Chatting With Olympians

This morning, our Grade 3 classes had an exciting opportunity to chat with some of Canada’s Olympic athletes in Pyeongchang, Korea. We expected to see two athletes, but then got to visit with 7! We met

  • Kaillie Humphries, bronze medal winner in the bobsleigh
  • Phylicia George, bronze medal winner in the bobsleigh
  • Jane Channell, top ten finish in women’s skeleton
  • Tristan Walker, silver medallist in team luge and 5th in double luge
  • Justin Snith, silver medallist in team luge and 5th in double luge
  • Calynn Irwin, women’s snowboard halfpipe
  • Brad Spence,  2 time Olympian in alpine skiing

It was fun to cheer on Team Canada with students from across Canada!

They shared some of their experiences, and talked about the importance of goal setting and teamwork.  We learned

  • It’s a good idea to set a goal for your life
  • Find your goal and share it with someone
  • You can push over your own limits
  • Even though you might not know, other people can help you
  • There is a double luge with two athletes, stacked on top of each other
  • It’s hard to be a luger! One athlete broke his ankle and kept competing
  • It was cool to meet people who do the luge and skeleton
  • People come from all over the world to see the Olympics
  • We got a tour of Canada House, and saw that the names of all Olympians are written in the shape of a maple leaf for Canada. It was inspiring to see!
  • We saw the Canadian Olympic mascot Komak, the big screen where they watch all the Olympic videos,
  • It can be a challenge to write a powerful question
  • We met two luge athletes
  • We also met bobsleigh and skeleton athletes
  • They gave us a challenge at the end
  • We got draw positive messages to cheer on the athletes
  • they answered all of the questions

The athletes challenged our students to set a goal for this year, and tell someone.  Ask your child about the goal they set today!



Wilhauk Beef Jerky Fundraiser Begins!

The following information has been posted on the Prescott website

Dear Parents/Guardians;

The Prescott Learning Centre Fundraising Foundation is excited to partner with the local business, Wilhauk Beef Jerky, to help raise funds for Prescott Learning Centre and new outdoor play equipment! To make things even more exciting, we are competing with other schools in the district to raise the most funds on a per capita basis! The winning school will receive a pizza party for ALL students thanks to Wilhauk!!

We will be selling a variety of options through Wilhauk Beef Jerky. Made from 100% pure Alberta Beef, Wilhauk Beef Jerky is aged, seasoned, marinated and smoked to savoury perfection. So good!

What you need to know:

75% of the money raised will go towards new outdoor play equipment, while the remaining 25% will go to the general fundraising foundation account to be allocated at a later date.
Order through (see attached ordering instructions)
Cash/cheque only day will be on Friday, February 23rd from 2:30 – 4pm in the Collaboration Centre at Prescott Learning Centre. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please complete your order online before the cash day and print off a copy to bring with you.
Orders must be placed no later than 9:00pm on Wednesday, February 28.
Orders will be ready for parents to pick up on March 8th and 9th at Wilhauk Beef Jerky: #11, 201 McLeod Ave, Spruce Grove. Any orders not picked up on the designated pick up dates, will be brought to the school on March 12th and sent home with the students.

If you have any questions, please email


Michelle Yeates
Fundraiser Coordinator

Important Student Safety During Drop Off and Pick Up at Prescott

There are several issues that have been raised with respect to child safety and parking at Prescott Learning Centre by both our Parents and Spruce Grove Bylaw Enforcement:

  1. For parents who park on the south side of the school on Prospect Way facing east, please do not encourage or allow your children to walk/run across the road in between parked cars. Children need to go to the corners to cross at the south east and south west side of the school and cross safely.
  2. For parents who are dropping their children off behind the school on Prescott Close to cut through the fence to access the grade 1/2 portable door, we have been advised by Bylaw Enforcement that the lots currently being developed are not public property and that this is trespassing.
  3. There are a limited number of parking spaces in the front of the school. If you arrive at the school and there aren’t  any spaces available, please park elsewhere (i.e. on the street in front of the school). Parking in the middle of the road is never OK and creates safety hazards for children and increases the likelihood for drivers (who might be backing out or leaving their parking spot) of not being able to see your child/children.
  4. Beaverbrook does not allow Prescott parents to park in their lot as it is a separate business and those spots are for community members accessing the services at Beaverbrook.
  5. Also, please do not drop off or pick up in the Staff Parking lot at the back.

We are sure that everyone will agree that our children’s safety is paramount! We appreciate your attention to these details! Please note, there is supervision until 3:15 each day outside and the parking lot clears out by 3:10 on most days.

Science Test Thursday

On Thursday, students will have a written science test on our Hearing and Sound Unit.  To help prepare students I have included a short study guide below.   Hint — There will be a diagram of the ear that students will have to label.  The words will be provided they will just have to worry about the labelling.  There is a diagram in their workbook, but also one below.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Image result for labelled ear diagram

Important – Peanut Allergies at Prescott

Some of our students at Prescott have life-threatening allergies to peanuts. The only way to ensure a safe environment for these children is to make our school PEANUT-AWARE. To do this we need everyone’s cooperation.

