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When I first read the email describing the learning leader project I knew it was something I wanted to do. I have always believed in technology as a learning tool but have never really known how I could incorporate the iPad as a learning tool as well.  In saying this, I will be the first to admit that I have never taken it upon myself to search for ways in which an iPad can be used other than a personal device. However, over the past month I have found that not only have I been using the apps we were asked to download, but I have also been looking for more that would be beneficial to both my students as well as myself…I am going to attribute this to having my interest peaked at the first session back in October! I guess to summarize, I could simply say that I am really looking forward to using my iPad for more than just surfing the Internet and can already see all the possibilities with it!

I knew coming into this that Twitter was going to be a big part of the experience. I signed up for Twitter last year with the intention of using it all the time, but I quickly turned into a “lurker” and then essentially stopped doing anything with it. In reflecting about this, I think the reason for this is because overall I am a very private person and I wasn’t sure how I felt about having my thoughts and questions all over the Internet. I know that Twitter is a great tool for connecting, sharing resources and so much more as I have seen the power of it through people I know. Here is where I need help (and am willing to admit it)…my goal is to open up and start using Twitter on a regular basis, but I am going to need to continually be pushed to do so until I begin to be more comfortable with the whole idea of it! So, please push me to use it…I know I will thank whoever does later!


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  1. Twitter / blogs can be used to ask questions as well as provide observations or answers. After you find a comfort level in putting yourself out there (as you’ve done today) you may find yourself
    in a position where you feel safe and confident commenting on issues others have brought up. On the other hand, is there really anything wrong with using Twitter solely as an information source? Is it really so awful to lurk for a period of time? If you seek knowledge and apply it in your own area, you’re a successful user. The biggest challenge is to be a discriminating user in choosing useful hashtags or people to follow. Good luck, and remember to have fun with it all, too.

  2. Kendra, I had the same feelings and experiences as you with Twitter. Initially I too was a lurker and that felt uncomfortable. I could see the great ideas and the sharing, and felt a responsiblity to reciprocate. I finally took the plunge, and made a goal of tweeting once a day. That was quickly surpassed because one tweet often multiplies. It was a little scary at first but now I can’t imagine teaching without Twitter as a source of ideas and reflection on my professional practice. As a private person, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to manage the personal/public comments. Good luck!

  3. Kendra – I’m mixed on the iPad, I see it as a great tool for consuming media, but less so for creating – including typing more than small amounts. So I guess it helps to think about what you want to use it for with students, and what you’d like them to do – there are tons of great apps, free and paid, but sometimes I find a tablet just isn’t the right tool for me. I can see a tablet being more useful in lower grades, and possibly less for older kids.

    As for Twitter, just jump in head first! I hear your privacy concerns, but as you point out it’s great for sharing resources – so do that! Post links to tools you like, blog posts you’ve written, comment on professional things you see around you. If you become more comfortable sharing, your tweets might become more personal – but if not, that doesn’t take away at all from the great ideas you’re busy sharing!


  4. What have you learned about using the ipad in the classroom? We don’t have access to them at my school, and I really can’t fathom all the awesome ways people are using them!

    Twitter has been a great tool. I go through phases when I use it a lot and when I use it not at all. It has been an amazing resource to making my instruction better!

  5. Thanks for your honesty Kendra 🙂 I think that you can be private and also use Twitter as I know that I do both. I choose what I feel comfortable sharing. That being said, there are so many amazing people out there simply wanting to share and learn alongside you, all you have to do is jump out of that “lurker” stage so that they know you are there.

    Thanks for your post and I look forward to seeing you tonight!

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