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To support Parkland School Division’s commitment to inclusion we have implemented a Learning Coach Program to facilitate job-embedded and ongoing professional development for teachers.

Our commitment to inclusion:   Move from…

  • The idea of fixing students to the idea of improving environments
  • Dependence on staff (teachers and EAs) to focus on independence
  • Special Education to ALL students being special
  • A deficit model of thinking to a strength based model of thinking
  • having high expectations for some to having high expectations for all

Each of these ideas are located along a continuum.  Historically, in education, we have been more on the left side of the continuum and over the last decade we have been moving towards the right side of the continuum.  These statements are an explicit declaration to our commitment to inclusion.

The Goal of Our Program:
  • In relevant and meaningful ways all students will learn, contribute and be active members of their learning community in the most inclusive and enabling environment.  The ultimate focus is student learning.

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