Ready Set IPAD!

For me the value in blogging is that it allows me to be reflective in a more productive way – gets me out of my head and find the solutions I seek.  Like just now – I was driving myself crazy with how I was going to have my 25 Kinders use my one Ipad and until I started this blog I wasn’t sure what the solution was.  My Ipad has been ready to roll with apps that are appropriate for my class but I was faced with the organization factor – with one Ipad – how do I share it within a classroom of 25?  By writing this blog – I discovered the answer for myself – to have it part of my literacy center rotations – IPAD SMART board and Tumblebooks all as one center – allowing the children to choose their technology.  YET – My ultimate goal  is for the Ipad to be a place to create….so I will have to think (or blog) more on that to see how it can be a tool for our class to show and share with others our learning.

One thought on “Ready Set IPAD!

  1. Your learning will help my learning, Laura! The journey begins with a touch of the key. Oh, the places we’ll go!

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