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I hate how Iphone’s only hold their charge for around 5 hours and obviously less if they are used. In frustration I walked out to my car to get my charger card and saw a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. My body had a little shiver as I dislike the vermin that are mice. I saw the movement again and focused on a small sandwich bag moving away from me. I took a step away from my car to get a closer look and couldn’t believe my eyes. There before me was a little green man with a sandwich bag flung over one shoulder with a strange green object inside and on his other a wrapped up tiny piece of paper. Some would say that the next sound they heard was a shriek, but I think it was more of a deep yell that came from inside me. The little man dropped his bag and piece of paper and disappeared up a pipe that was nearby. I slowly made my way to the discarded objects and picked them up. Inside the bag was a tiny green rock and when I touched it a gold coin was revealed as the rock broke in two. I unrolled the small piece of paper and saw a tiny map with 16 x’s marked on it. I immediately went to the photocopier and enlarged the map and saw markings that resembled the school grounds and locations where I hoped to find buried treasure.

Now I am obviously a confident person and not afraid of small creatures but I thought it might be valuable to enlist some helpers on my quest. I ran upstairs to Mrs. Lee’s k-2 class and asked if they could help me. They are small, I could probably out run them if anything bad went down and they seemed to have a keen interest in small green men since it was St. Patrick’s day. I told them what I had seen and sure enough they were in for the adventure.

We split into two groups and made our way outside with maps in hand. We went to the first location and there was another bag with the green rock inside. After the map was found to be legitimate the race was on. We travelled all over the school yard in search of treasure, using our maps as a guide and teamwork as a tool. In the end we all found a piece of treasure.

When we made it back to class and Mrs. Lee said that she had some magical water that we could wash the rocks in. It smelt a little funny, almost like vinegar. We put our rocks in and it bubbled and frothed like a magic green potion. The rocks disappeared and sure enough each rock had a gold coin inside. We were pretty excited as a class and a little sad that the adventure was over. Who knows what magic we will encounter in our learning tomorrow?

  • Sunny Richardson says:

    I love the hook used her and I hope to inspire this kind of anticipation with my team and our middle schoolers. Thank you for sharing!

    January 11, 2016 at 2:10 pm

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