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Loving the language ….

I came across this pamphlet on DI on the Yukon Education’s website. I love Carol Ann Tomlinson’s language  “ A respectful task honors both commonalities and differences of students but not by treating them alike”.   – more language that pops out at me : multiple and flexible means ….. 

I find that so many teachers are on board with their role and commitment to kids and learning. PSD continues to expand and develop in their commitment and opportunities for learning and growth for all students and the dedicated staff who work with them each and every day.

Here are some other resources that can help us to continue to move forward in  our own personal and professional journeys …to get ourselves and our students to a place where we all can be as effective and successful as possible  – moving from” Yikes ! “ to  “ I will keep trying !” to “ WOW , You won’t believe what my kids/What I  did today !!”   – a good basis for collaborative problem solving teams  …..    a good basis for setting out a learning plan for our more complicated students to move their  learning onward and forward !!!

This was also taken from Yukon Education :

Guiding Principles

  • Learning is a unique interaction between the student and the instructional environment.
  • Passionately seeking authentic information about each child’s unique skills and needs will result in academic/behavioral improvement.
  • All students can learn. When they are not learning, we must find out why.
  • We must focus on understanding & resolving the causes of problems – “why” learning is not occurring.

Loving the words …. unique interaction ……….passionately seeking ………….understanding ….   sounds like PSD to me …….  🙂

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  • dlander says:

    Thank you for sharing all this information from the Yukon Education website, Sheila. I, too, love the language you’ve sited; it’s very rich and full of potential; seems to be waiting for us to unpack it!

    March 11, 2014 at 8:42 pm

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