Student Blogging

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I noticed a blog post by George Couros entitled 5 Reasons Your Students Should Blog.  It is a very important part off learning to have students partake in reflecting on their own learning.  Students can learn so much about how they learn, what they learn, and can even encourage the learning of others through the use of blogging.  My 2/3 classroom has a classroom blog to share what they have learned with each other and parents have the ability to subscribe to this blog and to take part in the conversations.  As my students are young and always very excited to use technology, the classroom blog was thrilling for them.  They are helping to write the posts and everyone puts their ideas in.  The problem we as a class are having right now is with parents.  It is very difficult to educate parents on the value of this activity, that it is safe, that a positive digital footprint is being created, and that it gives them the opportunity to interact with their child through a different venue.  I am struggling that most of my parents do not subscribe to this blog nor take part in the conversation despite a great deal of information going home and how positive it can be.  The love of this activity is dwindling because younger students want their parents to take part in their activity and want them to be involved.  I would love to hear how others get parents to buy in and to participate in blogging.


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