Diorama Videos

Here are the videos that have been made so far.  Thank you for the help you gave to your littles to get these dioramas made.  Thanks also to the parents who came in to help make the videos. Could not have happened without them.


Important Items

  1. Students will be bringing home a steady stream of materials this week.  It is really important that they empty their backpacks each night as there will be more to put in the backpacks on the following day.  We are not wanting to leave everything to the last day.
  2. The list below is of all of the students who have completed their diorama videos.  If your child’s name is not on the list then please check in with them to find out why. They may be needing some one-on-one help at home.  All students have been asked to complete and share their written report with Mrs. Matsuba.  We are calling this their “script”.  Once the script is ready then students are give the opportunity to make their videos.  Again the list is of kids who are 100% complete.  Roman   * Lincoln   *Malaika    *Maddy    *Marek    *Christian   *Sophie   *John  *Jaxon    *Rikus    *Keaven    *Connor   *Jane   *Tagen

3. Mr. Humphrey’s has asked me to pass on a huge thank you to the wonderful   parents who came out to the field trip today.  THANK YOU!!

4.  If your child’s last day is going to be something other than Thursday would you please email Mrs. Matsuba  smatsuba@psd70.ab.ca   We will then do our best to send home important materials and such before they are gone for the summer.  Thank you.

Reminders for Tomorrow

**Please have the students bring what they need for an afternoon at Jubilee, including items for the spray park.

**I will decide around 11:00am if we will go to Jubilee.  Dependent upon the weather.

**There will be a hot dogs and watermelon for lunch.  This will happen regardless of the weather or whether we go to Jubilee or not.  If we do not go to Jubilee we will have the hot dogs here at the school during our regular lunch time.

**Students need a waterbottle for Jubilee

**Students will still need a morning snack

**Students are welcomed to bring other items in their lunch to eat instead of hotdogs are in addition to the hotdogs.  Microwaves will not be available if we are at Jubilee.

**There will be enough for each student to have 2 hotdogs if they choose.

Please let me know if you have questions.  And please keep your fingers crossed for good weather.  I know…does not look promising.

Thanks, Shannon Matsuba


Some Changes and Request for Help

Dear Parents;

With the recent absence of Mrs. Holden, some changes have been made.  Although there are substitute teachers in her classroom, all of the event planning and programming is now being done by myself alone.  In consultation with and with support of our Admin team, I have had to make some changes in classroom events and plans.

I am also in need of some parent support in order to continue with other events and activities.

First of all, the changes.

  1. The global luncheon scheduled for June 26 has been cancelled. I am truly sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this causes.
  2. Secondly, we will still go to Jubilee on June 19th. However, this day’s activities have been scaled back.  We will be going over to Jubilee at around 11:30. We will continue with the hot dog lunch.  Children will be given a hot dog and watermelon.  They are welcome to pack and bring any other lunch items including a drink, that they will want.  While at the park students can choose to play at the playground but may also bring a swimsuit and towel in order to use the spray park.  If the weather is not favorable we will stay at the school but still participate in the hotdog lunch and watermelon.

Help Requests

  1. Students have done a great job in creating their animal habitat dioramas. We are still wanting to make the green screen videos.  This is not something I can do while also teaching my class.  If you have a morning, afternoon or dayJ to help out please let me know.  The technology is fairly easy to use and I am confident that all parents can handle this task.  It is mostly just a time concern.  Please let me know if you have some time to help.
  2. I could really use some help in getting hot dog lunch supplies to Jubilee park. I will cook the hotdogs and put into crock pots.  The watermelon would need to be cut up and then all would need to be transported over to Jubilee.  Again please let me know if this is something you can help with.
  3. Both classes are in need of supervisors for the June 24th field trip. I have heard from one parent for Mrs. Matsuba’s class and I am unaware of any parents from Mrs. Holden’s class.  Please email me if you are able to help out.


Thank you for your patience, support and assistance.

Shannon Matsuba

Wild North Animal Rehabilitation and Rescue

Yesterday we had a presentation from a representative from Wild North.  Afterwards they sent me some information that may be of interest to our families.


The Edmonton Wildlife Festival celebrates our wild neighbours. FREE event held on June 15th, 2019 from 10:30am-6pm at Queen Mary Park Community League, this second annual family festival features live entertainment, a kid’s zone, displays and presentations from organizations committed to helping Edmontonians live in harmony with local wildlife.

http://Edmonton Wildlife Festival: https://wildnorth.ca/news/upcomingevents/



Give your children the opportunity to become involved in their community, to develop leadership skills, and to define themselves as WILDKids! Gear generously contributed by: WILD Kids Camps are wildlife themed camps, teaching participants outdoor skills, leadership skills, and extending it to educate participants about the importance of wildlife in the community.

Bird House Building Tomorrow

Students will be building tomorrow.  Mrs. Holden’s class will go first probably starting quite early in the day.  Not long after announcements and O’Canada.  Please send your child in older clothes as it can  be a little messy and we are sitting on the ground.  If you have some time to spare please come out and give us a hand.  We will be at the front of the school.

Diorama Building Tomorrow

Students will be working on their animal habitat tomorrow.  The following items are from the last blog post.  Please refer to this and help your child to be ready for tomorrow.  The most important items at this time are;

Do they have a shoe box sized box\?

Do they have the needed supplies that the school will not be able to supply. eg specialty paper, plastic animals(if they choose), natural items(pebbles)?  We can supply typical school type supplies(paint, paperclips, construction paper, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc)

Please check in with your child and see if they have completed enough research to have the information needed to write a small report/script for when they make their movie. As well so that they will have a good understanding of what items are needed in their animal habitat diorama.  What goes in the diorama should reflect an understanding of the needs and care of their chosen animal.  

If you have questions please email Mrs. Matsuba.  smatsuba@psd70.ab.ca