Learning Leader

After leaving the first session a few short weeks ago, I was both inspired and motivated to learn more. I was excited about the possibilities that my new iPad could bring to all of my classes! Since receiving it, I have tried to use the iPad in some way or another at least once a week in my classroom. Obviously, some experiences more successful than others.  As we continue on in this Learning Leader Project I am looking forward to hearing of the apps people love and how others have been using their iPads and other devices in their classes!

Being relatively new to the world of twitter, I am doing my best to jump in and take full advantage of the valuable connections, resources, and ideas that are readily available. I am still in the learning phase and often find myself writing ‘practice tweets’ before I get the courage to publish my ideas and questions to the world, often deleting them rather than actually posting them.  I too am still working to get out of the ‘lurking’ stage.  Though even while lurking, I have been able to find some wonderful resources, assessments, and blogs from teachers far and wide. Now I just need to jump right in with both feet and start tweeting and sharing ideas of my own!

I am learning as we go, but having a lot of fun doing so!


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