Discovering New Things

So, my excitement at learning the iPad earlier this year has been passed on, not only to my students but to my own boys as well. Through birthday and Christmas money they each now have there own iPad. It has been amazing what they have taught me. Over the Christmas break alone I have learned what amazing math and language arts apps there are to enrich my children and my students learning, as well as how to make a movie about how my basement cleaned itself. ┬áThe app that made this miraculous thing happen is iMotion. My boys spent hours learning to plan, organize, create and yes, think critically. All on how to make the basement clean itself. (or at least make a movie where it appears the basement is cleaning itself). The other amazing thing that happened was that for roughly 2 hours my boys didn’t argue, complain or bicker with each other. The were both directors and cinematographers. Amazing!!

How did I bring this into the classroom you ask? In grade 3 we are currently working on Building With a Variety of Materials. We discussed blueprints, and planning a structure etc. The students then went on to create their blueprint, build their structure, and have someone else build their structure according to the blueprint while making an iMotion movie. It was incredible to see how the students could see the structure being built before their very eyes. They were able to see the hesitations their builder was making and reflect on the changes that they had to make more easily watching it in fast time.

Great fun and learning was had by all. I learned that the case for my iPad may need changing. I also will be purchasing a tripod for other lessons like this. My greatest lesson is that the enthusiasm you have for something can only grow once you pass it on!!


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