Learning Leader Session 4 (Overview and Information)

As this session will be done totally online, please comment on the bottom when you are done going through the material with either a general comment, or something specific to the content.  Please feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts with others to spur on some conversation.

1.  Joe’s Non-Netbook – This video is a great one for discussion with students and educators to show how ‘text’ may not have the same feel as an iPad or computer with the lack of interactivity.  Check out this short, funny video done by students:

2. ShowMe – ShowMe is a great iPad app for creating video tutorials on different content, but you can also easily create presentations using pictures and upload them as videos to the web.  These videos can be shared and embedded into different websites, but below is a tutorial on how to create a slideshow using this app:

Before you make a video, you may want to check out what content is already at the “ShowMe” community.

3.  SoundCloud – SoundCloud is a great audio recording site that works not only from a computer, but also Apple Devices as well.  This can be used for students reading books live and putting into a portfolio, recording lectures or talks, or making easy podcasts.  There is simply a”record” button that will save your audio on your iPad, but be aware that this will be posted onto a website.

The nice thing about this, is that the content can be easily shared on Twitter, a blog, or Facebook.  You can also record music or any type of audio file.  Below is a SoundCloud tutorial on how to create a recording from a computer:

This short video will also show you how to easily embed a SoundCloud file into your blog.

Here are some questions for this session:

1. What are you thoughts on “Joe’s Non-Netbook”?

2. What are some ways you can use ShowMe in your classroom with either staff or students?

3. What are some ways could you use SoundCloud with either staff or students?

Thanks for your dedication to this project!  Details for the next session will come out in May!

28 thoughts on “Learning Leader Session 4 (Overview and Information)

  1. I am eager to use “show me” with my grade 5 class as well as with an ESL student in grade 6!

  2. Joe’s notebook shows how technology is essential for the 21st century learner. Show Me could be used for student blogs. Sound Cloud might be good for music. Looking forward to exploring and learning!

  3. Thank you for sharing everyone. As the technology support person, I am hoping to explore how I could use the “show me” app, to share with staff some of the “how do you do that again?”
    I was just asked how to update a Mother’s Day project that we usually burn to CDs, I think this will be it!

  4. 1. What are you thoughts on “Joe’s Non-Netbook”?
    This is cool that the students did their own take on an older video – What is a book? I’ve seen many versions, but this seems to be the most authentic. I like the message that keeps reminding us that this generation has a different expectation of learning – they demand interaction and instant access.

    2. What are some ways you can use ShowMe in your classroom with either staff or students?
    Show me could be a wonderful tool to check students’ understanding of anything. It will be a cool way to enhance blogs.

    3. What are some ways could you use SoundCloud with either staff or students?
    I’m cautious about this one because students are not always comfortable recording their own voice. We need to ease into it and make sure that they are posting things that they are proud of. I am concerned that there is not outlet for playing with the device before it hits the website. The concept? – I love that the students’ voice can be instantly recorded. I’ve played with a few others, and like how user friendly and intuitive this is.

  5. I love finding out new ways for students to share their voice and to have it heard – especially because I work with very young children who often have difficulties in the area of speech and communication. When working with these kids throughout the year, you almost forget how much they have grown and how far they have come. One of the best ways to ‘prove it’ or to remind you of this, is through recordings and videos (yes, yes, the IPP is there as well… but nothing beats a video of a child barely able to produce a one word utterance to another video down the road of him or her stringing together 3-word phrases). Soundcloud is another great place for us to capture these moments! If you have any awesome suggestions for apps to use on the iPad for fun voice recordings, pass them along!

    I loved Joe’s non-netbook. While a part of it made me laugh out loud (I refuse to write lol – it’s not in my dictionary), it also made me a bit sad that books just aren’t as exciting to some as they used to be! Or maybe it’s just that I’m jealous that I didn’t have an iPad when I was in school… 🙂

  6. I loved the format for this session! It is great to be able to work through the demos and play around at my own pace. During this busy time of the year there is nothing worse than either having to sit through the “how to” of things that I have already been doing or trying to keep up with those tech savvy people that are miles ahead of me. Combined with the online community of support for those times that I just don’t get it, this is a great way to go!

    I like the idea of students using ShowMe to create presentations of their learning – this could be a great assessment tool. I am also eager to use this APP to create my own how-to presentations for students to access when reviewing or stuck on a problem. I have a few math topics that this would be perfect for!

  7. Quick question about the ShowMe app – I have students that I would like to use this for but do not have permission for them to be posting things online. Do the presentations have to be saved to the ShowMe website or can they be saved elsewhere or emailed directly to me?

  8. When I think about the technology we have today, it always reminds me of when I was little, watching Casey from Inspector Gadget open her awesome super-computer-book to solve various problems that she encountered, from finding info on a bad guy to performing complex calculations. I remember wanting one of those “magic books” soooooo bad! Of course,it seemed silly at the time, nothing like that existed. Now I take my iPad and I record sound and video at a click of a button, I create interactive online presentations, I check the weather and talk to my friend in Vancouver…. eat your heart out Casey, whose book is magic now?!

  9. Sure appreciate the in person sessions more than ever, after having this old school brain trying to embark on more of these many apps solo – I lie – sought out younger “new brain”s many times over the last week – my own young supports are scattered about – so I often draw on the wisdom of the students in my classes – and tonight I had to wait for my support’s three and a half going on thirteen year old to go to sleep so I could again get help! Joe’s Non-Netbook clip was fun to share – as is Kelli’s reference to the little girl with the magazine 🙂 Also enjoyed Brad’s “ShowMe” example – thanks! Agree with Von that this would be effective with distance learners – especially with Math – often helping students on the phone – with ShowMe would be so much better!!! 🙂 Students currently submit many audio assignments through Vocaroo, so I am excited to also share SoundCloud with them! So much to learn – so much to share! Grateful for the awesome opportunity!

