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How Are You? How Are Things In Your World?



That Is A Great Moment! I feel this is how I could look in many conversations – happy, engaged, alert, committed and cemented in that moment.


How are you?  or…How are things in your world?

These have become my most exciting two questions in day!  Not when I am asked, although if you know me well I am a talker and would be happy to chat; but I love to ask these questions, in a casual and sincere passing in the hall or meeting at the coffee pot.   I find the world falls away and that person and I can go quickly into a conversation that is professional and collaborative.  Two years ago, when I asked those questions I would get a response that was personal or vague – not inviting (by most not all).  But now I find that I love how two professionals can so quickly be focused and seeking solutions together. Sometimes I walk away from quick incidental conversations in a zombie state, trying to remember blocks that are now booked and all the supports running through my head as I leave that amazing state where we were in our own world of professional collaboration.

Recently,   I was passing a colleague in the hall; this person was going one way and I the other.  I really was intending a quick “Hello – How are you” when I noted the response was ‘come with me’.  Their class was creating some stress and anxiety for them.  I knew the class fairly well from and was thrilled to be going in.  The work we did was elbow to elbow and resulted in discussions around collaborative structures, multiple intelligence theory and some management ideas.  I was thrilled a few days later to get a note indicating this person had put to practice some of the things we chatted about.  They shared that they were somewhat adjusting to the new approach but noticed higher engagement in their students and therefore felt it would be  worth further discussion and learning.

I really believe we are teaching in exciting times (despite politics and budgets).  We know so much more about learning and the art of teaching – I do not want to wish away anytime but I can not wait to see our classrooms in 10 years from now!!  Please do not let this take anything away from all the great teaching before this time!!  I come from a long line of educators and all I believe they were superb in their time…. I just want to recognize the research and advances we are making.  Students truly are our focus…and for me that makes teaching is my passion….OK that is maybe my next post:  Neuroscience:  Feeding the Passion of Teaching!!

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  • dlander says:

    What an appropriate and fabulous photo, Patricia- it really speaks to your message! I love that you are seeing great results from modelling the Covey principle, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” This approach is serving you well in developing the trust needed for open conversations, which in turn, is leadiing to positve changes in practice.

    March 16, 2015 at 9:39 pm

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