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This is the third time I have begun my blog post. It took me awhile to decide on a topic. Finally, in a flash it came to me. I want to share the “YES” that is becoming more common in my daily work. I have been in many classrooms in both schools, actually probably most classrooms. In the last little while, I have revisited some classrooms for check-in and follow-up make observations of both students and the teachers’ practices. Through these observations, I have had the most remarkable insight and consequently, heart-warming conferences following the observation period. During our debrief, I have been able to point out to the teacher that the work  they have put into implementing strategies we have previously collaborated on are, in my humble opinion, successful and require only a few small tweaks. It is clear to me that over the last few months, these teachers have made changes to their practices rather than trying to change the students. Their dedication to improving their craft to meet the students “where they are at” has resulted in improved student engagement and learning. It is so satisfying to go through a list of successful strategies rather than a list of “suggested” strategies. It is so heart-warming to affirm for the teacher the awesomeness of their work. Many teachers are taken aback as they are in the moment and too close to see how far the students have moved. I tell them it is like being an athlete who never accepts a personal best as the best they can be. Always striving for more is what athletes, musicians, artists, and yes, teachers do; it is in our nature. Once they see their way past the haze of the moment and look at the big picture, these teachers recognize their success at nurturing the best learning environment for their students and that sometimes, our best is letting our search for perfection go and accepting that what may be perceived as a small change is often BIG for the success of their students.

  • dlander says:

    Oh, Lesley, you are such an awesome learning coach! Providing teachers with feedback on the positive changes you are seeing is such a great coaching practice. “Teachers making changes to their practices rather than trying to change the students” and “dedication to meeting students where they’re at” are two REALLY big pieces of the inclusive education puzzle- it’s great that you are acknowledging these teachers for this. They are very fortunate to have you on their team- YES!!

    March 16, 2015 at 9:57 pm
  • landrews says:

    Lesley, this post put a big smile on my face! You are right, as teachers (and learning coaches) we need to take more time to reflect on what is working and appreciate the efforts of all of our hard work! Thank you for all of your hard work in supporting staff.

    March 9, 2015 at 6:24 pm

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