Dot Day

This year, over 6 million people around the world celebrated Dot Day, and our class was delighted to take part!

We started a little early by joining in a Livestream event hosted by Discovery Education.  It made quite an impact on our students, as you can see by their collaborative writing below.

We watched a Livestream of Peter Reynolds. We saw a lot of people in the USA.  I’m so glad that we got to celebrate Dot Day with Peter Reynolds. There was a lot of kids that love the book “The Dot” because it is the best of the best! I learned that he tries to take care of the environment and likes colours.  I like that he made this cool app that you can make a movie with.

I liked reading “The Dot” because it was inspiring!  I noticed all the colours and circles.  I like that the school is full of dots. I noticed that Vashti began to be a good artist.  Vashti’s teacher and Vashti both said the same thing. I hope that boy will make lots more lines.

My favorite part of “The Dot” is when she painted all the beautiful dots.  I also liked the part when she believed in herself. The important thing is that she tried!
Today I learned that you should never ever give up. I learned that you can take ideas and make your own. A dot can do anything! I want to write a masterpiece!file_000dotday

On Thursday, we had fun dressing up in dotty clothes, graphing and eating dots (Skittles), as well as making beautiful dot art.


We also enjoyed a visit from Madison, a Grade 8 student who had a special Dot Day story to share!

Dot Day was a wonderful way to begin our learning journey.  We have begun making our mark, and can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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  1. Fantastic! I LOVE seeing all this creativity! Makes me so happy knowing my first little dot kept rolling along and, like a snowball down a mountain, has grown to be such a WOW-DOT!

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