draw a coinciding picture. Please read your child’s T.W.A.S. each weekend and write a little note (and coinciding picture if you like) to your child. The note can be about anything, but is specially made for your child. Please send back the T.W.A.S. book by Tuesday when your child can read your special message. T.W.A.S. is one piece of writing that I do not mark. I may help your child with the spelling of a word in the margin or remind them about punctuation, but the idea is to see the improvement of your child’s writing throughout the year. When your child sees you as a writer, they too want to be one. T.W.A.S. is very powerful to engage students in meaningful writing, so please write something in their T.W.A.S. each week.


Using Google Earth is a powerful way to learn geography and terms.  This week’s focus was on on geographic locations with a shift to the continents of South America and Europe.

I continue to enjoy the opportunity to work with your children every day.  They are a wonderful group who have really endeared themselves to everyone they work with.  The care and concern they show to each other on a daily basis, and the support and encouragement they give to those who need the help has been so heartwarming.  I can’t wait to see what this week brings!






Caines Arcade

After watching this video this week, our Grade 3’s have been eagerly anticipating taking part in the Caine’s Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge!

This movie inspired a movement that we are excited to join


As one of our Science projects for Building and Testing Materials, the grade 3’s will be creating a cardboard arcade game. This project will connect with Caine’s Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge to support the Imagination Foundation.

Each project has to solve the problem of building a structure using at least 3 different materials (cardboard, paper, styrofoam) based on an arcade game. This is the perfect opportunity to meet our Grade 3 Science Curriculum challenge to build a structure that can

  • support objects
  • span gaps
  • serve as containers
  • serve as models of particular living things, objects or buildingsStudents will be presenting their projects to their classmates and other students during parent teacher interviews on October 4 & 5. We will also be displaying projects throughout the school, and inviting others to come and play!

    Students have been learning about different materials and their properties.  We have created a collaborative Kahoot game to help use review these terms and information as we prepare for the quiz on Wednesday, September 28. (See study guide)

    We have a wide variety of materials available here at school (thanks to all our furniture boxes!).


Students may bring additional supplies from home (but they are not necessary) beginning Tuesday, September 27.  On Wednesday, September 28th students will begin building their arcade games at school. They will have access to supplies from the art room (glue, scotch tape, construction paper, paint..). Additional recycled materials (paper rolls, boxes, yogurt containers, egg cartons) can be brought from home. If students wish they can pre-cut their cardboard pieces at home but we would like to see them put it together at school. Other than the possibility of packing/duct tape, please do not purchase materials for this project as we want to emphasize using recycled materials.

Students have seen a number of examples of possible projects.  There’s also lots of ideas on Caine’s Facebook page to look at. We can’t wait to see the imagination and excitement this project creates!

September 23-27: Developing a plan
September 27: Start bringing in materials
September 28: Start building in school
September 30: Projects complete
October 3-5: Present to school/display to parents
October 4/5: Projects go home during Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews October 4 & 5

Prescott Learning Centre will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences for grades 1-8 on Tuesday, October 4 from 3:30-6:30pm, and on Wednesday, October 5 from 4-7pm.

*Kindergarten interviews will be held in November.

During this interview time the focus will be on how the students are transitioning to the Prescott Learning Centre Community as well as social and academic goal setting. This will also be an opportunity for us to assist you in getting logged onto the Powerschool Parent Portal, our school website, your child’s teacher’s blog and/or your child’s google drive account.

Please sign up for a conference time with your child’s teacher:

  1. Click the Sign In link on this page.
  2. If you have already registered for an account, enter your email address and password, and click Sign In.
    If you have not registered for an account, click on “Register for an account,” enter the required information, and click Sign In, then Sign in with the email address and password you used to create your account.
  3. Click on “Schedule an appointment with a teacher”.
  4. Choose the interview date on which you wish to make an appointment.
  5. Choose your child’s teacher from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click on “View Schedule”.
  7. Click on “Book” beside the time you wish to book your appointment. If the “Book” button does not appear beside the time you want, that means that time has already been booked, and you will have to choose another appointment time.
  8. Use the links to view your schedule or book an appointment with another teacher. When you have finished, click on Sign Out.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s early transition to Prescott Learning Centre.

Technology Update


Students were excited to take their first steps into using technology for learning this year as we logged on to the Chromebooks today. Many students have indicated that they have devices at home.

We welcome ALL technology for use in the classroom as learning devices. Students are allowed to bring them daily, it’s not mandatory, but we highly encourage that they do as we are going to start to use them frequently in our learning. Devices will be locked up in my closet and students bring them there in the morning, take them out when required in class and then return them there. They are not allowed outside at recess or in the gym and they are not allowed to be used during snack/lunch as we highly value socialization and free play time. Grade 3s have one lunch a week where they are allowed to bring their devices if they so choose to the collaboration centre with others.

What are we going to use them for in class? Students have already began to learn how to use technology for learning purposes as when used properly, they are one of the most powerful tools to bring them access to anything they need. As we progress, students will be using their devices and school-provided ones to create slideshows of learning, videos, writing and reflection pieces, and blogging among many other ways. They will be taught digital citizenship, copyright and proper use of technology which is vital for the world we live in. All of their digital work will be accessible to you at all time from any location. This will be in addition to paper work completed in class.

Students also have SLA’s coming up in October which are digital assessments from Alberta Education and so we want to ensure they are comfortable using the technology in the ways it’s meant to be. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime if you have any questions.