  10. Joe’s Non-Netbook is a good reminder for teachers that our students are already embracing the technology we are trying to incorporate. I was at a session recently where the presenter discussed research that shows this generation of students can take in more information simultaneously and process it more effectively than generations before. Very interesting!

    I like Melanie S’s idea of having students use ShowMe to demo answers-why should we do all the work? Ahem, I mean, have all the fun??

  11. Joe’s Non-Netbook made me think of the Youtube video of the little girl looking at a magazine and getting very frustrated as she tries to pinch and expand the picture with no luck. Yes, it is a very different experience reading digital text, and definitely engages students in a different way. This is the reality for many of our students as they enter our classrooms, so as their teacher I have to be aware of the differences.
    I downloaded ShowMe awhile ago because I’d seen recommendations on several blogs and sites – but hadn’t played with it at all yet. So I was glad to have this little nudge to give it a try! For me, that is one of the highlights of participating in this project – it makes the time for me to sit and try new things, and think through how to incorporate them in my teaching.
    I am very interested in using SoundCloud with several students who struggle with writing tasks but have the ideas and concepts. We’ll be trying it out this week!

  12. I have currently looking at implementing more I-pad technology with some of my special needs students. In particular, I can see how the sound cloud would be a great tool to use with students who work better describing and discussing, rather than writing.

  13. ShowMe looks pretty good! Lots of opportunities for both teachers and students. My immediate thought is that it might be a good way for me to create mini writing lessons that are easy for students to access from home. I agree with the previous posts regarding student usage. Students would be able to make use of this App to demonstrate their understanding of course material.

    I like “Jon’s Non-netbook” video. Funny way to portray the difference between the traditional reading experience and the modern, interactive ipad reading experience.

    SoundCloud … Pretty cool, but I’m not sure how I would use it.

  14. I can see the potential with both these apps to for showing student learnig and how they can be highly motivating for our students.

  15. Sound Cloud seems like it could be useful for posting student presentations or speeches on the classroom blog or their personal blogs when FOIP is an issue and you don’t want to post a pic/video of their face.

  16. I have been playing with ShowMe for a little while and it looks like it might be a great tool for split grade classes. It would also be great for kids who need to review at home or have an interested parent that wants to see what they are doing in their classes. Not to mention the impact it could have on assessment practices like Think Alouds. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  17. Both these apps look like another great resource to have. It is truly amazing to see the variety of learning tools we have with technology vs. paper and pencil.
    Showme is a wonderful way to reinforce lessons. It will be a helpful tool for students to access from home and review the lessons.
    I look forward to using soundcloud in my classroom. I will use this for my students to record stories.

    Will I beable to transfer the recordings from soundcloud to evernote?

  18. This Show Me app seems like a great idea. I am thinking about how to use it in my classroom. It would be nice to have the students demo how to answer a questions and be able to save their work. This could be another assessment opportunity or even tool to show parents how we do this “new math”.

    Thanks for showing us this!

  19. Another neat app along these lines is “Explain Everything”. It cost’s a little bit of money but allows student to make presentations to explain their work as they go through it.

  20. With ShowMe, I like the idea that once it is posted, students can follow along with examples at home. So not only do they have the info written down, they can also watch exactly what order everything went in to help ensure understanding (in the realm of Mathematics, in particular)

  21. After going into the showme community, a lot of them are from students. Is it possible to create a show me presentation without an iPad? Or are these schools just that lucky as to have iPads for all? If so, it could be interesting to create some of these, but FAR more interesting to have the students create these! Any suggestions?

    As for Jon’s notebook! Pretty funny. I wonder what their assignment was? I would love to do more videos and show me type stuff with the kids but do we have the resources? Anyone know of any cheap ways to do this? At our school, video equipment and iPads are not in abundance.


  22. Joe’s non-netbook obviously highlights the benefits of non-paper texts. I find students are embracing online texts, partially because they can have the text “read aloud” while they follow along. This makes reading doubly effective in recalling what they read.

    ShowMe has fantastic possibilities, particularly in the Language Arts and Social Studies, where presentation is required.

    My band uses SoundCloud.

  23. I love the Show Me app. I have shared this app/site with my colleagues and plan on using it tomorrow to help explain potential vs kinetic energy as we are currently discussing mechanisms that use electricity in our Science class. I have also been looking for an informative site to recommend to parents who have been asking about more concept specific information or videos on concts covered in my class to help their children prepare for assessments at home. I plan on creating a tutorial of my own real soon.

  24. Show Me is a great App. I see tons of potential for this app with distance learning. I was at Outreach for the first semester, and had many issues with students dropping off assignments or unable to make it in to see me to discuss their essay or assignments. With this app, I can take a picture of their work, and annotate it for them and send them a link or the video itself.
    Show Me would also be great for students to explain their annotations in poetry or connecting ideas for critical analysis.
    As far as Soundcloud goes, I didn’t find it immediately too useful because of Youtube and all the content on there, but then I rethought it. If you were a teacher and a fan of your voice or your lectures, you could record a bunch of quick notes, and have students follow you. Or better yet, for students who need a reader, you could use soundcloud to post readings of poems, stories or so on. That way students could get online updates without the need to have a physical CD or tape player.

  25. I love the idea of SoundCloud for recording my students reading passages. I will look forward to sharing the readings with parents. Great assessment tool!

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