Welcome to the Learning Leader Program!

Dear Learning Leaders ūüôā

Thanks so much for your interest and participation in this new initiative by Parkland School Division.  The main focus of the group is to connect to each other while also connecting with a global network of educators to be able to personalize learning to meet the needs of our students.  Each session will show you some tools that you can use, but there will also be a component of connecting with other educators.In between sessions, there will be a blogging component to share our learning openly with the division and the world.  I will be asking each participant to write one blog post in between sessions

All sessions start at 4 and end at 5:30 at the Center for Education (Board Room) except for Session 6 which will be a half day. ¬†Please charge 1 sub for this day (2 for the high schools) to the superintendent. ¬†All other subs above and beyond that will be paid for by your school. ¬†You are able to choose which date works best for each “session” from the two options below.

Session # Option A Option B
Session 1  November 30  December 1
Session 2  January 18  January 25
Session 3  February 14  February 23
Session 4  March 13  March 14
Session 5  April 24  April 25
Session 6  May 23, 1-4 (PM)  May 23, 1-4 (PM)

Here is a checklist of things that you will need to do before the first session if you do not have these already:
Set up an iTunes account for your iPad.  You will need a credit card to download apps so please discuss this with your principal.  All of the apps that I will be sharing in these sessions will be free.

  1. Set up a Twitter account.
  2. Set up an ‚ÄúEvernote‚ÄĚ account.
  3. Read the following blog post: The Blended PLC.  This will be the model of this group.  There is a blogging component.
  4. Fill out this survey when you are done the above 3 steps: Learning Leader Survey

Please ensure that you write down your UserNames and Passwords for all accounts that you sign up for this project.

The iPads will be sent out to the first person on my list from each school next week.  Principals have ordered iPads for other participants and they should be in soon.  I encourage you to take them out, play with them, and explore. However, it is important to note that if you are having any problems with the iPads, these are currently not IT supported devices.  Your best bet would be to contact Apple if something is wrong or let me know.

Please download the following apps on your iPad previous to session 1:

  1. Evernote
  2. Twitter

If you have any questions about this project, and they do not need to be private, please write in the comments below.  This way, I will be able to answer a question you have for the entire group.

Thanks again for your participation!!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Learning Leader Program!

  1. Thanks for allowing me to join this session – I’m excited about it.
    I was entering dates into my calendar and noticed that Familly Day is observed on February 20, 2012 in Alberta. Regarding credit cards vs iTunes cards, from an internal control point of view, the Division Credit Card is the most efficient and effective way to support app purchases using iTunes. If ther School Division is purchasing the app, I would encourage those individuals without Division Credit Cards to ask their principal for one. I am not sure how significant the cost would be……many apps are free and others have a very minimal cost. If Parkland School Division is not paying for the app, then an iTune card may be the best bet.

  2. I agree with Von. I’d like to work through purchased ITunes cards and stay off the grid for credit cards. This also allows me to go beyond what my school has budgeted if I choose.
    Looking forward to exploring this new device as the hype has been phenomenal. I’d also like some participants, perhaps Von, to share thoughts on how the iPad compares to the Galaxy (Android) as I have played around with it and found it great. Is anyone able to compare it to the Blackberry tablet version?

  3. I am also looking forward! Can’t wait to start learning more about blogs and twitter accounts…particularly as they relate to my professional development.

  4. Looking forward to the continued professional development and learning new ways to connect with our global communities!

  5. I’m very excited …rather overwhelmed as well with all these tech advances but desperately want to know how to use it. I can’t wait to be able to apply it all into my classroom

  6. Instead of credit cards for the App purchases, couldn’t we just purchase a bunch of iTunes/App gift cards. It could be easier because the credit gets stored on the iTunes account. And bookeeping might be easier that way instead of small 99 cent purchases.

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