SGCHS Bike-a-thon Success

As a high school teacher, I struggle with the wording of report card comments, trying to find the right words to convey my message.  The ones I find the hardest to do are the comments related to our school division CSR outcomes.  These are outcomes that are very difficult to measure and sometimes, we don’t always have evidence of a student exhibiting them just in our classroom.  As we get to know our students better, it becomes easier, because we see them involved in other activities outside of the classroom.  I had the opportunity to see, first hand, one such activity, that I would like to share with you.

On Wednesday, April 24, the students of Spruce Grove Composite High School demonstrated that they are not only good citizens, but advocates for cancer survivors, cancer patients and those who have succumbed to this dreaded disease.

Our school hosted its’ 4th Annual Ride for Life Bike-a-thon to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.  It was a fun event, but for each participant, it was an extremely meaningful event.  We came together as a community to be a part of a positive way to work toward finding a cure for cancer.  We know that the money we have raised, ($30,363.53), will go a long way toward patient care, treatment and research.

As the organizer for this event, I was so proud of our students.  They showed that they have met and exceeded all of the expectations of our school division’s CSR outcomes.  They are exemplary citizens.

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