Learning Leader Session 3 (January 21 or 24)

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1.  Joe’s Non-Netbook – This video is a great one for discussion with students and educators to show how ‘text’ may not have the same feel as an iPad or computer with the lack of interactivity.  Check out this short, funny video done by students:

2. ShowMe – ShowMe is a great iPad app for creating video tutorials on different content, but you can also easily create presentations using pictures and upload them as videos to the web.  These videos can be shared and embedded into different websites, but below is a tutorial on how to create a slideshow using this app:

3.  Google Drive App –  A great way to share videos, is through the “Google Drive” app, which allows you to easily access and upload files.  You can also have students upload files to a shared folder as shared below:

As we finish up, it is important that we look at what we will be doing with our own staff and look past technology. This is a great video to help start a discussion with our schools.  Please tweet your thoughts as we watch this today.  Use the hashtag #psd70.

Session 3 Follow-Up Assignment:

Please ensure that you make a post from now until the next session.  I would encourage you to find an article through Twitter, and write about it.  You can talk about whether you agree or not, some major points, or whatever you are interested in.  The purpose of the activity is that you find something you are interested in and you make your own connections through the writing.  Please try and take this challenge!

One thought on “Learning Leader Session 3 (January 21 or 24)

  1. When I reflect on some of the things that were shared not only in this session but the many other PD sessions I have attended that have been technology related, I see that a tremendous evolution in teaching and learning has occurred.

    When I first started teaching, I recall having every class attending a formal computer class, which was built into the weekly school timetable. It was treated as a seperate subject.

    What I didn’t see happening was a change in my teaching. As the years have passed, the formal computer class has disappeared. Teaching word processing and the like are almost gone.

    So what has happened? Technology (which can mean many things) has morphed into our everyday curriculum. It has become a tool to enhance student learning. I look at all the endless educational opportunities that use technology in some way and it boggles my mind. It’s exciting and transformational. I have come to the realization over time, that I don’t have to use them all, even though there are many possibilities out there.

    Where do I go from here? I keep being open minded to different ideas and opportunities. I keep taking risks and trying new things. What works for one person may not work for the next. That’s O.K. The key for me is to keep the my eyes and ears open to what my colleagues are sharing from their experiences and you just never know how that might change one’s teaching pedagogy, and in the end challenge students to learn in new and exciting ways.

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