Learning Leader Session 2

I have basically become obsessed with Haiku Deck. It is such a creative way to create presentations, and would be so easy for my grade two students to use!

I created the presentation above as a reflection to watching Dean Shareski’s video at the session this evening. In watching the video there were a number of ideas that stuck out with me, the most important being sharing.  I am a firm believer in sharing resources and am always willing to share my resources, assignments, and ideas with colleagues at school. However, after thinking about the video I am excited to start sharing  my ideas with others online through blogging…and yes, you guessed it…Twitter! Like George said tonight, you can’t just take pennies from the “take a penny leave a penny” dishes at stores, you need to give as well. So, how can one expect to just take resources from online without sharing their own online?  I am excited to start expanding my sharing outside of the school! 🙂



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