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Breaking Down Walls Through Technology Use in the Classroom


I am so fortunate to be working with such a wonderful group of teachers and administrator who want to continually learn ways to challenge our students’ learning.

Through the support of school administration a review of needs assessment was done by striking a committee that included, the principal, Richard Kniel, LC Valerie Schamehorn two teachers Rae-Anne Wevers and Jill Worthington.  The four of us were provided with the time to brainstorm and collaborate on ways to increase authentic technology use in the classrooms in order to increase student learning even more.  Jill, Rae-Anne, Richard and I spent a full day discussing ways in which we could ensure that all staff feel competent with using Google docs, effective blog posts, Twitter and other pieces of technology and digital resources within our classrooms to support student learning in an innovative manner.  We spent the day looking at and creating blog posts, tweeting out information, researching and discussing our own background knowledge as well as identifying what we still need to learn and what we will need to share with our colleagues.  We identified ways that we could utilize the Learning Coach and Technology Lead Teachers to build capacity within our school.


We looked at how we would tie our goals to the 5 Competencies of the Framework for Supporting Learning with Technology from Alberta Education.

1: Student-Centered Learning

2: Research and Innovation

3: Professional Learning

4: Leadership

5: Access, Infrastructure and Digital Learning Environments


We focused in on:

  1. are all well prepared to use technology and digital resources innovatively and effectively for learning, teaching, leadership and administration

  2. use technology and research to design personalized, authentic and student centered learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs and interests of all students

  3. engage in professional growth opportunities that are broadened and diversified through technology, social media and communities of practice


Wabamun School has developed a Plan and objectives to work toward this year:

  • All teachers and principal are comfortable using Google Apps (Docs and Forms)

  • All students grades 2-9 are comfortable using Google Apps (Docs and Forms)

  • All teachers have a classroom blog that post at least once weekly.

In order to achieve the Plan and Objectives, we have an Action Plan to follow:

  • One on one training with every teacher and principal to support in starting and maintaining a blog.

  • time to practice and become comfortable with blogging

  • Comment on teacher’s blogs so that they know what they are doing.

  • Share what is happening in Wabamun School with others.

    • through 184 days of learning

    • tweets

    • blogs

  • Learning Coach is trained to also support the work of teachers when learning to blog and establish authentic learning around the use of blogs.

  • Continued work with George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Learning and Teaching.


We will carry on into the following year :

2015-2016 Goals and Objectives

  • All students have their own digital portfolio from grade 3-9.

  • All students K-9 are able to use Google Apps

  • All teachers maintain and blog at least once a week to communicate with families and improve student learning.

  • Continued work with George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Learning and Teaching.


Our ultimate goal is to have all staff and students using technology effectively and innovatively.

As we were winding up our day’s discussion, Rae-Anne commented that we were breaking down the classroom walls through technology use!  What an inspiring day!

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