How can we ensure the safety of all of our students?

  • Please do not send any peanut products to school.
  • Please check the ingredients of all foods your children bring to school.

In a classroom setting, cross-contamination is the greatest risk from this type of allergy.

Cross-contamination can occur when a few crumbs from one child’s snack are dropped and then picked-up by an allergic child.  

Another safety concern is when a student with peanut butter residue on their hands may touch a book, iPAD, or a ball and unknowingly spread the residue to a child with severe allergy.

With your co-operation we can minimize the risk of an allergic reaction and keep our students safe.

Thank you for your attention to this important safety matter!


Our procedure is in accordance with Parkland School Division Administrative Procedure AP 319– Life Threatening Allergies.

Valentines Day Activities

Watching this video, Honk If You Love Someone is sure to bring a smile to your face. Our students loved it!

Seeing how these small actions brought positivity to others inspired Millgrove students to do their own Honk for Kindness. Check it out here:

Rather than just being consumers, our students want to make a difference! They will create signs and work collaboratively to help our community feel good and come together.

On Wednesday, February 14 we will celebrate Valentine’s Day in several ways:

  • Students are encouraged to wear their favourite red/pink clothing.
  • We will be passing out valentines earlier in the day. Please check that they have included everyone in the class. (Leland, Chris, Payton, Dominic, Wyatt, Peter, Owen, Cameron, Dayton, Haylen, Gurmun, Thomas, Lauren, Sasha, Sierra, Colten, Evelyn, Carter, Ethan, Caleb, Chaycee, Erika, Russell, Chandler, Kassy, Georgia, Talia, Greidy)
  • To add some sweetness to our day, we will enjoy some yummy ice cream sundaes.  I will supply ice cream, bowls and spoons.  If you are able to contribute some sundae toppings (fruit, sauces, sprinkles, etc.) they would be greatly appreciated.
  • Grade 3 classes will walk over to Jubilee Park.  We will be waving our signs from the sidewalk, west of the Park entrance for Honk if You Love Someone.
  • We will also be celebrating with some Olympic themed activities – more details to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Book Fair is Here!

Global School Play Day

Today was a marvellous, wonderful day.  We started off our day with a discussion about the importance of having balance in our lives, and how necessary it is to take time to thing quietly and reflect. Mrs. Matsuba read a beautiful book, The Empty Pot that reinforced that message.

Then we had an opportunity to discuss the importance of play. Students recognized that playing creative games uses their imagination.  Activities like Pick Up Sticks and card houses give opportunities for quiet thinking, patience and perseverance.

Playing board games provides practice in reading skills, cooperation, patience and conversation.

Building led to experiments in motion and colour, design challenges and collaboration.


Card games built our math skills.

In the afternoon, we dressed up warmly and went outside to celebrate Winter Walk Day. Your children observed and connected to the nature around us.

Here’s what the Grade 3’s learned from the experience

  • you can do fun stuff without being on electronics all the time (Talia)
  • we did good teamwork (Cameron)
  • we made friends (Chaycee)
  • sometimes it’s nice to play in a big group (Lauren)
  • it’s good to concentrate (Chandler)
  • you can build a really big tower with help from friends (Payton)
  • we learned how to build new things (Carter)
  • I was able to make a rainbow of colors with a spinner (Gurmun)
  • about friendship and spending time with others (Wyatt)
  • we used our imaginations (Evelyn)
  • time flies when you are playing (Erika)
  • we had fun together (Greidy)
  • we can do awesome stuff and learn more about the world (Owen)
  • you can be really creative even with a board game (Sasha)
  • you can play without technology (Georgia)
  • if you’re missing pieces you can still make it work (Kassy)
  • you can make new friends when you include more people (Sierra)
  • you can use your imagination to build new things (Coleton)
  • it’s fun to play with friends (Russell)

Our focus on being connected and reflective today resulted in all of us smiling and enjoying time spent with others.  My hope and wish is that over the next few days you have an opportunity to connect with your family over a board game, building, walk outside, making forts and learning about each other without technology.  Enjoy!


Make Some Music!

On Monday, February 12 the Grade 3 classes will be wrapping up our Sound and Hearing unit with a day of design.  Students will be planning, designing and constructing an instrument that will  demonstrate methods for controlling the loudness, pitch and quality of sound produced.

This project will be constructed entirely at school on Monday.  We will have some supplies and materials available. As we are being intentional with using the design thinking process, we will be starting from scratch on Monday morning with our plans. If you have any materials (coffee cans, solo cups, smaller boxes, balloons, paper clips, popsicle sticks, jars, bells, tubes, tin plates, blocks, dowels, elastics, shaker items like popcorn, dried beans, bottle caps, plastic cutlery, plastic easter eggs, etc.) you think would work well as part of an instrument, please send them to school on Monday. Any additional materials to be shared would be greatly appreciated by the Grade 3 classes.