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Effective Coaching Cultivates Growth

Over the past few weeks I have reflected on the work we did as Learning Coaches on Oct. 9 where we looked at the criteria for “effective coaching” as well as the criteria for a “powerful visual”.  The task seemed daunting at the outset, which is no doubt how many students feel when presented with a new assignment or project.  However, Diane modeled the scaffolding process and by the end of the day each group was able to demonstrate what effective coaching looks like in a visual that was then presented to the whole group.  This is the visual that our group was able to “Produce”.  Thanks Dalouie Dilling, James Coghill and Kelly MacLeod for the rich conversations that contributed to our final product.


  • dlander says:

    What a powerful visual, indeed, Barb- it’s a very well articulated metaphor that’s catchy, concise and comprehensive (and what a powerful title you gave your visual as well!)
    I hope the learning we shared that day will support the work of all our learning coaches, and ultimately, will impact the growth of our teachers and students.

    November 4, 2014 at 8:50 pm

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